Is an IT Staffing Company Your Best Option? 3 Alternatives for Your IT Team

Is an IT Staffing Company Your Best Option? 3 Alternatives for Your IT Team

Just like technology, the way we work is always evolving. Many tech and IT teams no longer require in-person meetings or on-site offices when working on development or security projects, for example.

Whether you’re a full-suite tech company or a marketing firm with tech offerings, finding the right talent to enhance your team’s capabilities is key. With a robust portfolio of skills, your team members can be more confident in any project or task they take on.

Traditionally, tech and marketing agencies would consider engaging an IT staffing agency to help fill vacancies and secure part-time or temporary work. Unfortunately, staffing agencies don’t necessarily fit well with the way many agile and fast-moving IT teams work today.

In today’s fast-moving world, talent needs can pop up quickly. Finding the right fit for your company is easier than ever if you explore all of your options to find the best hiring method for your team.

IT staffing companies: The inside scoop

Working with an IT staffing company might seem like an easy solution to your ever-changing talent requirements—you need certain skill sets from time to time, and IT staffing agencies have professionals on their roster ready to get to work.

When an IT professional is out of work or looking for additional income, they might reach out to a staffing agency to procure a new contract. IT staffing agencies then reach out to companies looking to hire. Since they have a roster of talent, they can fill job vacancies quickly, allowing you to find web developers or security specialists to jump onto your project.

However, the professionals that staffing agencies place into jobs do not work directly for the company. They technically work for and are paid by the staffing company. The company in need of talent pays the staffing company directly, which pays a portion of this to the professional.

Potential advantages of IT staffing companies

There are a handful of advantages that IT staffing agencies can offer your company. Here are a few worth considering.

  • Less time investment: Since staffing agencies place talent in the positions you need to be filled, you won’t have to dedicate a lot of time to search for a new hire. Instead, you can send the job description to the IT staffing agency and allow them to find the right pick.
  • It’s easy to secure temporary work: If you need the talent to fill in for a team member on leave, working with a staffing agency can make the logistics of engagement easy. They’ll handle placing the worker and removing them when the time comes, making things much easier on your HR team.
  • You can form long-term relationships: Many companies turn to staffing agencies because they know they’ll need future positions filled. Utilizing a staffing agency can help your company grow and adapt since there’s a roster of talent you can pull from when needed.

Potential drawbacks of IT staffing companies

Staffing agencies can help you find a professional for your IT project quickly, but that doesn’t always mean they’re the best option. Although these agencies may seem like a great solution, there are some drawbacks you’ll need to consider before making this decision.

  • Staffing agencies can cost more than hiring independent talent: Staffing agencies make money by placing professionals in job positions and often continue to make money off their professionals’ payments. In fact, staffing agencies can make up to 25% to 100% markup on the talent’s hourly rate—a markup you would pay if you’re working with an IT staffing agency. You could save a large sum of money by securing independent talent outside of a staffing agency.
  • You’re assigned an IT professional: When you partner with an IT staffing agency, you lose say in the professional being brought on to fill your vacancy. Even if a professional has the required skills, that doesn’t always make them the right fit for your culture. On top of this, since the IT professional will be paid directly by the staffing agency, they might be less dedicated to your company as a result.
  • Traditional job offerings might not fit your company’s needs: Hiring part-time or temporary workers used to be the standard for companies that needed additional help in the short term. However, this way of thinking has evolved in the past decade, with 42% of hiring managers turning to independent IT talent instead of staffing agencies.

3 alternatives to IT staffing companies

Given the potential drawbacks of working with an IT staffing agency, it’s important to consider all of your options. Here are a few alternative recruitment methods that can help you secure the talent you need.

1. Posting on traditional job sites

One way to seek out new IT talent is by posting on traditional job boards and websites. These sites are staples for individuals seeking work and can be a low-touch way to post openings in your company.

On the downside, job websites like these allow talent to save their resumes and stock cover letters, making it easy for them to apply to a number of jobs with one click. This means you may be sorting through applications from talent who might not have read the full job description, might not have all the qualifications you’re looking for, and might not be a good fit for your company.

While it’s free to post an opening on these sites, to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need a paid account to promote postings.

2. Look on social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer a different way to connect with IT talent. Posting in IT Facebook groups or through Twitter can help you get the word out about your company and the positions you’re looking to fill for free. LinkedIn allows you to post jobs directly and view users’ profiles and qualifications easily. Additionally, employees on social media can help promote your job requirements and get their qualified connections to apply.

The downside to these services is that you might need to utilize an in-house team to sort through all of the responses you receive to ensure applicants have the right backgrounds, skills, or qualifications. Also, posting on social media limits the talent you can find since not everyone is on social media or does not use them to look for jobs.

3. Engaging independent tech talent

What if you need an IT consultant for a few months? Or maybe you need to secure an IT professional for a few hours every month but don’t want to pay a regular salary? Securing independent tech talent can help you fill skill gaps for your projects without hiring part- or full-time workers.

Many IT projects are managed in remote platforms that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing you to find the right talent for your project, no matter their time zone. Partnering with independent IT talent also allows you to dictate payment terms by project or hours worked.

Upwork, the top-performing platform for independent talent, is a great way to connect with IT professionals looking for flexible work. Upwork will connect you with a Talent Professional who will help you sort through applications and select the right independent IT talent for your team. Allow professionals to bid on your project and offer portfolio samples to make your decision even clearer.

Your ideal IT team: Effective and agile

Traditional IT staffing agencies were once a must in the tech world but no longer fit with how many tech agencies work now. If you’re looking for top IT talent that can easily adapt to agile approaches or tight-paced project schedules, turn to independent talent.

Sourcing independent talent allows you to find the right fit, without limitations like location and working hours. Upwork can connect you to the best, highest-rated IT professionals in the industry to ensure your project stays on track.


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Is an IT Staffing Company Your Best Option? 3 Alternatives for Your IT Team
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