Technical Recruiters: What They Do and How They Work

Technical Recruiters: What They Do and How They Work

One of the most challenging things for any organization is staffing and maintaining a strong workforce. No matter what field you work in, recruitment is key to your company’s success.

The tech industry, in particular, has unique challenges, with highly specialized jobs and industry-specific jargon. Given these obstacles, many tech companies employ a technical recruiter’s services to help with their hiring operations and onboarding of top talent. Technical recruiters are specialists with a unique skill set that makes the process more efficient, streamlined, and productive.

This article explains what you need to know about technical recruiters and how you can hire the right professional for your company.

What is a technical recruiter?

A technical recruiter is a human resources (HR) professional whose responsibility is to source, screen, organize interview processes, and extend offers to qualified candidates for technical roles, such as software engineering, data analysis, and technical writing.

A tech recruiter must have an in-depth understanding of information technology (IT) and human resources management. Some of the main responsibilities of a technical recruiter include:

  • Creating recruiting strategies. The recruitment sector is a dynamic space that is always evolving. A comprehensive strategy is essential for sorting through prospective applicants and referrals. A technical recruiter spends a good deal of time mapping out the best methods to hire top tech talent. They need a systematic approach to filtering prospects, identifying talent, and interviewing them.
  • Searching for potential candidates on specialized platforms and technical organizations. Candidates can come from various backgrounds. Social media platforms like LinkedIn have increasingly become many recruiters’ preferred tools. Specialized platforms can also help technical recruiters find suitable candidates. For example, FieldEngineer is an online marketplace that helps technical recruiters connect companies with engineers on demand. Other popular websites like HiringSolved and Hired also help technical recruiters source candidates.
  • Creating job descriptions. Technical recruiters play an important role in writing job descriptions. Technical recruiters need excellent communication abilities, and writing skills are an essential part of this. They require extensive knowledge in the technical field and an ability to collaborate with other members of the HR department.
  • Assessing applicants for job offers. Shortlisting and assessing applicants is an important part of a technical recruiter’s job. They identify applicants who are qualified enough to present to a hiring manager. To do this, technical recruiters require communication skills, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, and patience.
  • Coordinating with IT to provide solutions for their personnel needs. Technical recruiters must work with other departments in an organization, especially the IT department. Technical recruiters work closely with IT professionals to find the right personnel with the best skills and relevant experience.
  • Interviewing and pre-selecting candidates. Interviewing candidates, assessing their aptitude for technical roles, and presenting them to the company are all part of the job of a technical recruiter. Technical recruiters identify the best candidates and shortlist them for suitable roles within the organization.

How to find a technical recruiter

Technical recruiters can be a great asset for your company, but where can you find one? More importantly, where can you find the right technical recruiter for your company?

A great way to find an expert technical recruiter is through Upwork, the world’s work marketplace for outsourcing creative and technical talent. Upwork lets you search for independent professionals in virtually any industry and hire the best of the best to take your company to the next level.

Project Catalog™ can connect you with skilled technical recruiters with the right experience. These recruiters understand your company’s vision and know how to find the right talent.

Key skills for a technical recruiter

A technical recruiter is responsible for sourcing the right candidates for companies across industries. To do this, a technical recruiter must have a diverse, yet specialized skill set.

  • Proficiency with ATS software. Going through hundreds of applications every day can become stressful and tiring for a technical recruiter. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help a technical recruiter sort through applications quickly and efficiently by filtering out the best candidates based on preset criteria such as years of experience. A good technical recruiter will have the technical knowledge of using various ATS software.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office. Technical recruiters must have excellent written communication skills. Writing job descriptions, recruitment strategies, offer letters, and presentations is part of a technical recruiter’s role. Proficiency with software like Microsoft Office is a skill all technical recruiters should have.
  • Organizational skills. Technical recruiters are responsible for creating structure and order among the wave of applications they receive daily. A good technical recruiter will have the organizational skills to prioritize tasks and delegate effectively so the recruitment process progresses smoothly.
  • Critical thinking. Technical recruiters need to go through hundreds of applications every week. They should have the ability to examine all information rationally and make unbiased decisions based on their ability to think critically.
  • Knowledge of the technical industry. Having an in-depth understanding of the technology industry is essential for any technical recruiter. Candidates can come from all kinds of backgrounds, and it’s a technical recruiter’s job to know the difference between applicants, their skills and qualifications, and how well they would fit in an organization.

If you’re looking for a technical recruiter with some of these key skills, consider exploring Upwork. Our platform is home to the best technical recruiters with the skills you need for your next job.

Frequently asked questions about the technical recruiter role

The next few sections answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to technical recruiters.

What is the salary of a technical recruiter?

The median technical recruiter salary in the United States is around $58,000. The highest-paid technical recruiters make around $81,000 per year, while lower salaries are about $40,000 per year.

Is being a technical recruiter a good job?

A career as a technical recruiter offers excellent opportunities for growth and the possibility of a significant pay raise with each promotion. Working as a technical recruiter allows for strong networking prospects and the ability to develop long-term relationships with many professionals in the same industry.

If you enjoy networking and building relationships, you should consider a job posting as a technical recruiter. However, this is a role you should commit to for at least three to five years. In your initial years, you’ll learn the role and requirements. But as you progress in your career, you’ll start to build relationships and have an extensive network of contacts.

As a technical recruiter, you’ll be expected to interact with many potential candidates each day. Having hard and soft skills might help you edge ahead of the competition. While you’ll need to stay informed about the tech industry, a little enthusiasm and positivity go a long way.

What challenges does a technical recruiter face?

Finding candidates for technical roles can be challenging due to the demand-supply gap in the technical industries. The clients you deal with will expect you to understand their business and roles. It’s a fast-paced industry where you need to adapt and learn quickly.

Technical recruiter vs. general recruiter

Technical recruiters are best suited to hire for technical roles, as they know the industry and have the skills required to judge candidates, whereas general recruiters might be a better fit for non-technical roles.

A technical recruiter is likely to be fluent in the language of developers, programmers, and engineers and the industry, position, and terminology associated with them. General recruiters are more qualified across a range of industries.

How a technical recruiter can help your company

Hiring a technical recruiter can benefit your company in a number of ways.

  • Access a far-reaching network. If you hire a technical recruiter, you’ll have access to a vast network of contacts. Their full-time job is to make connections, so working with a recruiter gives you a significant edge in this area.
  • Get hiring advice. Technical recruiters have in-depth expertise in their field. In fact, they’re often referred to as the eyes and ears of their particular niche. Technical recruiters are aware of roles that other companies are hiring for and the salaries they’re offering.
  • Keep the best candidates. Working with a technical recruiter reduces the risk of losing top candidates. They have the skills and experience to persuade applicants to join your company. Technical recruiters also expedite the recruiting process, ensuring that the best applicant doesn’t slip through your fingers.

Find the best technical recruiters

Your company’s workforce directly impacts the success of your business. A good talent acquisition strategy can lead to positive results in the long run and help your company and its workers grow.

Upwork is the best place to find skilled technical recruiters that fit your company’s long-term vision. Get in touch with one of these independent technical recruiters and collaborate with them to develop a recruitment strategy to fill your technical positions.


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