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Are you maximizing your success? Using the tips in this article, you can make sure your agency gets noticed by clients and starts opening the door to greater opportunities.

On Upwork, agencies have two sets of profiles. The agency has a company profile that focuses on the work and expertise of the agency as a whole. Each team member in the agency also has their own profiles that highlight their individual skills and work experiences. This not only improves clarity about the agency’s capabilities but also enables clients to see how each worker in your agency can contribute to projects.

Pro tip: Keep profiles up-to-date and regularly add new skills and projects to the Portfolio section, so you can continuously showcase your qualifications and services and impress potential clients.

Agency Profile

Building a strong agency profile enables your company to stand out from the competition when bidding for projects. Use this section to highlight important information about your company. Upwork Agency Profiles

Consider including the following:

1. Company Logo

A logo is a great way to establish your reputation as an agency and market your brand. If you’re a design agency, you can use it to show off your talent.

2. Tagline

Your tagline can encompass the whole function of your company. Think of it like a mini mission statement. Keep it to one line that succinctly tells a prospective client what services your agency offers.

Examples of fantastic taglines are:

  • Social Media Management and Marketing
  • Translation Services into English/French/Spanish and More
  • Web Development and Website Building
  • Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing

Less effective taglines do not explicitly describe the services offered to clients or are not focused to your speciality. These include:

  • We make your dreams come true
  • PHP / AJAX / .NET / Ruby on Rails / BI / SQL / HTML / CSS
  • Best agency on Upwork

3. Description

Use this section to outline the services your agency offers to clients. Include the skills the team possesses and types of projects you can tackle. To help your agency stand out, use bullet points and complete sentences to answer the following questions:

  • What’s your company’s area of expertise?
  • What skills or specialized experience does your agency have?
  • How many people are on your team? What do they do?
  • How do you usually work with clients? What’s your typical process?
  • What’s your typical response time (i.e., within 12, 24, or 48 hours)?

Agency Member Profiles

Every agency member has their own profile, where each member’s individual experience and talent can be emphasized. The information should focus on the skills and expertise of the specific freelancer—not the agency as a whole.

Are you an agency owner or agency freelancer? Here are some tips for you. Keep in mind as you craft your own profile that focusing on what you as an individual can offer and highlighting your specialized skills can help lead to greater success in the marketplace.

Pro tip: Make sure to use your first and last name in your freelancer profile name. The name of the agency cannot be used in this section.

1. Photo

Clients like to see who they’re working with. Make a great first impression by including a headshot of yourself. Save photos of your company or agency logos for the agency profile.

To help ensure you have a top-notch photo to win clients in the marketplace, make sure it’s:

  • High resolution and looks professional
  • In focus and clearly shows your face
  • Cropped to include your whole head, preferably from the shoulders up
  • Non-digitized, non-cluttered, and has a plain background
  • An individual picture of you (avoid group pictures)

2. Professional Title

Use the title in your profile to summarize your profession and clearly state what you do. Stick to one line at most to make it easy for a client to quickly identify the type of services you provide. Here are a few examples:

  • Creative Graphic Designer & Illustrator
  • Network Security Expert
  • Professional Copywriter and Editor

3. Overview

Take some time to think about your experience. Whether you work independently on projects in addition to agency work or you only do projects for your agency, use this section to highlight what you can do for clients and to market your individual skills. Clients can see your agency’s profile by clicking on the agency link on the right-hand side of your profile page.

Here are some questions to help you craft your overview:

  1. What’s the main focus of your work and your skillset?
  2. What’s your professional background? How many years of experience do you have?
  3. Which systems and software programs are you skilled in?
  4. What are your biggest achievements or projects you’re most proud of?
  5. What’s your agency and what does it do?
  6. What’s your primary role and what are your responsibilities with your agency?

Bullet points can be a great way to pinpoint the important information, but it’s helpful to explain the supporting details that illustrate your accomplishments.

Pro tip: Include a line or two about what your agency does as a whole, but focus mainly on your own qualifications and contributions to the team.

4. Skills

What skills do you bring to the table? Highlight your best skills that emphasize your specialization and prioritize them by proficiency and relevancy. Use the “drag and drop” feature to select skills that reflect your past work and align with your area of expertise.

Pro tip: Take skills-based tests to validate your credentials and help build greater trust with your potential clients.

5. Portfolio

Proud of the work you do? Share your best projects that are relevant to your category. You’ll not only enable clients to see the outstanding work you do but also the high bar of quality you set when it comes to getting work done.

You can use the description section to explain your contributions to the project and discuss more in-depth what you created and how you did it. If you share agency work in your portfolio, please mention your individual contributions to that project and do mention it was completed with your agency. This will allow clients to see you and your agency’s work examples to set expectations on the great work you do.

6. Certifications

Do you have certifications from Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, or another provider? Include them to show your expertise and help you stand out even more.

7. Employment History

Clients like to learn more about your background and see how your previous experience can translate to their projects. Elaborate on your past employment history by sharing previous work experiences.

8. Education

Consider including your education even if it’s not relevant to your current field of work. This helps solidify your reputation. Some tips on showcasing your education:

  • Spell out acronyms and include the full name of your institution(s)
  • Add details about your degree and area of study
  • Include descriptions of your achievements and coursework

No formal education? Don’t worry—use the Other Experiences section to list any informal training or show that you’re self-taught. It can weigh just as much as formal education because it shows your passion to get the right skillset.

Ready to take your profiles to the next level? Update your agency profile here and enhance your individual profile here.

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