AWS Developers on Upwork cost $20–$45/hr.

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$20 $45

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How much does it cost to hire an AWS developer?

The first step to determining the cost to hire an AWS developer will be to define your needs. Rates can vary due to many factors, including expertise and experience, location, and market conditions.

Cost factor #1: project scope

The first variable to consider when determining scope is the nature of the work that needs to be completed. Not all AWS projects are created equal. Are you looking for basic cloud services support for high-traffic web application development? Or do you need something more specific, such as certified AWS DevOps services? The cost of your project will depend largely on your scope of work and the specific skills needed to bring your project to life. 

Tip: The more accurately your job description describes the scope of your project, the easier it will be for talent to give you accurate cost estimates and proposals.

Cost factor #2: AWS developer experience

Choosing the right level of expertise for the job is closely tied to how well you determined the scope of your project. You wouldn’t need an advanced AWS developer to set up basic file storage for a website with AWS S3. On the other hand, creating an automated CI/CD pipeline for a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product will require the skills of a senior developer familiar with DevOps.

Beyond experience level, you need to consider the type of experience the talent possesses. The following table breaks down the rates of the typical types of AWS developers you can find on Upwork.

Rates charged by AWS developers on Upwork

Level of Experience Description Hourly Rate
Beginner AWS fundamentals (e.g., setting up cloud file storage for a website with Amazon S3). Basic back-end development skills (e.g., databases, servers, APIs) $20+
Intermediate Beyond fundamentals, experience with specific AWS tools (e.g., Amazon Cognito for mobile app authentication). Experience with AWS’s enterprise service tools (e.g., AppStream, Direct Connect, Directory Service). $45+
Expert Seasoned back-end developer or sysadmin. Experience with DevOps-friendly AWS tools (e.g., EC2 Container Service, CodePipeline). Big data services for AWS (e.g., Data Pipeline, Elastic MapReduce, Machine Learning). $70+

Cost factor #3: location

Location is another variable that can impact an AWS developer’s cost. It’s no secret that you can leverage differences in purchasing power between countries to gain savings on talent. But it’s also important to factor in hidden costs such as language barriers, time zones, and the logistics of managing a remote team. The real advantage to sourcing talent remotely on Upwork is the ability to scan a global talent pool for the best possible person for the job. Location is no longer an obstacle. 

Cost factor #4: independent contractor vs. agency

The final variable regarding talent cost is hiring an independent contractor vs. an agency. An agency is often a “one size fits all” model, so you’ll often have access to a designer, a project manager, an engineer, and more. When hiring individuals you have total autonomy regarding who is responsible for which part of the project, but you’ll need to source each of those skills separately.

The trade-off between hiring individuals vs. hiring an agency is the level of administrative overhead you incur personally in coordinating tasks among all members of the team. Project scope and personal preference will determine which style is a better fit for your needs.

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