New On-Demand Reports for Transparency and Control

Matt Strozak
Matt Strozak
December 6, 2022
December 6, 2022
New On-Demand Reports for Transparency and Control

When freelance talent is a key part of your business strategy, understanding exactly when, how, and where you use this talent is essential for effective decision making, planning, and program optimization.

We understand the value of this robust, granular data to Enterprise Suite clients—and we’re making it even easier for them to tap into key insights.  

While time and PO reporting tools are already part of the Enterprise Suite experience, our Enterprise customers now have access to rich data about talent history and internal user activity. Program administrators and hiring managers can access, sort, and report this data directly from their dashboards.

The reports are self-serve, on demand, and designed to help Enterprise customers improve the efficacy of their operations through data.

Greater transparency, control, and talent insights

Our new self-service, data-backed talent performance report lets administrators and hiring managers gain critical details on their talent to aid tactical and strategic decision making, including:

  • Talent Disposition: Understand the makeup of your freelance workforce
    • Sources (including independent professionals, agencies, and Bring Your Own talent)
    • Talent Cloud members (those already in a company’s network of professional freelancers and agencies)
    • Number with active contracts
    • Locations
  • Talent Administration: Understand how you’re engaging with talent
    • Total spend per worker
    • Total contracts per worker
  • Talent Feedback History: Understand how talent has contributed to your business
    • Client satisfaction scores
    • Comments and reviews from within your organization

Talent report

Along with data and reporting capabilities, this tool also allows Enterprise customers to directly access full talent profiles and easily contact or rehire talent in just a few clicks. When paired with existing reporting features, this provides customers with greater transparency and control over the way they use Upwork.

Increased confidence in talent program utilization

In order to build and support game-changing flexible talent programs, Enterprise administrators need insights into the behavior of hiring managers within their companies. They want to know details like: Who has open job postings? How often and how long does it take them to bring on talent? How much are they spending?

The new user activity report provides on-demand answers to these questions and more.

Administrators can sort historical data at the company, team, or individual level to really drill down into talent usage throughout the entire organization. Available data points include:

  • Talent spend by team
  • Total number of contracts used to engage specific talent
  • Number of active, paused, or ended contracts on a per-talent basis

Now, you can ensure your company is on track and making the most of your talent program — anytime and anywhere.

Easy reporting for governance—on demand

To dig into the data about how your company uses Upwork, simply click on “Reports” in the top navigation menu while logged into your Enterprise Suite account. We’ve moved the new self-service features to the top of the drop-down menu so they’re easy to spot—simply log in to start exploring your data!

As an Enterprise Suite customer, your success is our priority. If you have questions and comments about the new reports, or suggestions for ways we can continue to improve your Enterprise Suite experience, reach out to your enterprise account representative. Not yet an Enterprise Suite customer? Learn more about Enterprise Suite features and benefits.

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Matt Strozak
Senior Director, Product - Enterprise

Matt Strozak is Upwork’s Senior Director, Product - Enterprise, overseeing the solutions on the Upwork platform that drive outcomes for Upwork’s largest customers. He leads a globally distributed team focused on creating a scaled solution for programmatic use of Upwork to find, hire, and manage talent for large enterprises.

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