Coverage with remote talent
6-7 hours
Less overtime per employee
5x faster
Time to engage
“There is a lot of work that doesn’t need to be handled in house. Independent talent doesn’t need to be sitting in our office; they can be anywhere.”
Junko Swain
VP, Controller, and Treasurer

When it comes to the fiscal calendar, crunch times happen

Accounting departments face busy reporting periods every month and quarter, and team members often bear the brunt. For Upwork’s accounting team, work days during crunch times could increase from 8 to over 14 hours a day. This affected the work/life balance of full-time employees. With new users joining Upwork every day, things showed no sign of slowing down. The department VP wanted a way to balance the team’s schedule and still make deadlines as work volume increased.

Global talent provides elastic bandwidth

The VP turned to the Upwork platform to pioneer a hybrid finance team made up of employees and independent accounting professionals working from different locales. Within days, she engaged the talent needed. Technology allows the team to partition access, bypassing any data security concerns. And working with talent across multiple time zones allows work to get done around the clock.

The result: improved retention and morale

By matching independent talent to deadline-oriented work that outside talent could handle, the team is able to get more done while focusing on higher-value work. They can also ramp up bandwidth during busy fiscal periods, taking stress off full-time employees to improve retention and morale. To date, many have been with the team for over 3 years. It’s a win-win: employees enjoy better work/life balance, and remote talent are eager for the opportunity

500+ full time corporate employees; 1,200 independent professionals
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