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An effective description can help you hire the best fit for your job. Check out our tips to provide details that skilled professionals are looking for.

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So you want to hire a WordPress developer. But how can you attract a top developer to build your WordPress-powered site? Writing a clear and concise job description explaining who and what you need is an important first step in getting your project off the ground—and this article is here to help.

The key to writing a great WordPress job description is knowing as much as possible about what you want out of your site. This will help you find a WordPress developer who can handle your specific website development needs, such as simple integrations and out-of-the-box themes or more complex additions with custom PHP code, advanced custom fields, or a tailored theme.

While WordPress can be a pretty turn-key content management system (CMS), depending on your needs it can also be notoriously complex to build and build well.

In this article, we’ll do a quick overview of the WordPress CMS and provide you with a general framework for writing a job description to help you find the right developer for your needs.

Whether you need a simple landing page or a powerful, multi-site install, you’ll want to find a WordPress developer who is well-suited for your software development project.

If you hire an overqualified developer for a simple site that requires no CSS or PHP code, you might go over budget. If you hire a developer who can’t handle more difficult functionality, you might end up with a site that doesn’t meet your needs or requires too many security-compromising plugins that leave you vulnerable and with a clunky backend.

A skilled WordPress developer knows just how to fine-tune the platform to be easy to use, secure, and scalable.

A clearly defined WordPress project lets you write a clear and concise job post, which can help you attract the right web developer to your project. The first step to defining your project is to figure out what you need from your WordPress site. The more information you can provide upfront, the less likely you are to run into roadblocks and go over time and budget.

Start with a rough list of the pages, any specific functionality you need, how many people will need access to the site, what content you want to be able to update, and the complexity of your data needs. Providing a very general idea of what you need will allow a developer to suggest possible solutions, whether those are plugins, APIs, or custom coding. Be prepared for the developer to come back with questions about functionality before things get kicked off.

Also, think about the future of your site. Even though you may not have the budget or time to accomplish a specific idea now, include it now because it could affect how the developer builds the site in terms of scalability. This could prevent you from having to rethink the build of your site down the line should you want to add new features.

Then, consider design—have you picked out a theme? Do you need a site that reflects strict brand standards with a from-scratch design? Do you need responsive design or SEO support? This can give you some direction on the level of experience (entry-level, intermediate, or expert) you should look for in a potential developer.

Example job descriptions

Creating effective WordPress job descriptions is crucial for attracting the right talent. An engaging job description both outlines the responsibilities and qualifications needed and also sells the company culture and the unique opportunities that come with the position. Below, find examples of quality WordPress job descriptions and insights into why they work effectively.

WordPress Developer for a digital agency

Join [Digital Agency Name], a leader in innovative online solutions, as our next WordPress Developer. Here, you'll immerse yourself in a wide array of stimulating projects that challenge and expand your skills. From crafting elegant website designs that captivate and communicate to developing complex e-commerce platforms that transform user experience and drive business, your work will be at the forefront of digital innovation.

As part of our dynamic team, you'll collaborate with creative minds who are as passionate about technology and design as you are. This role promises not just a job but a journey filled with learning, creativity, and growth, all within a supportive and vibrant team environment. Whether you're fine-tuning the user experience of a boutique online store or reimagining the digital presence of a global brand, your contribution will be essential to our mission of delivering cutting-edge solutions that make a difference.


  • Design and implement new features and functionalities for WordPress sites
  • Ensure high-performance and manage all technical aspects of the CMS
  • Collaborate with the design team to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites
  • Maintain and enhance website performance and security
  • Provide technical support and education to the team and clients as needed


  • Proficient in WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript/jQuery
  • Experience with responsive and adaptive design principles
  • Strong understanding of website architecture and aesthetics
  • Ability to work in a team and communicate effectively
  • Experience with e-commerce platforms is a plus

Why it works:

  • Highlights variety and creativity. This job description promises a range of projects, appealing to candidates seeking diverse challenges.
  • Emphasizes team environment. Mentioning work within a creative team suggests a collaborative culture.


Rating is 4.8 out of 5.

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  • $35 hourly
    Eyamin H.
    WordPress Developer
    • 5.0
    • (191 jobs)
    Magura, DHAKA
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon WordPress
    MySQL Programming
    WordPress Plugin
    CMS Development
    Theme Development
    PSD to HTML
    CSS 3
    Hi. Thank you so much for coming here. I'm WordPress developer. I have been working with WordPress last 6 years. I have developed a wide range web development project. Experience ================= *** html5 , css , css3 , sass , bootstrap , Custom Responsive , JavaScript , jQuery , jQuery Ui , Ajax , Gulp Automation , php , WordPress , WordPress Theme And Plugin Development , Git , Bit-bucket , GitHub ****** #Squarespace Website Builder is my new crush. :) Provide Services =============== ** Full Functionality WordPress theme development with Woo-commerce Support. ** Custom WordPress Plugin Development ** Psd to WordPress. ** Pixel Perfect WordPress Website using page Builder. * Elementor Builder * Divi Builder * Visual Composer * SiteOrigin * Beaver Builder * Fushion Builder ** WordPress Theme Customization any kind of theme. ** Woo-commerce for eCommerce website . * Have Very good knowledge about product feature and attribute ** Psd to html. ** Psd to html with Bootstrap. ** Any Kind of WordPress problem. ** 100% responsive Website. ** Any kind of JQuery, JavaScript Problem. ** Site page Speed. (gtmetrix) , )( Google PageSpeed Insights). My aim is to give you back your project within your right time. and to work in a standard way where clients will be "SATISFIED" of my work .
  • $80 hourly
    Eric G.
    WordPress Developer
    • 4.7
    • (87 jobs)
    Metz, GES
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon WordPress
    WordPress Malware Removal
    WordPress Customization
    WordPress Optimization
    WordPress Bug Fix
    WordPress Development
    WordPress e-Commerce
    WordPress Migration
    WordPress Plugin
    Page Speed Optimization
    WordPress Website
    WordPress Theme
    Search Engine Optimization
    I am a problem-solver, If you're facing any issues with your wordpress or woocommerce, I'm probably able to fix it for you. As a Top Rated Plus WordPress and WooCommerce expert, I specialize in solving website issues and providing technical solutions with a focus on core functions. With over 10 years of experience, I can help you with Bugs, features, custom code, fixtures, customization, security, accessibility, and speed enhancement. ✔️ Technical approach of core functions (less plugin for best results) ✔️ SEO, Security, and Accessibility ✔️ Speed enhancement (GT metric / Page speed) ✔️ Images and media optimization (photoshop batch again no plugin) ✔️ Fast and efficient support for your business When it comes to Crocoblocks and Jet Engine, I have extensive experience in building dynamic websites with custom post types, dynamic fields, and dynamic templates. I can help you create advanced search and filter options, custom WooCommerce templates, and much more. At the same time, I understand the importance of website performance and user experience. That's why I use my skills to optimize your website for speed and accessibility, so your visitors can enjoy a seamless experience while browsing your website. ★ Having a Nice Website is great, but a Website that converts visitors into leads is better! I believe that having a nice website is great, but a website that converts visitors into leads is better. With my experience in eCommerce, I can help you transform as many visitors as possible into customers. I have worked with the Woodmart theme for several years, which allows me to deliver various websites and meet all specific requests. I use Elementor and Crocoblocks to create outstanding websites with eye-catching pages and an excellent user experience. 💻 During my experiences, I was able to observe the evolution of e-commerce and use my expertise to transform as many visitors as possible into customers. I can support you throughout your go-to-market process by configuring Google Ads/Analytics, implementing customized tracking, setting up a product catalog for shopping flow, optimizing attribute management, creating topic clusters, and developing custom features. Nothing escapes my attention as I am a perfectionist who delivers tasks on time. ✔️ Configuration of google ads / analytics ✔️ Implementation of customised tracking ✔️ Product catalog for shopping flow ✔️ Optimized attribute management ✔️ Topic cluster ✔️ Custom features I pride myself on delivering high-quality work and excellent customer service. If you choose to work with me, you can expect fast and responsive communication, fast turnaround times, and a dedication to ensuring that your website meets all of your needs and expectations. In short, whether you need help with WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor, or Crocoblocks Jet Engine, I have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. So why not get in touch today to discuss your project and see how I can help take your online business to the next level? I have worked with national leaders and international companies, and I would be happy to help you too. With my expertise in WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor, and Crocoblocks Jet Engine, I can help take your online business to the next level. ☞ Do not hesitate to contact me and check my profil my references.
  • $35 hourly
    Hannah C.
    WordPress Developer
    • 5.0
    • (22 jobs)
    Valencia City, BUKIDNON
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon WordPress
    Market Research
    Website Content
    Administrative Support
    Social Media Management
    Website Migration
    Amazon Listing
    Ecommerce Website
    YouTube SEO
    Product Listings
    Google Docs
    Data Entry
    Jack-of-all-Trades Virtual Assistant | Expert in YouTube Channel Optimization, WordPress & Shopify, eCommerce Product Management With OVER 16,000+ HOURS OF WORK here in Upwork, a 100% 🔥 client satisfaction rate, and a 100% 🔥 Job Success Score! Hi! I'm Hannah C., a full-time virtual assistant with a wide range of skills and an all-rounder experience with YouTube SEO and Account Management, WordPress Website Development, Design, and Administrative Management, General Dropshipping, Woocommerce, Corecommerce, and eCommerce Product Management, Digital Marketing, Business Marketing Management, TradeShow Marketing Product SEO, Shopify Product Management, Data Entry Specialist, and Social Media Management. A Graduate of a 4-year Course in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Former Transcriptionist and Data Entry Specialist in an online Note Taking Express Company. I'm a certified YouTube Management Expert that is capable of growing your YouTube channel and increasing video views with the latest YouTube Algorithm and SEO strategy for massive results. I have optimized over 4,000 videos and grown a channel from 100k subscribers to over 9 million subscribers in a span of 3-4 years. ✅YouTube Channel Set Up ✅YouTube Keyword Research (using vidIQ & TubeBuddy) ✅Title, Description, Tags, Thumbnail A/B Testing ✅Channel audit & YouTube analytics ✅Overall Channel Management ✅ Competitors' research and market analysis ✅Video optimization (Description, Tags, Endscreen Elements, Playlist, Product Links) ✅YouTube SEO ✅Video Rank on YouTube ✅Video Rank on Google ✅Video Topic Keyword Research ✅YouTube channel customization (Full Profile) ✅ Generating YouTube video daily ideas accurate to your Channel ✅Monetization eligibility ✅YouTube copyright claim protection and remove ✅YouTube display ads ✅ Scheduling videos for daily publish Aside from working with YouTube SEO and account management, I am also an expert in Product management both in WordPress and eCommerce websites like Shopify. ☑ Creating eCommerce Stores from scratch ☑ Optimizing website theme and products ☑ Optimizing and Adding Products from provided product catalogs ☑ Modifying product prices, descriptions, and templates ☑ Uploading High definition high-quality product images ☑ Updating a LARGE amount of product inventory in a WooCommerce website ☑ Finding inventory numbers in a Google doc by referring to the product SKU ☑ Updating product sheet and indicating items that have been updated ☑ Updating inventory numbers of simple and variable products in WooCommerce for WordPress ☑ Adding WordPress Tags to products ☑ Adding an Attribute to products (not used for product variations) ☑ Optimizing formatting issues in the Product Description SKILLS: Virtual Assistant Digital Marketing Web Development and Web Design Content Management YouTube Account Manager Project Management Amazon Product SEO Shopify Product Management General Dropshipping using Oberlo, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Shopify WordPress Website Management Build Shopify Websites Publishing Blog Post Lead Marketing for Specific Businesses Social Media Business Marketing Management Social Media Management Data Entry Specialist | Data Mining | Data Scraping Web Research | Marketing Research Managing YouTube Account (General YouTube Optimization) STRENGTHS: ☆ ATTENTION TO DETAIL ☆ EFFICIENT ☆ TRUSTWORTHY ☆ FUN TO WORK WITH ☆ KIND-HEARTED Looking forward to working with you in the future. HC.✨
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