10 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions in 2024

10 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions in 2024

Using ChatGPT Chrome extensions is an easy way to integrate ChatGPT into your Google Chrome browser. Rather than running ChatGPT in a dedicated tab, extensions allow you to access the AI chatbot from a convenient pop-up or sidebar.

Some extensions use OpenAI’s advanced language models to help users write emails or generate social media posts. Others are geared toward summarizing long articles or enabling users to talk to ChatGPT using audio commands.

How do you know which are best suited for you? We’ve rounded up some of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions worth considering.

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Top ChatGPT Chrome extensions

Plenty of extensions are available that can help you make the most of cutting-edge AI tools right from your browser. While finding the right ones to use will largely depend on your unique needs, we’ve assembled a collection to help you get started.

In this guide, we’ll explore the 10 most useful ChatGPT Chrome extensions you can add to your browser, how they’ll make your workflow easier, and how to get the most out of these tools.

Best ChatGPT Chrome extensions:

Engage AI

Engage AI

Engage AI is designed for use with LinkedIn. It helps users create relevant and insightful replies to LinkedIn posts. Its Second Brain feature, currently in beta for premium users, archives past comments for efficient recall and use. The extension also allows you to craft posts that align with your brand and tone guidelines.

Key features and benefits:

  • No restrictions on comment generations, even for the free version
  • Saves time by generating engaging responses designed to stand out over generic replies
  • Premium subscriptions include integrations with CRMs and APIs like HootSuite, HubSpot, and Zapier

Pricing: Engage AI is free up to 75 words. Paid plans start at $25 per month (with annual billing).

Best for: Professionals wanting help nurturing prospects or generating insightful comments on LinkedIn

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer allows you to use ChatGPT to write high-quality messages from any site. Enter a few details about what you want to write, click “generate response,” and ChatGPT Writer will take care of the rest. It can also summarize text and optimize grammar, tone, or phrasing.

This extension helps you save time when you need to draft a quick reply, which allows you to manage your communication while devoting more brain power to larger tasks.

Key features and benefits:

  • Unlimited usage, even for the free version
  • Elite version is powered by ChatGPT’s most advanced model, including a knowledge base through 2023
  • Supports all popular languages
  • Paid versions are extra privacy-friendly—your input data isn’t used for any other purposes, even quality assurance training

Pricing: ChatGPT Writer offers a free plan with unlimited usage. Paid plans start at $13.33 per month (with annual billing).

Best for: Users looking for an easier way to write emails



Merlin is an all-in-one AI extension that can answer complex questions, saving you the work of digging through different web results, reading lengthy articles, or sitting through a YouTube video. This extension has 12 built-in ChatGPT plug-ins to help streamline workflows.

You can use this extension to summarize YouTube videos and websites, create written and visual content, or enhance search engine results.

Key features and benefits:

  • Ask Merlin for a blog, webpage or YouTube summary by opening the handy sidebar
  • Can be used to write emails, social media posts, or content in a range of formats
  • Capable of image generation

Pricing: Merlin offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $15 per month (with annual billing).

Best for: Those who need an AI-powered assistant to handle a wide range of online tasks



Tired of typing? Promptheus makes it possible to use your voice to communicate with ChatGPT instead of typing. The extension will automatically convert your voice recording to text, which the AI chatbot will reply to as usual.

The developer has disclosed that all voice prompts are processed directly within the browser and only used for purposes necessary for the program’s functionality.

Key features and benefits:

  • Can enter voice-to-text commands directly into ChatGPT by holding down the space bar or custom key
  • Multi-language support options offer a choice of over 40 different languages
  • Allows the option to type some prompts and enter others as audio commands

Pricing: Promptheus is free and doesn’t offer any paid upgrade options.

Best for: Those who dislike or are unable to type



You’re not alone if you occasionally find yourself falling prey to information overload. Wiseone is an AI-powered reading and research copilot designed to offer a more efficient online experience. You can ask Wiseone to summarize the page’s content, cross-check it using reliable sources, answer questions, or explore similar content from other viewpoints.

Key features and benefits:  

  • Currently free to use with no upgrade options
  • Great for summarizing and fact-checking against other relevant web results
  • Answers questions without needing to navigate to another screen
  • Good for accessing a diverse range of perspectives

Pricing: Wiseone is currently free while it is in Beta test.

Best for: Readers looking for a way to enhance comprehension and examine topics from multiple perspectives



ReaderGPT can summarize any readable webpage. Create and save your own library of clickable prompts to request different summary formats. For example, you might create prompts like “Summarize the following article using bullet points'' or “Summarize this article in 50 words or less.”

Key features and benefits:

  • Saves time by instantly summarizing content on any readable webpage
  • Create and save a library of customizable, clickable prompts
  • Uses a pop-up window so there’s no need to navigate to a separate tab

Pricing: ReaderGPT is free to use and can be accessed by entering your ChatGPT login.

Best for: Readers who want to save time by creating concise summaries of any piece of content

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

AI Prompt Genius is an open-source tool designed to help you create and organize your own library of prompts using customizable tags and folders. The AI tool makes it easy to import, export, or sync your prompts across multiple devices. You can also discover new ideas with the prompt variables feature or interact with ChatGPT in any of the 12 supported languages.

Key features and benefits:

  • Create and easily navigate your own ChatGPT prompt library with tags and folders
  • Sync your prompts across multiple devices
  • Use custom keyboard shortcuts to access your prompts on demand

Pricing: AI Prompt Genius is free to use.

Best for: ChatGPT prompt creators in search of an easy way to save and organize their prompts for future use



WebChatGPT combines the power of AI and Google search results. When you enter a question into WebChatGPT, it will generate an answer complete with sources to relevant web results. Use it to perform live crawls and web searches, summarize web pages, or extract the text from any URL.

Key features and benefits:

  • Free to use for both regular and ChatGPT Plus users
  • Sources answers with relevant web links
  • Includes a library of hundreds of clickable prompts
  • Allows you to build your own customized prompt templates

Pricing: WebChatGPT is free to use.

Best for: Researchers in search of a more efficient approach to finding high-quality sources on search engines

Typebar (TweetGPT)


Typebar, formerly known as TweetGPT, uses GPT-4 and DALL-E to create social media posts, images, and replies. The browser extension can automatically analyze posts and images to create relevant replies, translate your posts into over 50 languages, and generate images based on your prompts.

Key features and benefits:

  • Free version includes access to all premium features
  • Generates context-aware posts and replies
  • Includes an image generator
  • Pro version works across four different social media platforms

Pricing: Typebar is free for up to 200 content generations per month, with paid plans starting at $9.99 per month (no annual billing).

Best for: Social media influencers or enthusiasts wanting to create AI-powered posts, replies, and images



FancyGPT allows you to customize your ChatGPT threads with a variety of stylish themes. You can also export ChatCPT conversations in multiple formats, such as markdown, PDF, and SVG path images. You can also choose which of ChatGPT’s responses to highlight, include, or exclude before sharing.

Key features and benefits:

  • Customize themes for ChatGPT threads
  • Export ChatGPT conversations in a variety of formats
  • Edit threads to highlight or exclude certain responses

Pricing: FancyGPT is free to use.

Best for: Professionals who use ChatGPT to create shareable documents for further analysis

Why use ChatGPT Chrome extensions?

The advantages of using ChatGPT Chrome extensions include:

  • Streamlined workflows. Chrome browser extensions integrate AI capabilities directly into your browser, making it more efficient to use platforms like Gmail, LinkedIn, and Google Docs. This integration means you have AI assistance for tasks like email drafting or content suggestions without leaving the webpage you’re working on.
  • Enhanced productivity. By automating routine tasks, such as generating email responses or creating document outlines, these extensions save significant time and reduce effort. This allows you to focus on more complex tasks, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Easy access to AI tools. You get access to advanced language processing capabilities, transforming the way you interact with text on the web, from simplifying language translation to generating creative content ideas and images.
  • Optimized experience on popular platforms. ChatGPT Chrome extensions are tailored to work with platforms like Gmail, LinkedIn, and Google Docs, enhancing your experience on these sites. They offer functionalities like smart reply suggestions, content personalization, and efficient information summarization, making everyday tasks more manageable and efficient.

How to install ChatGPT Chrome extensions

The right ChatGPT Chrome extensions can offer easy access to tools designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. To discover more extensions for your Chrome browser, visit the Chrome Web Store and navigate to its AI-powered extensions section.

Installation 1

As you browse through options, check both the number and quality of reviews for each extension. Remember that some users only leave reviews after having a great or terrible experience.

With that in mind, you may want to do a quick Google search to get a second opinion on any extensions that have mixed reviews. More importantly, check out the credentials of each extension’s developer to ensure they’re legit.

Installation 2

When you find an extension you like, click Add to Chrome in the upper-right-hand corner. At this point, many extensions will take you to a separate window that includes further instructions on how to make necessary adjustments in your Chrome browser settings.

Installation 3

If you experience any issues, navigate back to the extension’s Chrome store page where you’ll often find a link to the developer’s website right beneath the title.

Installation 4

To uninstall an extension, right-click on the icon to the right of your address bar. Choose Remove from Chrome.

Installation 5

If you don’t see the extension icon, select the vertical three dots that represent More, then Extensions, and then Manage Extensions.

Installation 6

You should see the extension on the My extensions page. Click Remove and then a confirmation box will appear.

Installation 7

Click Remove again.

Installation 8

Check the page for an FAQ section or contact form that allows you to reach out for troubleshooting advice.

Get help with ChatGPT on Upwork

More and more ChatGPT Chrome extensions are being developed to help everyday users harness the possibilities of artificial intelligence. But keeping up with the latest innovations of the rapidly evolving AI industry can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge.

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Upwork is an OpenAI partner, giving OpenAI customers and other businesses direct access to trusted expert independent professionals experienced in working with OpenAI technologies.

Upwork does not control, operate, or sponsor the other tools or services discussed in this article, which are only provided as potential options. Each reader and company should take the time to adequately analyze and determine the tools or services that would best fit their specific needs and situation.

Prices are current at the time of writing and may change over time based on each service’s offerings.


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