We’re giving $1 million in talent grants to support businesses working to counter the impact
of COVID-19.

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The work we do together today
will help get the world back together tomorrow.

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Teaming up to tackle COVID-19

Right now, we’re all facing the same challenge and our network of top-rated professionals have the skills to meet it head on. From tech to creative and operations, there’s talent to tackle it from any angle.

Some of our most in-demand professionals

asked questions

What is a Work Together Talent Grant?

It’s essentially an Upwork credit that you never need to pay back. If your project is selected to receive a Work Together Talent Grant, our team will match you directly with remote professional(s) who have the specialized skills you need, and the grant funds pay for some or all of their time to help propel the effort.

How much grant money is my business eligible to receive?

Work Together Talent Grants come in various amounts up to $25,000. The amount of each grant is determined based on each project’s scope.

What types of projects are eligible for Work Together Talent Grants?

We’re looking to assist projects whose mission is tied directly to mitigating COVID-19’s devastating impact on individuals, communities and economies everywhere. There are so many ways to help and no project is too big or too small to have a meaningful impact.

Are Work Together Talent Grants available to for-profit organizations?

Yes. Our goal is to provide the in-demand talent needed to help all types of businesses as they work to counter the impacts of COVID-19.

The work we do together today
will help get the world back together tomorrow.

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