Embracing Creative Identity: A Culinary Guide for Kids

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What is
Upwork CoLab?

It’s a brand partnership program that pairs visionary brands with top independent talent to collaborate on high-value, innovative projects.

Brands get the unparalleled opportunity to assemble an independent team of talented people who are passionate about their industry, mission, and the challenge at hand.

Working with the best and brightest from the world’s work marketplace, brands tap into new ways of thinking, niche skill sets, and the kind of refreshing creativity needed to stay ahead in their industry — whether that’s through marketing, tech, or a range of other disciplines.

What is Upwork CoLab

In the Works

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Embracing Creative Identity:

A Culinary Guide for Kids

As an acclaimed chef, author, and host of TruTV’s Fast Foodies and Travel Channel’s 36 Hours, Kristen Kish seems to have it all. Yet it wasn’t until she embraced who she truly was, and found the freedom to express it, that her career really took off. Now Kristen is partnering with Upwork CoLab to bring these same tools of self-discovery to kids, empowering them to embrace their creative identity and bring all of who they are to the table.

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All project proceeds will go to WhatsintheMirror? in support of mental wellness for LGBTQIA+ communities of color.

What we look for in our brand partners

Upwork is on a mission to create economic opportunities so people have better lives. We want to partner with brands who share our vision of a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive world on initiatives that surprise, delight, and expand the way people think and interact with the world around them. If your brand has a clear goal that needs a fresh, inspired take from some of the most talented professionals the world has to offer, Upwork CoLab is for you.

Interested in partnering
with Upwork CoLab?

Email us at
colab@upwork.com today.


How is Upwork CoLab different from other projects on Upwork?

There are a couple of key differences between opportunities through the Upwork community and those available through Upwork CoLab.

Upwork CoLab projects are brought to you through a partnership between Upwork and a notable brand. In order to be considered for these opportunities, you must submit an application and agree to the terms specific to this program.

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When will more project opportunities be available?

New brand partnership project opportunities are available on a quarterly basis. Stay up-to-date by visiting this page and on Upwork’s social media channels for the latest news. 

Do you need to be on the Upwork platform as either a client or independent talent to participate? 

Although we encourage you to create a client or talent profile, you do not need an Upwork account to launch a brand partnership or apply to an Upwork CoLab project. 

Will Upwork CoLab offer partnership opportunities for an array of skills?

Yes! The world’s work marketplace includes top-tier talent with thousands of skills across 12 major categories. Brands can partner with us on any type of project, including those that require a large range of skill sets beyond design and creative.

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