Collaborate Seamlessly with Upwork Client Dashboards

Collaborate Seamlessly with Upwork Client Dashboards

At Upwork, we continually evolve our platform experience to make it easier for our customers to find and work with qualified talent. Engaging skilled independent talent and staying on track with existing and upcoming projects on Upwork is now more seamless than ever.

Whether you have an Enterprise or Marketplace account, your Upwork dashboard centralizes all essential information, making it easier to search for and access talent, manage ongoing projects, and stay organized every step of the way.

Enterprise dashboard

Accessing high-quality talent, building trusted relationships with freelancers, and effectively overseeing projects can help expand skill sets on your team and drive cost savings at your organization. While keeping up with critical tasks to scale your team and drive positive business outcomes can seem overwhelming, Enterprise Suite empowers you to navigate blended workplace logistics in one place.

The Enterprise dashboard gives you an intuitive and complete workspace to seamlessly manage your talent program, connect with Expert-Vetted talent faster, and receive dedicated support, along with other benefits.

Enterprise Dashboard

Quickly access Expert-Vetted talent

Expert-Vetted talent is featured toward the top of the Enterprise dashboard, making it easier to view and connect with the top 1% of talent on Upwork. Access talent within several categories that include: AI and machine learning, web, mobile and software development, design and creative, and sales and marketing.

Receive immediate program assistance from dedicated Enterprise support

  • Easily request support on getting started with Upwork, hiring, onboarding, and more from dedicated agents, staffed specifically for Enterprise clients and available 24/7
  • On-demand help center resources relevant to where you are in your hiring journey are available directly in the Enterprise dashboard.

Track your overall Upwork spend

  • On-demand reporting offers greater visibility into overall Upwork spend, enabling hiring managers to better manage their talent program

Onboard new hiring managers within a few days

  • Seamlessly onboard new hiring managers to Enterprise Suite with access to self-service, on-demand resources.  
  • Get started on Upwork faster with an onboarding checklist for new hiring managers.

Manage your hiring and ongoing projects

  • An activity summary section provides visibility and quick access to your job posts, offers, and contracts across your whole team.

Stay organized with personalized task management

  • Stay on top of hiring, contract management, and spend with personalized task management that simplifies your view of your most important tasks to prioritize.

Start the contract process faster

  • Move forward with contracts faster with a quick links tool kit for company-specific guidelines and processes.
  • Easily access a talent list carousel of your hires, hires across the company, bring your own (BYO) talent, and saved talent.
  • Browse through a personalized list of top-tier talent to meet your business needs.

Manage and track your talent program milestones in a single workspace. Log in to your Enterprise Suite account to experience all the benefits Enterprise dashboard has to offer.  

Marketplace dashboard

Our Marketplace dashboard offers a seamless workspace and simplified talent search, empowering you to effortlessly discover the ideal match for your projects. Experience the ease of finding the right fit and getting work done faster with all your tools in one place.

Take full control and stay informed about ongoing projects, easily rehire top performers, and effortlessly find your next hire, all in a single, user-friendly interface.

Marketplace Dashboard

Access critical information instantly

  • The workspace section of the Marketplace dashboard gives you instant access to everything you care about by consolidating all drafts, contracts, and job posts into a unified view.
  • A filter option also helps you prioritize what matters most, such as jobs in progress or action needed.

Stay organized with job post and contract filters

  • Quick filters are available at the top of the dashboard so you can easily sort your job posts and contracts.

Send and receive messages in a few clicks

  • Contextual messaging CTAs enable you to send and receive messages directly from talent tiles on the Marketplace dashboard—rather than needing to access the Messaging function in the top navigation.
  • Rehire, message, or invite freelancers to a job with fewer clicks.

View and interact with your hires in one place

  • The featured “Talent” section highlighting your hires enables you to seamlessly view existing freelancer relationships, send messages, rehire, initiate job invites, and request contract conversions.  

Simplify how you search for talent

  • Within the Marketplace dashboard, “Talent Search” is now more prominent and visible, simplifying how you search for recommended and best-fit independent professionals who align with your business needs.

Get help if you need it

  • The quick tips module highlights hiring best practices and tips on how to make the most of the Upwork platform.

The Marketplace dashboard offers a functional home base to manage Upwork relationships, connections, and projects in one place. See the benefits firsthand—log in to your Upwork account.


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Collaborate Seamlessly with Upwork Client Dashboards
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