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At A Glance: Jig and Fixture Design

The art of mechanical design is integral to the modern world. From airplanes to robotics, a talented mechanical design specialist can take ideas and transform them into innovative, useful products. One of the most important aspects of mechanical design is jig and fixture design. Jigs and fixtures are special-purpose tools used to facilitate production in areas such as machining, assembly, and inspection operations. The jig guides the tool and is used in such tasks as drilling, reaming, and boring operations. The fixture holds the tool in place and is used in tasks such as turning, milling, shaping, and grinding. Jigs and fixtures make it possible to manufacture interchangeable parts. Jigs and fixtures also expedite the manufacturing process and increase accuracy while reducing overall costs of production.

The use of jigs and fixtures can lessen the need to hire skilled labor to assist in production. For those employees who are assisting in the production process, the use of jigs and fixtures can increase safety and thus reduce the risk of accidents, while also reducing the costs associated with quality control.
A talented jig and fixture design professional or consultant, such as those you will find on Upwork, can assist you in designing and building jigs and fixtures based on your specific needs. These talented freelance professionals are experienced in the field of mechanical design and are highly versatile and able to work within any industry, including agriculture, furnishings, robotics, and more. The top-notch freelance professionals you’ll find on Upwork have gained acclaim in their field and have confidence-boosting track records of client satisfaction.

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