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At A Glance: Audio Engineering

The world is alive with the sound of music, and a qualified audio engineering specialist can ensure your voice rings loud and clear, standing out amongst the rest. Audio engineers are behind everything from the background music on a late-night television drama to the live show of an international pop music group. Audio engineering encompasses a variety of different mediums, including television, Internet, radio, music, live performances, games, computer applications, etc. Audio engineers are often involved in various stages of the audio production process, from composing original sounds or scores to editing the finished product or products. These talented professionals mix audio and ensure that a set of specific sounds meld well with one another in a desired manner. They also design sounds, from the “click” on a computer application to characters’ voices in a role-playing game (RPG), using audio engineering equipment and software. Audio engineers are often also responsible for crafting songs or catchy jingles, the latter of which is often utilized as an effective marketing strategy. Whether you’re seeking an engineer to produce your next album or create the sounds on a newly developed smartphone application, a talented audio engineer is a valuable partner.

Many skilled audio engineering professionals, such as those you’ll find on Upwork’s network of elite freelancers, have had extensive experience in the field. On Upwork, you can post your audio engineering project for free, and browse the multitude of professional freelancer profiles in order to connect with an audio engineer whose skill set and background is compatible with your project requirements.

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