What Kind of Freelance Talent Can You Hire Through Upwork? [Video]

When businesses first consider dipping a toe in the freelance talent pool, it’s not uncommon for them to start small. Maybe they’ll test the waters with a quick copywriting project, hire a freelancer to design a logo, or outsource a data entry project. While these are all common ways to engage freelancers, they’re also more indicative of the “gig economy”—an outdated notion that freelancers are niche, and only perform short-term, one-off projects.

Find freelancers for every type of job

The new reality is that freelancers occupy every area of the workforce, and many are contributing their expertise to longer-term engagements. If you’re a business looking to grow with the help of freelance talent, you might also be asking a common but important question: What kinds of projects can you hire freelance talent to do?

The short answer: Just about everything.

How two CEOs hire freelancers for all their needs

On Upwork alone, there are over 12M registered freelancers and growing—independent professionals who are experts in translation, branding, engineering, data science, business analysis, tax preparation, recruiting, and more. Holly Cardew, founder and CEO of Pixc, says she hires freelancers on Upwork “for every job”—including but not limited to legal, sales, design, and writing.

Chess.com engages talent on Upwork for a similar variety of skills ranging from highly technical back-end system administrators to front-line customer support experts. CEO Erik Allebest says, “We’ve used Upwork to hire across the spectrum of our company needs.”

Hear more from these two CEOs about the different kinds of freelance talent they look for to get a better idea of just how far freelance talent can take your business.