Writing an Awesome Job Post [Examples]

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How do you write a great job post that will attract freelancers with the skills and experience to deliver the results you’re looking for?

How to Write an Awesome Job Post explains how a thorough and detailed job post, which shows a well-researched understanding of your needs, makes your project more compelling for top-notch professionals.

Just as freelancers obsess about getting their proposals “just right,” an effective job post takes care and attention. It doesn’t just set out your needs, it also creates a first impression of your organization.


Here are several examples—good and bad!—that illustrate best practices for job posts and what you should try to avoid.

Example #1 — Good job post


What works? This post includes

  • A clear, specific project title
  • Thorough project overview with a challenge to be solved
  • A detailed list of qualifications
  • The desired skill level
  • Information for those who want to review project details and specs

Example #2 — Bad job post


What could be improved?

  • Errors in capitalization show limited professionalism
  • The project description is vague and doesn’t specify deliverables
  • There’s no indication of why an expert-level freelancer is needed
  • The application instructions are confusing
  • Overall, there appears to be a lack of clarity and thought put into the post

Example #3 — Good job post


What works? This post includes

  • Clear objectives and descriptive examples
  • Helpful links and references to explain desired style
  • Specific skills and desired design style
  • Concrete timelines and specifications for deliverables
  • A specific question for freelancers to respond to in their proposal

Example #4 — Bad job post


What could be improved?

  • The project title is too broad and doesn’t lend itself to keyword searches.
  • The description is short and vague
  • Spelling errors show limited professionalism
  • The description is missing any reference to skills, timeline, and project goals

Example #5 — Good job post


What works? This post includes

  • A clear project title
  • A concise description of the work
  • A description of required skills and other project needs

Example #6 — Bad job post


What could be improved?

  • The experience level and requirements are misaligned
  • Capitalization and spelling errors show limited professionalism
  • The description of duties is vague and beyond the expected scope of freelance work
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