The “Work Unlocked” Podcast Aims to Change the Way You Think of Work

Amy Sept
Amy Sept
August 16, 2021
The “Work Unlocked” Podcast Aims to Change the Way You Think of Work

The past 18 months have broadened our views about how we work—and how we work together. How are other businesses leveraging that disruption into something better and more powerful than before?

On the new “Work Unlocked” podcast from Upwork, you’ll hear from experts, leaders, and independent professionals as they share thought-provoking stories and insights about the relationships they’ve built to help navigate the way forward.

This season’s episodes will touch on a range of topics including:

  • How independent professionals are building businesses and gaining financial freedom
  • Why long-term working relationships can be transformational for clients and professionals
  • How companies are successfully moving toward a hybrid work model
  • Straight talk about the benefits and challenges of leading and working remotely

Hosts Tim Sanders, Gene Gates, and Sheri Baker add their experience and perspective to this front-row view into how businesses of all sizes are taking control of their work and exploring new ways to get things done.

“As we adjust to the new normal, we’re seeing that the relationships around us have never been more important,” said Sanders. "When it comes to working relationships, trust is a key piece that can empower not just businesses but also the individuals behind the work. ‘Work Unlocked’ explores how relationships have expanded beyond traditional expectations to give forward-thinking organizations the strength and flexibility to push their boundaries.”

Sanders, Upwork’s VP of Customer Insights, is a New York Times best-selling author and top-rated speaker with more than 25 years in the tech industry. Gates is an award-winning radio personality who’s hosted top-rated morning radio shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and Atlanta. Baker is an independent marketing and communications expert who helps lead Upwork’s Customer Advocacy Program.

In the initial run of eight episodes, Work Unlocked delves into:

  • Why relationships are transforming the way we work
  • What it takes to build a dynamic and fast growing business
  • How businesses can amplify growth by leveraging the freelancer economy
  • How to work successfully from anywhere in the world

You'll hear from a wide range of guests with unique backgrounds on how they’ve achieved success. Some of these include:

  • Courtney Allen, whose agency recently passed the $1-million mark
  • Latasha James, who left a Fortune 500 company to freelance full-time in search of a healthier and better life for herself.
  • Chris Misterek, a web designer who shares the six-step process he uses to 'wow' his clients every time.
  • Matthew Motolla, entrepreneur and co-author of “The Human Cloud: How Today’s Changemakers Use Artificial Intelligence and the Freelance Economy to Transform Work.”
  • Larry English, a remote work expert who understands what it takes build culture within virtual and distributed teams

Tune into Season 1 of Work Unlocked starting on Aug. 16, with new episodes dropping every Monday on your favorite podcast network. Click here for more information.

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Amy Sept

Amy Sept (@amysept) is an independent writer, editor, and content marketing strategist who’s dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes navigate the future of work. As a Canadian military spouse and slow traveller, she has a lot of hands-on experience with remote work, productivity hacks, and learning how to "go with the flow."

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