Development & IT Consultation with Yahsha B.

5.0 · 6 reviews

Development & IT Consultation with Yahsha B.

5.0 · 6 reviews

Feeling trapped in a cycle of copy-pasting and manually juggling your business apps?

There's a smarter way to work, and I'm here to guide you through it.

Imagine seamlessly connecting your customer-facing side with the behind-the-scenes business operations. As a Data Engineer with a deep understanding of cloud tech, databases, APIs, algorithms, and software, I'm all about bringing the magic of data management and automation to small businesses.

I'm passionate about helping businesses unlock the potential of automation, making their processes smoother and more efficient. I've already guided numerous small businesses from just an idea to booming success, armed with effective tools and strategies.

Are you in need of help with...

Crafting a professional website?
Integrating APIs seamlessly?
Mastering email marketing?
Managing your ads?
Organizing CRM contacts?
Simplifying bookkeeping and payroll?
Automating repetitive tasks?
And so much more?
Let me help you put together all the pieces for a business that runs like a well-oiled machine. If organizing your business feels like a daunting task, it's time for us to chat.
Get personalized advice on:
Data Analysis & Reports eCommerce Development Web Programming Website Builders & CMS automation

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Yahsha B.

About Yahsha

Yahsha B.
GIS Data Engineer & Business Automation Specialist
5.0  (6 reviews)
Hellertown, United States - 4:45 am local time
Dynamic Professional: Specializing in GIS Data Engineering & Business Process Automation

Welcome! I'm a dedicated professional with a strong focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Engineering and Business Process Automation, providing innovative solutions to complex challenges. My expertise lies in leveraging advanced technologies and strategic insights to enhance decision-making, operational efficiency, and productivity for organizations across various industries.

Core Expertise & Services:

GIS Data Engineering:
○ Specializing in Data Transformation, Integration, Migration, and Visualization to unlock the full potential of spatial data.
○ Utilizing GIS to offer actionable insights for urban planning, environmental management, and strategic decision-making.

Business Process Automation:
○ Streamlining business operations through the integration of cutting-edge automation technologies and software solutions.
○ Enhancing efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, optimizing workflows, and simplifying data management.

Why Collaborate with Me?

Innovative Solutions:
Leveraging my deep understanding of GIS and automation to deliver customized solutions that address specific organizational challenges and goals.

Strategic Approach:
With a focus on strategic insight and analytical problem-solving, I ensure that solutions are not only effective in the short term but also sustainable and scalable for future growth.

Comprehensive Skillset:
While my primary focus is on GIS Data Engineering and Business Process Automation, my expertise extends to supporting areas such as eCommerce platform optimization as part of broader business automation strategies, ensuring a holistic approach to digital transformation.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities:
Whether it's through the strategic application of GIS data for enhanced spatial analysis or the implementation of automation technologies to streamline business processes, my goal is to transform operational challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth.

Let's Drive Success Together:
If you're looking to leverage the power of GIS for in-depth spatial analysis or to enhance your operational efficiency through automation, I'm here to help. Let's connect and explore how we can work together to achieve your strategic objectives and drive success in your projects and initiatives.

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    Rating breakdown
    Daniel P.
    Mar 29, 2022
    Google app script for generating order forms from data retrieved in a google form Yahsha did a great job. He knows about his subject and puts attention to the detail.
    Thank you!
    Madison B.
    Mar 1, 2022
    Need help converting Numbers spreadsheet to Google Spreadsheet I can't thank or praise Yahsha enough! Was able to go above and beyond on my project, and was able to complete SO quick. Cant recommended him enough, and will most definitely be using him again on other projects.
    James Edward S.
    Feb 2, 2022
    Build google sheets script to automatically hyperlink a cell to its precedent Yahsha completed the task quickly and efficiently. He also suggested a different way of doing it in our early scoping call, which ended up being the way we went. Great stuff!
    Peachtree L.
    Nov 29, 2021
    Converting 2d latitude longitude data to 3d cartesian
    Laura S.
    Jun 4, 2021
    Develop email list from two files Yahsha had a great understanding of what I asked to be done, and completed the work quickly and efficiently. Very reliable and talented.