9 QA Engineer interview questions and answers

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1. How would you define a quality product?

The interviewer wants to gauge your understanding of product quality. Remember to talk about functionality, reliability, usability, and efficiency.

"A quality product is one that meets its functional requirements; it should be reliable and efficient, yet easy to use for the general audience. In the hands of the consumer, it should bring value, have little to no defects, and should come with excellent customer service throughout the product’s lifespan.”

2. How do you determine what to test in an application?

The interviewer wants to know your approach to testing scope. Discuss how you understand the application, its requirements, and use cases to identify testing needs.

Sample Answer:

"I begin by understanding the application and its intended functionality. I review the requirements and use cases, and collaborate with the development and product teams to identify key functionalities and potential risk areas to test."

3. What experience do you have with automated testing?

Companies want QA Engineers who have a good chunk of experience with automated testing. What they really want to hear about are the automation tools you have used and how they are applied in your projects.

Sample Answer:

"I have extensive experience with test automation. I've used tools like Selenium for automating web application tests and JUnit for unit testing in Java. In previous roles, I have been the sole individual responsible for automation framework setup as well as writing and maintaining automation scripts.” 

4. Can you describe the difference between validation and verification?

The interviewer wants to gauge your understanding of fundamental QA concepts. When answering, explain the difference between validation and verification in software testing.

Sample Answer:

"When it comes to quality assurance, validation and verification are two important aspects. When you are ensuring a product meets specific requirements at a particular stage in the development process, it is verification. When software is being evaluated at the end of the development process to assess if it meets customer expectations, it is validation.”

5. Can you describe a time when you found a critical defect in a product?

The interviewer wants to know your defect discovery and reporting process. To answer, provide an example of a critical defect you discovered, and discuss how you documented and reported it.

Sample Answer:

In a previous role, I discovered a critical defect that caused the application to crash when performing a specific action. I documented the defect, providing details about the exact steps to reproduce it, the expected and actual results, and any relevant screenshots. I reported this to the development team immediately for resolution."

6. How do you manage testing when project schedules slip or change?

The interviewer wants to assess your adaptability and prioritization skills. When responding, discuss how you adjust your testing plans and prioritize your testing efforts in response to schedule changes.

Sample Answer:

"When schedules change, I first reassess the testing priorities based on the product's risk and business priorities. I may need to focus on testing the most critical functionalities and using techniques like risk-based testing to maximize testing efficiency."

7. How do you decide which test cases to automate?

This question aims to understand your approach to test automation. To respond, talk about how you determine which test cases are suitable for automation.

Sample Answer:

"Generally, tests that are run frequently, that are time-consuming to perform manually, and that have a predictable and consistent outcome are good candidates for automation. Also, stable features, where the tests are unlikely to change often, are suitable for automation."

8. What is regression testing, and why is it important?

The interviewer wants to check your understanding of regression testing. To answer, explain what regression testing is and why it is important in software testing.

Sample Answer:

"Regression testing involves retesting software after you've made some modifications. It helps to ensure that existing functionality still works as expected. It's important because changes, additions, or fixes in the code could cause issues with working functionality."

9. How do you stay updated with the latest testing tools and trends?

The interviewer wants to understand how you maintain your technical knowledge. To answer, talk about how you follow industry news, take part in professional communities, take courses, or read books.

Sample Answer:

"I read industry blogs and publications to keep up with the latest tools and trends. I also participate in online forums and communities where testing professionals share their experiences and insights. Additionally, I attend workshops and webinars, and take courses to deepen my knowledge."



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    Lucky K.
    QA Engineer
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    Lucknow, UTTAR PRADESH
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon QA Engineering
    WordPress Theme
    I am an expert-level Magento Web - Developer looking forward to having a long-term business relationship with you by providing you with the best Magento E-Commerce Solutions. My Services Include: * Magento Extension and Module development * Magento Theming from PSDs * Magento Speed Enhancements * Magento - eBay Integration * Magento - Quickbooks Integration * Magento API Projects * Magento Commerce Enhancements * Inventory/Attribute/Category loads into Magento * E-Commerce to Magento Migration * Magento Store Maintenance, etc. * Magento AWS Server Setup Ability to understand client requirement and provide the best solution. Thanks & Regards, Lucky Khan
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    Steven S.
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    Rockford, OH
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    Six Sigma
    ISO 9001
    Internal Auditing
    Technical Writing
    QA Management
    ISO 9000
    Quality Control
    Financial Audit
    Lean Manufacturing
    Steven is an experienced Quality Management professional, participating member of US TAG to ISO/TC 176, and PhD candidate at Indiana Institute of Technology, where he also graduated with a master's in engineering management. Prior to building his career in quality consulting, Steven spent nearly twenty years in quality engineering and quality management roles, primarily in the automotive industry, implementing and auditing ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality management systems, leading complex problem-solving efforts, and leading APQP efforts for major OEM customers. As a consultant, Steven continued to implement and audit quality management systems for automotive, medical device, and aerospace clients, as well as continuing to support APQP and PPAP activities throughout the supply chain. Steven is very knowledgeable with ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, AS9100, and 21 CFR 820 and able to implement and audit quality management systems in nearly any sector.
  • $45 hourly
    Yurii K.
    QA Engineer
    • 4.8
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    Lviv, LVIV
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon QA Engineering
    Website Maintenance
    Mobile App Development
    Microsoft Azure
    QR & Barcode Scanner
    .NET Core
    .NET Stack
    Business Application Development Language
    DevOps Engineering
    Architecture Consultation
    I am a Co-Founder/CTO at Intelvison agency based in Ireland. Gained more than 8 years of experience while developing projects of different sizes and architecture including, but not limited to: mobile, desktop, and web applications. My team and I are always open to interesting projects, we are confident in what we are doing and always open to new challenges. Within an efficient development cycle, we can address all your needs, from improving internal processes to upgrading client-facing services within intuitive software. Expert in: - .NET Core Web API - ASP.NET Web API - Node.js - Angular - React.js - Database design - MS SQL - Entity framework - Azure DevOps - CI/CD - SignalR - Google APIs - Firebase - Technical documentation
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