Opportunity Unlimited

Connecting displaced professionals to remote work

Upwork and the Tent Partnership for Refugees have created Opportunity Unlimited, an initiative to help displaced professionals find work and get connected to the resources they need to prepare for, conduct, and get paid for their work, no matter their location.

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As the war in Ukraine has reminded us, millions of people can be displaced from their homes and livelihoods in a matter of months. For professionals displaced by conflict, securing work again is one of the most important steps in establishing economic independence.

Opportunity Unlimited

Upwork and Tent are committed to reaching tens of thousands of displaced individuals in 2022 and building a playbook that will connect millions of refugees with remote work opportunities going forward. We are working with our partners to connect displaced professionals with:

  • Job opportunities
  • Social services that enable displaced people to focus on work
  • Opportunities to develop new skills
  • Safe and reliable workspaces, internet, and work supplies
  • A reliable way to get paid
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For companies looking to hire displaced talent

Whether you’re looking to fill open roles now or planning to hire for projects down the road, Upwork makes it possible to connect with displaced professionals and hire for impact.

Through our Talent Scout and Enterprise Suite offerings, our recruiters can connect you with talent impacted by the war in Ukraine or other conflicts.

If you’re already working with Upwork, simply reach out to your account manager and let them know that you’re interested in participating in our Opportunity Unlimited program as a hiring partner. Companies new to Upwork can get in touch with our Talent Scout recruiters here.

For talent displaced by conflict

Upwork is here to help you connect with work opportunities across the globe. We have resources designed to facilitate your success on our work marketplace, from our country-specific community groups and Upwork Academy coaches to our talent success and recruiting solutions.

New to Upwork? To get started, create an account using this link specifically created for displaced talent. Once you have an account and we’ve verified your identity, we will reach out with some resources designed to help you:

  • Set up a strong profile
  • Successfully market your skills and portfolios
  • Gain access to skills-based trainings from our partners
  • Find social services in your area
  • Connect with other displaced professionals
Returning to Upwork?
Welcome back. Please log in to your account and visit this page to see specific resources for you.

Our Partners

We're partnering with mission-driven companies and nonprofits across the world to identify professionals that have been impacted by conflict and connect those professionals to remote freelance work opportunities.

Interested in partnering with Upwork to support displaced talent? Reach out to us at opportunityunlimited@upwork.com

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Why this matters now

The UNHCR estimates that there are over 84 million people displaced by conflicts around the world. This is a crisis that can’t be solved by local or siloed workforce development programs alone. Demand for work in places where refugees and immigrants resettle can exceed—or be perceived to exceed—local job supply, limiting economic opportunity and pitting local communities against refugees, immigrants, and other newcomers.

Connecting displaced people with remote work alleviates much of this tension. Before displaced individuals can focus on work, a hierarchy of needs have to be met. Even for people with relevant skills and experience, resources like housing, healthcare and childcare, a safe workplace, and a means to access and save money are necessary to enable work and economic stability.

Opportunity Unlimited is a collective effort to meet this range of needs.