The Top 10 Elementor Themes for Easy WordPress Sites

The Top 10 Elementor Themes for Easy WordPress Sites

WordPress has simplified the web design process by cutting out the need to know programming to develop an efficient website. Thanks to drag-and-drop page builders like Elementor, anybody can build a website and landing page from scratch without writing a line of code.

Elementor WordPress themes are files that help you customize your site's interface. Each theme adds a preset layout, color, spacing, and typography, allowing you to build on those foundations to suit your tastes. Over 1,000 themes are available, some standing out for their SEO optimization, layout, and ease of use. This article discusses some of the best Elementor themes for your WordPress website.

1. Marketo


XpressStudio created Marketo to help build professional and responsive websites that are adaptable to various screens, including tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops. The theme has a number of features and page templates that allow you to customize your site to suit your needs. The various templates make it suitable for e-commerce websites.


  • Optimized to allow faster load speeds
  • Numerous customizable templates and elements for the homepage, menu, header, and footer elements
  • Six months of free support with an option to extend by another six months for $17.63
  • Compatible with Elementor, Elementor Pro, and Bootstrap 4


The Marketo theme costs $59 per year.

2. Astra


Astra is a popular WordPress theme with over 230 ready-to-import templates used by over 1.6 million websites. The theme is optimized for speed and loads within 0.5 seconds. In addition, it contains a large library of pre-built website demos and layouts, allowing you to customize your website without coding. Astra's compatibility with Elementor 2.0 allows you to customize your website header, sidebar, and footer from the page builder. Some of these elements include the date box, which displays the time of publishing each article, the pagination of adding pages, and related post elements for recommendations.


  • Built with Vanilla JavaScript, this is a lightweight front-end development framework
  • Integrates with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Comes with extensive blog layouts and elements for designing unique blog sites


  • Astra basic plan. The basic Astra plan comes with the theme at initial download. The package is free to use, but the free version comes with limited features.
  • Astra pro. The Astro pro package delivers numerous styling options that are unavailable in the basic plan. The plan costs $49 per year.
  • Essential bundle. The essential bundle includes more features and add-ons for WordPress customizers, like beaver builder and Elementor. The package costs $169 per year.
  • Growth plan. The growth plan provides the most advanced features, adding features like Convert Pro plug-in, Schema Pro plug-in, SkillJet Academy membership, and access to future products. The plan costs $249 per year.

3. Neve


The Neve theme is built with Vanilla JavaScript, giving it a light weight—about 200kb—at fresh install. Although every WordPress theme seems to focus on responsiveness, Neve goes beyond by rendering webpages as Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs).

With this support for Google AMP, Neve websites can load faster, optimize better for search engines, and boost the general user experience. The theme also lets you use Adobe Typekit fonts directly on the page. Bloggers or independent developers can also access high-end design fonts thanks to Neve’s ability to accept Adobe Typekit fonts directly on a page. Neve provides WooCommerce integrations, making it a great choice for online stores.


  • Built-in tools that enable customizing backgrounds and mega menus without adding extra WordPress plug-ins
  • The theme integrates with several website customizers like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and SiteOrigin
  • Neve provides an optimized source code for better search engine ranking


  • Neve basic. The basic Neve plan is free and open for download but offers limited features.
  • Personal plan. Neve’s personal plan costs $69 per year and contains more advanced features, like allowing multiple and transparent headers, animations, and extra widgets for Elementor.
  • Business plan. With the business plan, you get a more sophisticated e-commerce experience by allowing features like WooCommerce booster, product comparison, add-to-cart, reviews, and business hour blocks. The theme costs $149 per year.
  • Agency plan. Neve’s agency plan builds on the previous package and offers live chat, Neve Cloud, and module documentation, allowing you to hide the theme name. The plan costs $259 per year.

4. Sydney


The Sydney Elementor theme features a clean, minimal design that’s excellent for businesses and personal websites. Only 47kb in size, the theme shows an impressive load speed of 495 microseconds. When not using Elementor, Sydney allows you to customize designs with the WordPress default page builder. The theme also provides the parallax background effect and Google fonts support to improve the user experience. The Sydney Elementor theme is also translation-ready and comes with RTL support.


  • Parallax effect also boosts the scrolling experience, making the design appear three-dimensional
  • Extra Elementor widgets like sliders, testimonies, and an employee carousel to improve website functionality
  • Integration with Google AMP support, learning management systems, and PolyLang makes your website accessible in multiple languages


  • Personal. The personal plan costs $69 per year and allows you to build and manage one website per account.
  • Professional. Sydney’s professional plan costs $99 per year and allows you to build and manage five accounts per account.
  • Agency plan. The agency plan lets users build an unlimited number of websites for $199 per year.

5. Zakra


Zakra provides over 80 interactive pre-built templates for Elementor. With Zakra, you can make your website accessible in diverse languages and further optimize right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. The library has pre-built Elementor templates that you can import into your WordPress site with just a few clicks. Zakra also provides extensive documentation, text, and video tutorials for using the theme.


  • Extensive support available via email and a Facebook discussion forum
  • Functionalities that boost your website’s visibility, including HTML tags and responsive template designs
  • Adjust your website’s appearance by adjusting the CSS codes


  • Basic plan. The basic plan allows users to download and use the Zakra theme for free. The package offers free website design templates, yearly updates, and license to one website.
  • Personal plan. The personal plan offers premium support, more blog layouts, and customizer settings. The package costs $48.30 per year.
  • Personal plus. Subscribing to Zakra’s personal plus package gives you access to the personal plan features, extra premium starter demos, two additional site licenses, and several customizable widgets. The plan costs $62.30 per year.
  • Professional plan. The professional plan includes 10 site licenses and all of the other features available in the preceding plans. The plan costs $202.30 per year.

6. Hestia


Hestia is another WordPress theme from Themeisle, the makers of Neve. With Neve, the focus tilted toward producing fast and responsive website designs. However, Hestia leans toward producing high-end designs with modern, stylish appeal—still keeping the responsiveness.

With Hestia, you’re free to customize every part of your design, especially with the live customizer that lets you see real-time changes. Choose from various pre-built layouts or create a custom layout. You also have access to a wide range of powerful plug-ins, such as the Slider Revolution and Popup plug-ins, which allow you to create stunning slideshows.


  • Contains a built-in appointment scheduling system and a mega menu to accommodate your sub-menu content
  • Offers various widgets, such as a contact form and contact information
  • Integration with Gutenberg allows you to fully customize Hestia themes


  • Personal plan. With the personal plan, subscribers get an extended header and footer builder, WooCommerce features, and site support. The package costs $69 per year.
  • Business plan. The business package builds on the personal plan and provides extra features, including access to premium starter sites, extended blog settings, and support for three sites. It costs $99 per year.
  • Agency plan. Subscribing to this plan allows you to build and manage unlimited sites and receive constant updates and support through email and live chat. You can get the Hestia agency plan at $299 per year.

7. Phlox


The Phlox WordPress theme provides over 190 ready-to-use template designs for various websites, allowing you to install and begin customizing your website in one click. The template provides the bakery-page builder for free but allows you to use Elementor, expanding its functionalities. And if you want more online store features, you can add the WooCommerce Elementor plug-in.


  • Integration with the WordPress multilingual plug-in (WPML) to translate web pages into diverse languages
  • Improves page speed by using the advanced image preloading technique
  • Allows you to create animation layers and post sliders and customize your codes with CSS editors
  • Lets you preview the website live as you make changes
  • Customizable header and footer layouts with options to include visual effects for a more stylish design


  • Phlox basic plan. Phlox provides access to the basic plan for free.
  • Pro version. The pro version costs $39 per year. With Phlox pro, users can access more plug-ins and premium customization widgets.

8. OceanWP


OceanWP is an SEO-friendly theme builder that provides fully extensive customization options to users, from page title styling to social menu button integration and multiple logo options. OceanWP provides pagination styles, blog entry layouts, metadata elements, and several other customization options, making it suitable for designing blog sites.


  • Displays breadcrumbs, adjustable heading tags, and multiple page titles to help improve your SEO ranking
  • Extensive tools to customize your website
  • Comprehensive library for WooCommerce and WooElementor elements
  • Add-ons like Social Sharing for integrating your social media, Ocean Extra for customizing your blog pages, and Post Sliders for displaying your latest posts


  • Personal package. The plan offers 14 premium extensions, 210 pro demos, and an Elementor Sections library, and allows you to create up to three websites with a single account. The OceanWP personal plan costs $38 per year.
  • Business package. In addition to the personal package, this package offers premium customer support, exclusive webinars and support groups, and direct import from Freepik and Flaticon. The business plan lets you build up to six websites with a single account. The bundle costs $53 per year.
  • Agency plan. Subscribing to the agency plan gives access to dedicated partners' slack channels, featured newsletters, and OceanWP premium customer support. You can create up to 50 sites with a single agency plan account. The plan costs $79 per year.

9. Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is pre-styled to help you build a premium website quickly. The theme has a free version that also comes with premium WordPress hosting. In addition, you get themes, plug-ins, and Gutenberg block editor to build optimized, mobile-responsive, and user-friendly WordPress e-commerce websites. Genesis Pro provides access to premium themes and more customizable options and allows you to use the plug-in on unlimited websites.


  • Features a unique block editor for customizing every section of your website and previewing the changes in real time
  • Seamlessly upload your brand logo to your web pages
  • Integrates with numerous third-party apps and plug-ins, like Genesis Custom Blocks


  • Genesis Framework basic plan. Subscribers can access basic features like e-commerce integration, customizable logo, and theme customizers. The plan is free and only requires you to install the theme to start using it.
  • Genesis Pro. The pro package offers premium theme templates alongside several extended features you don’t get in the free plan. Genesis pro costs $360 per year and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

10. GeneratePress

Generate Press

GeneratePress measures about 28kb in size after a fresh install, improving page speed that’s optimized for SEO. The theme provides numerous templates to optimize your website design to various niches. And when you run into challenges, GeneratePress has an extensive support team that can answer your queries the same day you submit them. The theme is available in over 20 languages.


  • Integrates seamlessly with various plug-ins and page builders, like Elementor and WooCommerce
  • Integrating various plug-ins allows you to include multiple features on the website, including custom postcards, meta templates, and site footers
  • Sticky navigation, advanced layout system, and infinite scroll feature to increase user experience on the website


  • GeneratePress basic plan. The package is free to use. Users can enjoy features like access to support and language optimization.
  • Subscription model. The subscription payment modal requires you to renew access by paying a fee every year. The subscription cost is $59 per year.
  • One-time payment option. This payment plan costs $249 and includes full lifetime access to GeneratePress features and updates.

Hire an Elementor expert or work as one yourself

While Elementor themes enable you to build responsive websites from scratch without writing a line of code, you shouldn’t just choose any theme to build your website. You must consider several factors—like the freedom to customize, available integrations, website speed, and quality of available support—before choosing a theme. Considering those factors will help you avoid common WordPress mistakes.

As an independent professional, finding work is the next step after learning to build WordPress websites. Upwork hosts numerous opportunities for independent WordPress developers, including new Elementor experts and those with years of experience. Just build a strong profile and a winning proposal to land jobs. Visit Upwork to find various available Elementor projects.

Upwork is not affiliated with and does not sponsor or endorse any of the tools or services discussed in this article. These tools and services are provided only as potential options, and each reader and company should take the time needed to adequately analyze and determine the tools or services that would best fit their specific needs and situation.


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