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“Upwork enables us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and produce content at a higher caliber.”
Josh Machiz
Chief Digital Officer

A small team needed some big help

“We’re always looking for creative ways to connect clients to their audience. Right now, the language of social is video,” says Nasdaq’s current Head of Social Media, Anna Gonzalez. Her 4-person team was tasked to create more Facebook Live shows, launch Facebook Watch programs, and other videos on demand (VOD). But Gonzalez faced three challenges: 1) they didn’t have enough technical, artistic, and analytical skills needed in-house, 2) she didn’t know what the budget would be per project, and 3) she needed a way to scale up and down quickly in locations worldwide.

So they headed to the world’s work marketplace

Gonzalez adopted a hybrid workforce model where her team leads the creative vision and they engage with independent talent to do the work, which allows them to scale as needed. She partnered with Upwork Enterprise for its combination of services and large, global marketplace. Aided by Upwork Talent Services, Gonzalez finds talent within a week on average.

Award-winning content and greater reach

In a short time, Nasdaq grew from dabbling in social to becoming a digital marketing leader. Working with independent specialists, Nasdaq can provide clients fresh perspectives, creative ideas, and execute on projects quickly. To date, the social team contracts photographers, videographers, motion graphics specialists, graphic designers, editors, audio engineers, and project managers on the Upwork marketplace.

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