Would you rather spend two hours idling in traffic to get to and from work…or complete your projects from whatever corner of the world you’re exploring that month? If you could break free of the grievances traditionally associated with a nine-to-five job, but still maintain gainful employment, would you do it?

Until recently, these questions seemed rhetorical. However, with the advent of new technology and increasing Internet access, a rising percentage of the workforce is realizing that this type of career is more than possible. These digital nomads are no longer confined by geographic location or the need for a traditional office space—instead they use the collaboration tools at their fingertips to communicate with their employers from almost any remote corner of the globe.

In his recent Inc. column, oDesk VP of International Matt Cooper writes about his own experience spending 25 percent of his workdays on the road while staying actively connected with the office. He argues that the digital nomad lifestyle is beneficial not only for the employee, but also for the bottom line of the company:

“Helping people live the lives they want will make them grateful, but to be honest, it’s simply good business. People fulfilled in their careers tend to be stronger performers. Another finding from our survey was that of professionals who became digital nomads, 79 percent were more productive, compared with those who felt 9 percent less productive and the 13 percent who said there was no change in their productivity.”

Read the rest of Matt’s thoughts on this change here!

Photo by Nate Kat on Flickr