Writing an Awesome Job Post

Writing an Awesome Job Post

A thorough and detailed job post, which shows a well-researched understanding of your needs, makes your project more compelling for top-notch professionals.

Just as remote talent obsesses about getting their proposals “just right,” an effective job post takes care and attention. It doesn’t just set out your needs, it also creates a first impression of your organization.

Here are several examples that illustrate best practices for job posts.

Example #1

AngularJS and Kendo UI developer

Looking for an experienced developer for a 3–6-month project. You will work with a team of international experts for this project. This contract includes multiple sub-projects. Must be experienced with Javascript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Kendo UI. Please note we are creating a Rich Internet Application, not a website/blog/etc. We have specifications available for applicants to review upon request.

Required Experience

  • Experience creating localized (many languages) interfaces with AngularJS and Kendo is preferred
  • UI, UX, interactivity design experience a huge plus
  • Graphics design experience a plus but not required for this project
  • Experience in making architectural recommendations (wireframes will be provided)
  • Prior experience with Scrum is a plus
  • JIRA knowledge is a plus
  • Prior experience with continuous integration is a plus
  • Experience with GIT source control

The UX goal of our project is to take a highly technical and difficult topic and translate that into a beautiful, intuitive, and functional interface.

To be a best fit for this project you need:

  • Ability to communicate clearly
  • Dedication to meet project deadlines in a timely manner
  • Knowledge of Smart Commits for our ticketing systems
  • Write “I am a human” at the top of your proposal
  • Attention to details
  • Willingness to sign an NDA

If you are interested in this project, please reply with your prior experience.

What works? This post includes:

  • A clear, specific project title
  • Thorough project overview with a challenge to be solved
  • A detailed list of qualifications
  • The desired skill level
  • Information for those who want to review project details and specs

Example #2

Banners needed – looking for modern look, 100% CSS based

I am looking to get a theme set (see below) done, and if my team likes it, we will consider you for future theme set projects.

What we are doing:

We are developing a series of personalized banners. These will be used by eCommerce sites. An example would be when a user visits a website, they will see a banner that has his or her name and welcomes him or her to the content in that page, or promotes a product to the user.

  • You will develop a theme set of banners in the sizes specified below:
  • 450 (can expand) x 100 entry message banner size
  • 700 x 350 exit message banner size
  • 728 x 90 web banner
  • 300 x 300 web banner

As I mentioned, this project is for 1 banner and if the team likes it, we will prioritize you for a project to develop 10 additional banners. I’ve attached a theme set idea (see sample files) we came up with internally. However, ours don’t look clean and modern, and we need your graphics expertise to make them look amazing.

The banners all need to be HTML CSS based, so plan your design work around this. I want to catch the eye of the user when they enter a webpage.

To submit a proposal for this project, please send a cover letter with an overview of your design philosophy and why this particular project sounds interesting to you. I am located in the USA and am online from 9 am until 11 pm PST.

What works? This post includes:

  • Clear objectives and descriptive examples
  • Helpful links and references to explain the desired style
  • Specific skills and desired design style
  • Concrete timelines and specifications for deliverables
  • A specific question for talent to respond to in their proposal

Example #3

Need help developing a PowerPoint presentation for a family reunion

I am a PPT novice. I need someone to help me develop a PowerPoint presentation for a family reunion.  I need the presentation to be very entertaining, complete with music. The presentation will be presented on a projector in front of 150 people.

I will need to verbally describe my ideas to you, so you must have good communication skills in English and be OK with some ambiguity at the beginning of the project.

Final deliverables:

  • Presentation deck (in Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Any supplemental materials included in a zip file

Please note that I have a hard deadline of April 22.

What works? This post includes:

  • A clear project title
  • A concise description of the work
  • A description of required skills and other project needs

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Writing an Awesome Job Post
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