9 Best Web Developer Portfolio Examples

9 Best Web Developer Portfolio Examples

So you want to become a web developer? You’re going to need a powerful online portfolio to help you stand out from the crowd. In this article we’ll discuss tips for creating your own web developer portfolio and share varied examples from some of the top web developers on Upwork.

What is a web developer portfolio?

A web developer portfolio is a website that showcases a developer’s past projects. The typical portfolio will contain:

  • A gallery or list showcasing past projects
  • A list or description of skills and services offered
  • Any certifications, awards, testimonials, or recognition

In many cases, the website itself serves as a testament to a developer’s website design creativity and development skills. Web developer portfolios can be as varied as the web developers themselves. In the next section we’ll dive into nine examples of personal websites from freelance web developers on Upwork.

9 web developer portfolio examples

Now that you know what to include in a web developer portfolio, it’s time for a little inspiration. Let’s review these examples of web developer portfolios contributed by freelancers on Upwork:

1. Tamal Sen

Tamal Sen is both a software engineer and a front-end developer, with a diverse range of skills including React, Flutter, Python, Java, and TypeScript.

The website is personal, leaning heavily into the programmer aesthetic, including a dark-theme with faint integrated development environment (IDE) code in the background. Subtle animations encourage visitors to scroll down the page through a gallery of skills and past work.

One key thing to notice is how the portfolio includes a lot of past projects. Instead of using a generic collage of projects, Tamal Sen shows off UX skills by highlighting a featured project first and varying the sizes of project screenshots for past work.  

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Tamal Sen

2. Othmane Nejdi

Othmane Nejdi is a full-stack developer with the love of a UI/UX designer. Listed skills include all things JavaScript, such as React, Next.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, and Ember.js, as well as UI/UX design through Figma and Adobe XD.

Sometimes simple is best, and the slick black branding, typography, and copy show off personality as well as skills. This online portfolio is a good example of an SPA, where clicking a menu item scrolls you to the relevant section.

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Othmane Nejdi

3. Alexandr Rozumenko

Alexandr Rozumenko is the founder of itartweb, a Drupal development company that specializes in the development of large technically complex B2B, B2C, and C2C projects.

One challenging goal when creating web animations is striking a balance between eye-catching visuals and overly flashy noise. This agency site achieves that balance, sporting slick animations that appear only on the initial scroll, showing off the team's CSS capabilities.

After the page sections have loaded, the site is largely static except for tasteful mouseover effects, giving the viewer time to process the information on the page.

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Alexandr Rozumenko

4. Chintan Mathukiya

Chintan Mathukiya is a full-stack web developer with more than 6 years of experience in Laravel and CodeIgniter framework in the back end and Vue.js in the front end.

Chintan Mathukiya uses a polished agency website to attract clients and showcase past projects. Because they offer expertise for a variety of technologies, clicking on a profile links not just to the project website, but to a dedicated page that details which technologies were used on the project.

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Chintan Mathukiya

5. Krushal Sonani

Krushal Sonani is a front-end web developer with a solid background in JavaScript frameworks like ReactJS and Vue.js and is also intimately familiar with the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js) software stack.

At first glance, Sonani’s project portfolio gallery matches the minimalist aesthetic of the rest of the website. But when you hover over one of the projects, tasteful animation brings the tile to life, enticing a click-through to see more.  

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Krushal Sonani

6. Yevhen Saienko

Yevhen Saienko is a software developer with a passion for DevOps who specializes in building custom web solutions for complex high-load services and APIs.

Web Magic is Top Rated Plus on Upwork. The agency delivers full-cycle web development (from conception to development and support).

You don't need to rely on flashy animations to be successful. Web Magic's homepage leverages an eye-catching 3-tone color scheme to clearly present information about their skills, services, portfolio, and contact methods. By cutting the animations, their webpage loads quickly and directs visitors efficiently to their contact form.

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Yevhen Saienko

7. Sumit Vekariya

Sumit Vekariya is an enterprise-level web and mobile application developer with a strong background in JavaScript technology stacks such as Angular, Flutter, and Node.js.

The portfolio takes a strikingly minimalist UI design relying primarily on text and empty space to draw attention to the details that matter most.

A subtle glitch effect immediately draws your eyes to the name, front and center, in bold, black, all-caps letters. The subtitle, stylized as an active terminal, cycles through "Full Stack Software Engineer" and "Based in India," with specific skills below in static type.

Potential employers and clients alike get everything they need to know in a glance without having to scan the page.

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Sumit Vekariya

8. Maria Stankevich

With over 14 years of web design experience, Maria Stankevich has a track record of satisfied customers that speaks for itself. The business, Neva Design, specializes in Shopify and WordPress development.

While many developers leave their portfolios hidden behind a menu or below the fold of their single-page app (SPA), Neva Design chooses to let the team’s work promote their abilities, placing a tastefully arranged collage of past projects front and center at the top of the landing page.

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Maria Stankevich

9. Shoaib Shafqat

Shoaib Shafqat is a full-stack developer who specializes in WordPress and WooCommerce, with development skills combining the prowess of a PHP back-end developer with the creative flair of a JavaScript front-end developer.

Sometimes an online resume is all you really need. Clean typography and a straightforward, to-the-point, single-scroll homepage help place broad technical skills front and center.

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Shoaib Shafqat

Benefits of a web developer portfolio site

It’s one thing to type out a nice resume, but quite another thing to be able to point to a body of work that speaks for itself. Benefits of using a portfolio website include:

It looks professional

A well-designed portfolio website will make you look more professional and experienced. It shows you took the initiative to go beyond the resume and provide samples of your work, saving potential clients and employers time by giving them something substantial to factor into their hiring decisions.

It provides a platform

A portfolio website can help you create a platform for building your brand and showcasing your talents. You can link professional projects, your GitHub account, social media accounts, and other digital assets in one place.

It works as a presentation card for future clients

When talking to clients, having something online you can link to can demonstrate your proficiency in different areas of web development. A personal website gives you a convenient way to back up what you say with tangible, relevant work experience.

It reflects creativity

Like the oft-repeated advice, “Show, don’t tell,”a portfolio allows you to do just that. For creative and visual skills like web development, there is no better way to demonstrate talent than to simply show off what you can do. You may earn bonus points if your portfolio website includes interactive experiences, animations, and design techniques to serve as testaments to your web development prowess.


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Questions to ask yourself before creating a web developer portfolio

Since a web design portfolio is critical to your success as a web developer, consider these questions when constructing your own.

Is the website easy to read and free of errors?

It’s okay to be creative, but make sure your color schemes, fonts, typography, and layout don’t distract from the messaging of your content. Check for typos too.

Is the website easy to navigate?

Your homepage is also an opportunity to demonstrate good user experience (UX) design. Make it easy to navigate to the different parts of your portfolio. Use filtering if necessary to help clients find examples of specific types of web development projects.

Is the website fast?

As a web developer, it’s especially important that your website follows best practices and loads quickly. A sluggish website might make clients think twice before hiring you to do their websites.

Is the website consistent?

Clashing themes, branding, and projects might confuse would-be clients. A good rule of thumb is to understand your target audience and tailor your site to that audience.

Is the call to action working?

There’s probably nothing more embarrassing for a web developer than to have a dysfunctional call-to-action button. After all, if you can’t get it right on your own website how can a client trust you with this mission-critical front-end feature?

Bottom line

In this article we covered tips for creating your own web developer portfolio website, with examples from some of the best web developers on Upwork. Whether you prefer to keep it simple with a vCard theme or build your own web agency portfolio from scratch, having a website to back up your Upwork portfolio can go a long way toward helping you bid on web development jobs.

Note: We provide secure tools for clients and freelancers to communicate directly from the Upwork platform. We always recommend that users should be cautious when sharing any sensitive or personal information with anyone they do not know. Learn more about best practices for sharing information on Upwork here.

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9 Best Web Developer Portfolio Examples
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