How to Ace Your Next Client Interview
Melanie Feltham
March 4, 2020
4 Min Read

How to Ace Your Next Client Interview

Long-distance client interviews have a unique dynamic: It’s your chance to convince the client you are the best business to partner with for their project, and you need to pitch yourself without being in the same room—via video, voice, or text.

How can you manage the remote interview? How do you convince a client they should choose you over the other service providers they are chatting with? According to Upwork’s Facebook community, the keys are professionalism and effective communication. Here are some great winning interview techniques, from other independent professionals, that can help.

“Timely responses communicate professionalism and create a sense of urgency. Set proper expectations and be concise with your communication unless asked to elaborate on something.”
— Tobz Gorospe
“The main points for interview success: Study the job description and research the needs of the client, list all the important matters that need to be discussed, dress up properly, and take down notes during the interview.”
— Lex Iñosa
“Provide solid solutions at the interview itself. This means you need to have an overview of the project even before the interview and think of ways on how to improve it. Analyze it beforehand so you will show to the client how well you are adept at handling projects of the kind he is giving. Also if he gives you an overview of the project at the interview itself, ASK QUESTIONS. This shows enthusiasm to implement the project successfully and gives you better knowledge on the project itself. These methods build trust and demonstrate that you know what you are talking about, and that you have a mastery of your field.”
— John Ernest Guadalupe
“Points to prepare for an interview: Study the job, particularly the qualifications required. Prepare a point for each qualification that you have experience with, and an impressive thought for those that you are not yet experienced. Make sure you have CONFIDENCE (since we work online, confidence is heard in our voice so it’s important that you’re prepared), ENTHUSIASM (an attitude showing you want the job by asking questions about the job–it gives employers the feeling that you’re easy to work with at the same time very interested with the position), and FLEXIBILITY (clients love to work with [multi-talented] freelancers). Good luck!”
— Klarissa Castillo
“I make it clear to clients that they are making the best decision hiring me because of my attitude. My skills are just a bonus. There’s very tight competition for a single job post, imagine everyone having the same skills, and there even might be better skilled ones out there. But, at the end, the person with the ‘right attitude’ will stand out.”
— Kristine Alexis William

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