8 Tips for the Perfect Customer Service Profile

8 Tips for the Perfect Customer Service Profile

Demand for customer service professionals is at an all-time high on Upwork. Every customer service professional brings their own unique set of skills and expertise, so make sure your profile has the right details to stand out from the rest. A successful profile not only displays your talent but also highlights the personal characteristics that set you apart.

Take a moment to think about who you are, what your skills are, what you’ve accomplished professionally, and why you’re the best person for the job. Here are eight profile tips to attract clients and increase your marketability.

1. Choose a professional and friendly photo

Your photo makes the first impression, so it should say that you’re a professional. Unlike a photo you might select for a social networking site, your Upwork profile picture should be a headshot of you dressed professionally. Make sure your photo is in focus and high resolution and has a plain background. You don’t need a professional photographer or fancy camera to take a great photo.

Here’s an example of a portrait taken with a computer webcam:


Check out our how-to guide for more tips.

2. Keep your title short and focused

Clients value freelancers with direct and relevant experience, so your title should reflect your experience and the type of work you do. Titles give a prospective client a high-level summary of your expertise. Keep it short and impactful—we recommend less than 10 words. Trying to fit as many keywords as possible won’t make a good impression. If you have multiple professional areas, place your primary skill first in your title and try not to include more than two.

It’s important to separate customer service experience from virtual assistant experience. Start by thinking about what you’ve done and what you’re passionate about doing. Ask yourself:

  1. Are you interested in solving problems, answering questions, and delighting customers?
  2. Are you interested in working primarily with one client and handling day-to-day administrative duties and industry-specific duties, such as managing projects, doing graphic design work, handling social media, etc.?

If you answered “Yes” to question #1, you should create a customer service title by answering the following question:

What type of service(s) do you have experience and interest in?

  • Help Desk/Ticket Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Inbound Phone Support
  • Outbound Phone Support
  • Social Customer Support
  • Front Office
  • Back Office

Tip:  Many customer service professionals cover multiple channels, so be sure to include them in your title and overview.

Good examples:

  • Live Chat and Phone Support Representative
  • Zendesk Customer Service Specialist
  • Customer Service Supervisor
  • Ticket, Chat, Phone, Social Support Agent

Bad examples:

  • Too many positions: Customer Support, Virtual Assistant, Transcriptionist, Data Entry
  • Too vague: Customer Service

3. Showcase your expertise in the Overview section

Your overview is your pitch to potential clients. It should clearly state your professional experience, specific skills, and the work you’re most passionate about.

Answer these questions for clients:

  • What type of customer service do you offer? What is your experience level (e.g., handling basic issues, solving complex issues, managing a team of agents, etc.)?
  • How many years of experience do you have in those areas?
  • Have you worked with specific platforms or software (e.g., Zendesk, LiveOps)?
  • What languages are you proficient in (including written and oral proficiency)?
  • What communication channel do you have experience in—email, live chat, help desk/tickets, phone (outbound or inbound)?
  • Do you have industry-specific knowledge (e.g., hospitality, sales, technical product support, etc.)?

Don’t opt for a laundry list of skills—save that for the Skills section.

Tip: Make sure clients can find you! Categorize your profile accurately into Customer Service or Technical Support. This will also ensure your job feed is showing relevant jobs that match your skills.

4. Make your Skills section work for you

Did you know there are many customer service and support skills you can choose from? Just make sure you select the skills you truly excel at—adding too many can actually work against you. The best way to maximize the Skills section is to add new skills as you develop them or take on new responsibilities and remove old skills as they become outdated. Place your strongest and most relevant skills in front. Not sure what skills are available? View the complete Upwork Skills Directory here.

5. Add power to your profile with a great Introduction Video

An introduction video differentiates your profile from others by giving clients a compelling look at who you are, what you offer, and how your language skills are.

To help you get started, here’s a template tailored for customer service:

Introduction (5-10 seconds)

Hi! My name is [your name] and I have [x years] experience in the call center industry working for [list prominent company names] as [positions/titles].

Objective (10-20 seconds)

I’m seeking customer service positions doing [describe ideal role]. My ideal position is…

Career Highlights (10-20 seconds)

Most recently I have worked as a [position/title] for [company/type of client]. I’m responsible for [main functions]. I handled [describe your role: tickets/inbound calls/outbound calls, emails, escalations].

Conclusion (5-10 seconds)

[Thank the viewer for their interest, express your desire to work with them in the future, and invite them to look at your profile.]

Here is an example video created by one of our top customer service pros to get you inspired.

6. Highlight your previous success in your Employment History

Use this section to highlight projects you’ve worked on both during your experience on Upwork, as well as before you joined. If you’re new to the freelance space, add information about your previous work history, including any call center or outsourcing experience. If you’re not new to Upwork, feel free to list any significant long-term positions or clients. This will help establish your credibility as a successful long-term freelancer and also showcase your customer service experience on Upwork. Each position should include specific responsibilities such as industry-specific experience and communication channels you were in charge of.

7. Add external credentials to your Upwork profile

If you’re not a native English speaker, add your TOEFL or IELTS certifications to your profile. It will not only make you more appealing to clients but also enable us to better match you to jobs. See how to add certifications to your Upwork account.

Tip: In addition to adding your certifications, you can also link your Upwork profile with your LinkedIn account to display more of your work experience.

8. Get help from a pro

Having a hard time coming up with content for your profile? Work with an expert! We have user profile creation freelancers ready that have helped people build and customize professional profiles.

Update your profile now and increase your chances of getting higher paying jobs—and getting showcased as top talent on Upwork. It’s critical that the spelling and grammar is flawless. Common mistakes include misspelled job titles, poor grammar, awkward capitalizations of letters, and inappropriate symbols (e.g., #, ~, *, ◯, ⅌, ♢, etc.). Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward!


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8 Tips for the Perfect Customer Service Profile
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