15 Design Projects You Didn't Know You Could Do On Upwork

15 Design Projects You Didn't Know You Could Do On Upwork

Some of the biggest brands have tapped freelancers and agencies on Upwork to create the brand identities, ad campaigns, videos, and social media stories you’ve probably seen on TV, around the web, or even in your inbox. These organizations are drawn to the agility, speed, and dedicated support they can get with freelancers and specialized agencies—especially when it comes to experimenting with marketing and design.

These projects aren’t just logos and brochures—some are large-scale multichannel campaigns, award-winning apps, and interactive streaming platforms for chart-topping bands.

Here are a few design projects you might not know you can get done on Upwork.

[Complete brand package from freelance brand identity designer, Joao P.]

1. Shoot a TV commercial, on location, with actors—and an original score!

Put your brand front and center on TV or streaming services with a TV commercial for any budget, from cinematic commercials to short, clip-based ads.

2. Create illustrations and captions for Instagram.

A designer or illustrator can work up a series of original illustrations or images that will help your brand stand out in your users’ Instagram feeds.

3. Design a multimedia event experience.

Planning a big offline event? An agency can help design every aspect, from audio and visual experiences at the event to collateral like landing pages for registrations, signage, printed materials, and pre-event marketing.

4. Create a layout for a publication—like a newsletter, ebook, or a monthly magazine.

Want to start putting out a monthly publication of content? Freelancers or an agency can be like your own publishing house, designing a ready-to-print layout on time, every month.

[Real estate leasing brochure by freelance graphic designer, Tom R.]

5. Create a video of your offline event or new location.

Freelance videographers and agencies in your area can shoot and produce video on-site for a property or your next event. Showcase real estate listings or new locations with a polished, fully edited video. Or, get footage of an event you can use to promote future events.

6. Develop branded videos to introduce who you are and what you’re about.

Create a video that puts a face to your brand, tells your story, and showcases your products or services. A video editor or studio can handle production from beginning to end, establishing the art direction and storyboard, shooting live footage in multiple locations, and editing a polished finished product.

[Product teaser video by Seven Summits agency.]

7. Run a UX audit of your website or app.

A UX pro can conduct a full UX audit and analysis, then provide their findings and recommendations to improve your site—and your signups, sales and conversions. Whether you need to optimize it for mobile or streamline a registration process, a UX designer can deliver wireframes or a working prototype to get you started.

[Responsive mobile UI design by freelance web and UI/UX designer, Yaroslav K.]

8. Have custom icons or thumbnails designed for your website, mobile app, or podcast.

Create memorable icons that improve your site’s UX or represent your mobile app clearly on a mobile device screen. Have a podcast? Design a custom thumbnail for your channel.

9. Refresh your brand identity with an entirely new design system.

Start with a new brand strategy or refresh an existing one. A creative agency can brainstorm new messaging, update your logo, photography and identity system, and develop a new website with fresh content and design to help boost engagement or ramp up sales.

[Premium branding package by freelance graphic designer Luis de Sousa T.]

10. Create animated characters, or one-off animations to demonstrate how a product works.

Animations can be as simple as a 360 rotation of a 3D model or as complex as a character brought to life. An animator can work seamlessly with your web or graphic designer to deliver animated components that make your presence pop.

11. Design custom Snapchat filters or Instagram stickers for your brand, locations, or event.

Market yourself where your audience is: on social media. Clever Snapchat filters and animated gifs let customers promote your brand on their stories.

12. Get professional CAD drawings for a real estate, building, or remodeling project.

Need CAD drawings of a floorplan, blueprint, architectural project, or plumbing and electrical schematics? Professional CAD freelancers can work with you to bring your specs and dimensions to life. They can create accurate drafts in a format that’s easy to hand off to tradesmen or contractors or develop digital versions for your real estate website.

13. Design product labeling or product packaging.

Create custom packaging for your product based on your exact specs, ready for production.

[Commercial CAD drawing by freelance architect and CAD designer on Upwork, Dusan C.]

14. Produce a 3D animated TV commercial.

Get a commercial made to air on network television or streaming services with cutting-edge 3D modeling technology, animators to create 3D characters and visual effects, and musicians to compose original music, you’ll have a state of the art 3D commercial that’s ready to air.

15. Localize videos and other assets for other languages and countries.

Get localized versions of videos with translated voiceover and onscreen text, or a full recreation of a video with local talent sourcing (actors or voice talent) and location scouting.

Ready to get some awesome design work done? Browse freelance designers and design agencies on Upwork today.

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