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Tips for Writing a React.js Developer Job Description

A React.js developer is a professional software developer or web developer who uses React to create websites and apps. React is a software framework developed by Facebook and powered by JavaScript. React Native is a React framework that allows React.js developers to use React to create native apps for smartphones and tablets. React.js developers are therefore capable of writing software for both websites and apps.

In this article, we will cover a sample job description, exploring the daily responsibilities and necessary qualifications for a React.js developer. 

The Job Overview

We are seeking a dedicated React.js front-end developer to join our growing company. You will work as part of a team to design and develop high-quality software solutions for web applications and mobile apps using React.

As a React.js developer, you will implement new features and maintain existing code using React and other standard tools in the React ecosystem, such as Node.js and Yarn. Your duties will include designing software solutions to meet project requirements, maintaining and refactoring existing code, writing tests, and fixing bugs.


Below are some of the responsibilities a React.js developer is expected to assume in their position:  

  • Maintain existing React systems, including fixing bugs
  • Design and develop new custom components to meet project requirements
  • Install and configure server environments for React deployments
  • Maintain and update project dependencies as well as fix any conflicts
  • Working with other JavaScript developers and software engineers to develop front-end and back-end architecture that’s well structured and flexible, along with the APIs to support it
Job Qualifications and Skill Sets

Below are the qualifications expected of a React.js developer:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software development, engineering, or a related technical field
  • Proficient with the latest versions of ECMAScript (JavaScript) as well as HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of React and common tools used in the wider React ecosystem, such as Node.js and npm
  • Familiarity with common programming tools such as Redux, IDEs, RESTful APIs, Git repositories, TypeScript, version control software, and remote deployment tools
  • An understanding of common programming paradigms and fundamental React principles, such as React components, hooks, and the React lifecycle


Rating is 4.7 out of 5.

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  • $35 hourly
    Wajahat S.
    React.js Developer
    • 5.0
    • (49 jobs)
    Islamabad, ISLĀMĀBĀD
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon React.js
    Web Development
    Amazon RDS
    AWS Amplify
    MERN Stack
    Mobile App Development
    React Native
    Hi! My name is Shaw and I am a Full Stack Mobile (ReactNative) and Web (ReactJS NodeJS) Developer. I have worked as an Android and React Native Mobile Developer to build the mobile native and cross platform scalable apps. In addition to this I have the expertise of working on React as a front-end framework and Node on the server side using the Express Server for the seamless web experiences. I have a skilled and experienced commercial background and have been involved in providing solutions for mobile apps and design with state of the art technology. Following the latest trends and practices is one of my key attribute. Your work is my responsibility with flexible working hours according to your demand and wide window of communication and adjustability. Client's satisfaction is my first priority. I at programming not only build, I innovate. Come let's shake hands and build the future.
  • $35 hourly
    Karthick N.
    React.js Developer
    • 4.9
    • (18 jobs)
    Namakkal, TN
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon React.js
    Website Content
    Internet of Things Solutions Design
    Ruby on Rails
    Artificial Intelligence
    Machine Learning
    Computer Vision
    Deep Learning
    I've studied computer science. I have an experience of Web Development with the flavor of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and other web development tools. I really enjoy the fact that thousands of users use applications that are developed by me. The ultimate dream is that one day thousands will grow into millions or billions. I HAVE A DREAM! Overall if summarized my experience that would be exploring, organizing information, problem-solving, and implementation. Languages are essential for expressing your programming skills overall. From the EXPLORING attribute, I have worked around lots of different languages. 1) Ruby 2) AngularJS 3) Javascript 4) Vuejs 5) Python ( a new sensation I always wanted to explore Erlang but then I found this beauty. Python leverages the Erlang VM, known for running low-latency, distributed and fault-tolerant systems, while also being successfully used in web development and the embedded software domain.) In assistance to above languages below frameworks come into play, 1) Ruby on Rails 2) Django Databases are the main central storage of any web application. I got experience in both SQL and NoSQL 1) Postgres 2) MongoDB 3) SQLite 4) Mysql The game never ended on the server-side for me. The frontend/public-facing part of the web application has been also highly evolved. Everyone wants to use Single Page Applications - The SPAs. I got experience in the following 1) Angular JS 2) React JS Testing and Test Driven Development(TDD) is also an essential thing for any solid application. I can write automated tests in following 1) Rspec 2) Capybara Deployment is essential to distribute your application out in the wild. I got experience in the following tools and technologies 1) AWS 2) Google Cloud Platforms 3) Capistrano 4) Mina 5) Nginx 6) Passenger Phusion 7) Puma 7) Unicorn
  • $35 hourly
    Kimera M.
    React.js Developer
    • 5.0
    • (4 jobs)
    Kampala Central Division, C
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon React.js
    Tailwind CSS
    React Bootstrap
    RESTful API
    Material Design
    CSS 3
    Adobe XD
    Hi Thanks for stopping by👋 Online presence of any business is a major attribute to it's success. Every business should always make it's brand known to the general public which can easily translate into revenue. Do your needs fit into any of these questions listed below? Send me a message and we discuss about your project. 🤔Do you have an XD/Figma designs that you want to translate into reusable code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or React Js? 🤔 Do you want a website for any business but you don't know where to start from? 🤔 Is your website not responsive enough to be used on all platforms and you want it made responsive? 🤔 Want to add a particular functionality to your website? 🤔Want to create a more engaging user experience from your brand than just displaying content on static web pages? 🤔Finding it hard as to come up with a "compelling" and a "engaging" designs and flow for your brand? 🤔 Have any API you want integrated to your designs? Name it.., I'm here to help you with anything regarding web design and development from design to trouble shooting all the errors aligned with your website to personalization of your website content and design with in a short period of time . With my expertise and knowledge, I got you covered with everything to do with web designing and development. For the past4 years, I've been building web applications for all people from individuals to businesses owners who are interested in all sorts of functionalities like E-commerce, business profiles, custom systems with custom functionalities, Custom dashboards among others. I have a very efficient workflow and process while doing all this. I have expertise in developing beautiful, professional, reliable and affordable websites I'm proficient in the following: 🌟 Languages: ✔️ HTML ✔️CSS ✔️ JavaScript ✔️ Sass ✔️ NodeJS 🌟 Frame Works ✔️ React Js ✔️ Express Js 🌟 CSS Options ✔️ Tailwind CSS ✔️ Bootstrap ✔️ Material UI ✔️ Chakra UI ✔️ Styled Components ✔️ CSS modules 🌟 Design Tools ✔️ Figma ✔️ Adobe XD 🌟Version Control ✔️ Git ✔️ GitHub ✔️ GitLab 🌟 Other Technologies ✔️ Redux ✔️ React Router ✔️ Postman ✔️ Heroku ✔️ MongoDB Here's what to expect while working with me👇: ✔️ Pixel Perfect website designs and layout. ✔️ Fully responsive websites for both Mobile and Desktop Devices. ✔️ Fully Compatible websites with all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. ✔️ Clean, editable, reusable and tested code that can be changed from time to time. ✔️ Fully tested and finished web designs and code on real devices. ✔️ Expert help on trouble shooting errors aligned with website layouts in any browser. ✔️ Quick turn around and meeting deadlines no matter the size of the project. ✔️ Effective Communication and Attention to detail on every little aspect. ✔️ Fulltime Availability. Look at some of my work in relation to web design and development as listed in the projects section. When you hire me👨‍💼, here's what we would do: 1: First, click the invite button to invite me to your job📩 2: Once there, I'll jump on a phone call with you/video call📞 or exchange ideas with you about your needs. 3: We'll go over the details, colors🎨, assets, and the entire design/look of the template, design etc., until we have reached a middle ground So, if that sounds good, click the "invite" button, and we can start right away. Take a look at my website for more information Thanks for taking time to view my profile 🤝. Cheers🙋‍♂️, Moses.
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