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Talk through a problem and get your questions answered with 1-on-1 advice from a pro.

Talk through a problem, get your questions answered, and move your project forward with 1-on-1 advice from a pro.

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Sampath K.
Top Rated Plus
$50per 30 min Zoom meetingper 30 min
4.9 (3,653 reviews)
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Meeting topics:
Brochure Design Flyer Design Infographic Design Resume Design
With 9 years of design experience at McKinsey & Company and as a top-rated freelancer in Upwork with a 98% job success rate from 2,500+ projects, I would be glad to provide my view on the design approach and what could be optimal to bring the desired results to the requirement. Content engagement or business analytics are advanced agendas. I will be engaging with just the design aspect of the project. It would be great to have a brief outline of your requirement before we get started. After the consultation, I'll send you a detailed summary of my recommendations so that you can implement them yourself, or, I can provide a quote to take care of everything for you
Next consultation time: Now
Rupak B.
Top Rated
$29per 30 min Zoom meetingper 30 min
4.8 (1,567 reviews)
Next consultation time: Now
Meeting topics:
Brand Style Guides Illustration Logo Design Stationery Design Web Design
I am a Branding Specialist, and I can guide you about complete branding. I can suggest to you how your brand should look and if you have any existing branding then I can help with needed modifications also.
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Muhammad Arslan R.
Top Rated Plus
$100per 30 min Zoom meetingper 30 min
4.9 (1,212 reviews)
Next consultation time: Now
Meeting topics:
Accounting Bookkeeping Business Consulting Financial Analysis & Valuation Financial Forecasting
I have been working with startups for the last 10 years. I have prepared more than 1,200 business plans, pitch decks and financial models for startups operating in different industries. I can assist with the following: 1- Business Plan consultation 2- Financial modeling 3- Valuation 4- Accounting I can answer your questions and guide you.
Next consultation time: Now
Nizam D.
Top Rated
$15per 30 min Zoom meetingper 30 min
4.9 (260 reviews)
Next consultation time: Now
Meeting topics:
Ecommerce Development Mobile App Development Web Programming Website Builders & CMS WordPress
Here I can help/guide for websites and mobile applications design/development and related solution/estimates and best option to use as pro-active. This short term discussion of 30-60 minutes can save a lot of your time and money over-all. Save you from sticking on in-between stage (as some new guys start work without thinking /initial plan and waste their /client time by trying rough solutions ). I can provide/guide you as best option/choice with advantages and disadvantages of using one over other.
Next consultation time: Now
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How it works

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How do I buy a consultation on Upwork?

Search for an available consultant with the skills and experience you need. You can review their past work, read client reviews, and see what topics they can discuss.

What happens if I request to meet with a consultant right now?

When you send a request to meet now, the consultant will have 2 minutes to accept, decline, or send you a message.

What can I talk about during a consultation?

What you can discuss during a consultation will depend on the consultant. However, clients typically seek advice on the following topics:

How do payments work?

We’ll ask you to pay before you meet with the consultant. We’ll hold your payment for safekeeping until the meeting is over and you close the contract.

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