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How much does it cost to hire a graphic designer?

Rates charged by graphic designers on Upwork vary from $15 to $150 an hour, with an average rate of around $25 per hour. However, designers don’t always bill hourly; it’s also common for a designer or creative director to set a fixed price for the work, based on their understanding of your project requirements. Here’s a look at some of the more significant considerations.

Cost Factor #1: Expertise and experience

When it comes to setting individual rates, a seasoned designer or art director can typically work faster while delivering more value to their clients with deeper insights into their work; their pricing often scales up to match. Location and local market conditions can also influence rates. Another factor is reputation. Someone who’s still building their portfolio may price services more competitively.

Cost Factor #2: Scope of work

Whether you want an illustration to go with your next blog post or packaging for your newest product, the production process may include:

  • Consultation
  • Research into your industry, marketplace, and audience
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Creating concepts
  • Identifying the right typeface, color palette, and other materials
  • Generating various concepts
  • Review and approval process
  • Producing the final deliverable

Cost Factor #3: Timeline

If your project has a tight timeline, you may pay a premium (i.e. a rush fee) so be sure to start work as early as possible. There are three simple ways to cut down on the time involved in your project:

  • Be specific about what you want in the creative brief, then give the designer freedom to create. Being too vague about what you have in mind can add time through multiple revisions.
  • Prepare any related materials ahead of time. If you want to include copy, have it written and edited to a length that’s appropriate for the product you want—and make sure it’s finalized before work begins, or the time involved can balloon as the design shifts to accommodate changing copy. If you’re including photos or other images, check to ensure they have a high resolution.
  • Keep the review and approval process as simple as possible. Having more people involved typically means a longer timeline and additional revisions, and a designer may factor that into their pricing.

Here are some general time estimates for popular projects, including variables that may have an impact on how long it will take—and ultimately, how much you pay for the work.

Flyer One hour to 10+ hours
  • How detailed is the creative brief?
  • Is there a template to follow?
  • Are copy and images provided from the start, finalized, and sized appropriately?
  • What’s the review process, and how many people are involved?
Logo Five hours to 20+ hours, possibly over several weeks
  • How detailed is the creative brief?
  • How thoughtful do you want the process to be? (E.g., to represent your brand long-term versus an image to test a concept.)
  • What elements are involved: Illustration? Typography?
  • Do you have existing brand guidelines and/or a color pallette?
  • What other materials need to be considered (i.e. branding materials such as letterhead or business cards)?
  • What’s the review process, and how many people are involved?
Infographic Four hours to 20+ hours
  • How detailed is the creative brief?
  • Who’s writing the script and doing the research?
  • Is it a vector image or hand illustration?
  • What’s the review process, and how many people are involved?
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