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Companies around the world partner with agencies on Upwork like yours when they need nimble, scalable support and multi-disciplinary talent under one roof. Which means, if your agency is on Upwork, you’re opening the door for bigger projects and greater opportunities—and your profile is the best way to land those opportunities.

Whether you’re setting up an agency profile for the first time or keeping yours up-to-date, follow these tips to make sure your agency profile is the best it can be.

Filling Out Your Agency Profile

[A look at the latest Upwork agency profile layout. Update your agency profile to take advantage of new features today.]

Creating a strong profile helps your agency stand out from the competition, and the newly updated agency profiles are designed to help showcase your brand and highlight the important information clients are looking for. Filling out certain fields and sharing relevant projects and details can position your agency as the skilled, scalable partner clients are looking for.

Some areas to focus on:

1. Company Logo, Banner Image, and Tagline

A logo and custom banner photo are the best ways to showcase your brand, establish your reputation, and market your agency. If you’re a design agency, you can use it to show off your own design chops.

Your tagline can encompass the whole function of your company. Think of it like a mini mission statement. Keep it to one line that succinctly tells a prospective client what services your agency offers when they see you in search results.

Examples of great taglines are:

  • Social Media Management and Marketing
  • Translation Services into English/French/Spanish and More
  • Web Development and Website Building
  • Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing

Less effective taglines do not explicitly describe the services offered to clients or are not focused on your speciality. These include:

  • We make your dreams come true
  • PHP / AJAX / .NET / Ruby on Rails / BI / SQL / HTML / CSS
  • Best agency on Upwork

Upwork Agency Profiles

2. Agency Overview

Your overview is where you can introduce your agency and expand on what makes you unique. Embed a short video in your overview to put your story front and center, and touch on the services your agency offers, the size of your team, your primary skills, and the types of projects you tackle. Keep it short and digestible, and use bullet points to hit the high points.

3. Services

Your agency’s services are now richer and easier for clients to scan. In this section, you can add up to 10 of your primary services and link each to related items in your portfolio. You also have the ability to summarize multiple, related services under one category-specific service. This allows you to better explain the unique skills and talent you use to tackle projects in each category.

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Portfolios are one of the best ways to demonstrate your agency’s skills and experience. Share a range of your best, latest projects. Provide context, too, such as information about the client’s request, any challenges you overcame, the services your team contributed, and measurable outcomes of the project.

Work in a non-visual field? Include text-based work samples such as writing examples, or even case studies showcasing the measurable outcomes of your project work.

In the new agency profile format, you can link to relevant portfolio items right from your services section, so clients can easily hone in on the projects you’ve done that are relevant to what they’re looking for.

5. Get Detailed!

The new agency profile design has clear call-outs and sidebar where you can include details clients want to know—including things like

  • Office locations—a location nearby may allow for in-person meetings
  • Your minimum project size—to give clients an idea if you typically take on projects within their budget
  • Your agency’s size—which can demonstrate your potential to scale and expand capacity if they have bigger projects down the line
  • Your client focus—including the types of companies you work with
  • Awards and certifications


Every agency business manager and agency member has their own profile. These profiles focus on the skills and expertise of the specific member—not the agency as a whole.

If you are an agency owner or agency member, be sure to craft your own profile to focus on what you as an individual can offer. Have a few areas of expertise? Consider creating a tailored specialized profile in addition to your general profile. This lets you tailor your title, summary, and portfolio to a specific set of skills you want to highlight.

Note: The agency owner may include information in their freelancer profile about capabilities of the agency as a whole, in addition to his/her own capabilities. But other agency members’ overviews should only include individual information, and not refer to the agency overall.

Ready to take your agency profile to the next level?

Your agency owner (or other agency members with admin privileges) can edit your agency’s profile. For ideas, read best practices for creating a great agency profile. Make the most of the new, updated agency profiles by updating your agency profile and enhance your individual profile here.

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