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Businesses and skilled professionals can now connect and trial working together before committing to each other full time. Make the most of your time – get work done while building trusted relationships – decide to go full time when it’s the right time.

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How full-time hiring works for

1. Find specialized talent

Post a contract-to-hire job to find top-rated professionals across more than 10,000 skills.

2. Interview talent

Meet and interview talent open to full-time opportunities. You have access to talent profiles, work samples, and previous projects and outcomes.

3. Choose one or multiple professionals

Hire and get to work on your short-term contract immediately — assess skills and potential fit for your business.

4. Decide whether to go full time

If you and the talent agree you'd like a full-time working relationship, you can convert your contract by paying a one-time conversion fee.

5. Let us help with compliance and payments

Transition your relationship to your own systems or let us help you with compliance and payments in 165+ countries through Upwork Any Hire.

Small & Midsize Businesses

Why Upwork

Every business is unique but the potential risk when investing in a full-time hire is the same. On Upwork, you can now “try out” a working relationship with a short-term, contract-to-hire job before you commit to a full-time hire.

A global pool of specialized talent

Upwork is where businesses can access a world of talent. Over 2M talent on Upwork are open to contract-to-hire opportunities.

Hire with confidence – and without the risk

Experience a working relationship to fully evaluate skills and fit for your hiring needs. Minimize risk around full-time hiring decisions by choosing talent you already know, have worked with, and trust.

A flexible marketplace

Hire based on the diverse needs of your business. Get to work quickly on short projects and trial talent with the right skill set. There’s a smooth path to hiring full time when you find the perfect fit.

Find Full-Time Talent
1. Start with your hiring needs

We’ll help find your next great full-time hire. We partner with you to scope projects, craft job posts, shortlist candidates, and more.

2. Interview talent

Meet and interview Expert-Vetted talent — already pre-screened for technical abilities and soft skills — who are open to full-time opportunities.

3. Get work done

Use Enterprise Suite to scale your talent strategy, with tools for talent management, classification services, workflow governance, and payments, all on a secure platform.

4. Decide whether to go full time

If you and the talent agree there’s a good fit for full time, you’ll pay a one-time conversion fee and we’ll help convert your contract on Upwork.

5. Keep work going

Transition your relationship to your own systems, or use Upwork Payroll to handle the legal and operational complexities of local employment.

Enterprise Businesses

Why Upwork

Upwork makes it easy for large businesses to accelerate their talent innovation strategies, with professionals open to all types of engagements from freelance to full-time work

A global pool of specialized talent

Connect with Expert-Vetted talent across 10,000 skills and 90+ categories, prescreened for skills, experience, and professionalism.

A secure, centralized solution

Our robust platform is built to serve the needs of large businesses. Enterprise Suite delivers customized onboarding workflows, systems integrations, and advanced reporting to find, hire, engage, and pay talent at scale.

A support system every step of the way

We work with you to create custom talent solutions that boost your business’s impact. A dedicated account team and personalized support services are exclusively available to Enterprise Suite customers.

1. Search Upwork's work marketplace

Access all types of remote jobs — from freelance to contract-to-hire jobs with full-time potential.

2. Meet and Interview with businesses

Trials go both ways. Interview with businesses hiring for full-time work.

3. Get to work

Start working on a short-term contract and see if it’s a good fit for a full-time working relationship.

4. Decide whether to go full time

If you both agree going full time is the right move, the client will request to convert your contract on Upwork. All you need to do is accept and we’ll take care of the rest.

Independent Professionals

Why Upwork

Upwork’s marketplace provides limitless ways to work, whether it’s freelance, fractional, or full time. You can now “try out” a working relationship with a short-term, contract-to-hire job before you commit to a full-time engagement.

Build relationships

Build relationships with clients that can grow and change with you — from short-term, long-term, and full-time opportunities.

Get started quicky

Begin with a contract-to-hire job opportunity that has the potential for full time. Since January 2023, Upwork clients have posted over 40,000 contract-to-hire jobs on our marketplace.

Find your perfect fit

Work with a business on a short-term project and gain confidence that the full-time opportunity is right for you.

“When we convert a freelancer to a full-time hire, we already know what to expect, we know there’s synergy, and we’ve already figured out the working relationship. Additionally, the employee already has experience working with us, so they’re not stepping into something completely new.”

Julianna Nikolic
Corporate Vice President, Reproductive Sciences Management Co.

Full-time hiring features and products

Learn more about the features and products on Upwork that enable full-time hiring.

Trial a working relationship with contract-to-hire
Use Any Hire to pay global talent compliantly
Scale a winning talent strategy with Enterprise Suite