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Gaston C. - Unity3D Game Developer

Gaston C.

Unity3D Game Developer

83 hours
“Gaston is the best developer I have worked with. He is really profesional. In my experience, when you develop an app, the feedback list is always long. He managed to solve all...”
  • Unity
  • C#
  • Java
Artem B. - Senior Android/iOS Developer

Artem B.

Senior Android/iOS Developer

1,132 hours
“We have Artem to be an excellent Android developer. After our previous experience (not via Upwork) it was a refreshing change to have someone who quickly understood our requirements,...”
  • Android App Development
Anton H. - Mobile Expert

Anton H.

Mobile Expert

60 hours
“Anton is a very talented and hard-working developer. This project was quite complex, and had a very tight deadline. While other freelancers told us it'll take at least 2-3 weeks,...”
  • Android App Development
Andrei I. - Java/Grails Developer

Andrei I.

Java/Grails Developer

5,631 hours
“Andrej is an awesome freelancer. We worked over 1 year together, in total more than 1900 hours. Definitiv one of the best you can hire at upwork, we will continue our collaboration...”
  • Grails
  • Java
  • Hibernate
  • Git
Shiv A. - Expert in  Data Analytics with Web Scraping

Shiv A.

Expert in Data Analytics with Web Scraping

94 hours
“Thank you for your great effort Shiv. He is a great developer, fast adapting, organised and reliable. We are very satisfied with the work and we are looking forward to working...”
  • Data scraping
  • Python
  • C#
  • PHP
Waqar U. - iOS/Android Developer and Web/Graphic Designer

Waqar U.

iOS/Android Developer and Web/Graphic Designer

266 hours
“Superb work, very experienced developer. he reads codes as clearly as you read my message here.”
  • Objective-C
  • Java
Yaroslav R. - Rock Star Android Developer

Yaroslav R.

Rock Star Android Developer

439 hours
“Yaroslav is a very experienced android developer, and it is pleasure to work with him.”
  • Android
  • Java
  • Android SDK
Andrei O. - iOS developer

Andrei O.

iOS developer

371 hours
“Andrei is one of the best freelancers who I have ever worked with on Upwork. He's extremely knowledgeable in the areas of iOS development. Andrei thought through some UX and UI...”
  • iOS Development
  • Swift
  • REST
Kostiantyn K. - Software QA Engineer

Kostiantyn K.

Software QA Engineer

4,117 hours
“Good job testing. Thanks!”
  • Software QA Testing
  • Java
Vilen M. - Senior Software Engineer

Vilen M.

Senior Software Engineer

3,869 hours
“Vilen has not only been extremely efficient and easy to communicate with, but he always look to improve the project with suggestions and ideas. I look forward to an ongoing working...”
  • Java
  • ActionScript 3
  • PHP
  • C++
Nadir H. - Expert Android developer

Nadir H.

Expert Android developer

1,720 hours
“Nadir did a great job for our company. He performed 2 separate projects for us. He is very hard working and dedicated. His English is very good. In each project, there were...”
  • Android App Development

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At a Glance: Java Development

Java is a free, open-source, object-oriented programming language, plus a high-powered development platform used to build tiered applications and fast-running server applications. Because Java is a portable, “write once, run anywhere” language, Java developers are able to write code that is compatible everywhere. With components including libraries, frameworks (like Hibernate), Java APIs, the Java Runtime Environment, Java Plugins, and Java’s Virtual Machine (JVM), it’s fast and scalable, making it great for enterprise-level applications.

A highly skilled Java developer on Upwork can help build and maintain a high-traffic server-side application, or develop your Android mobile application with the Gradle build tool, an application programming software, which is based on the Java programming language. Core Java refers to a subset of developer skills within the platform—basic tools and knowledge that ensure the professional you’re engaging knows their way around the complex Java platform. Java developers handle server-side security and database architecture, using Java project management tools like Apache’s Maven. Java developers also handle software debugging, quality control, testing, and much more.


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