Digital Nomads
September 2, 2014 by Amy Sept

Digital Nomad Playbook (cover)If you long to escape your desk job for a business that allows you to travel the world, you’re not alone.

There’s a new breed of professionals who’ve merged their bucket lists and careers into a mobile way of life: we call them Digital Nomads.

Leaving a 9-to-5 job for the freedom to work anytime and anywhere may seem like living the dream — but it’s also an intimidating leap of faith.

Where do you start, and what do you do next?

Find out in the Digital Nomad Playbook, a free guide from Elance-oDesk.

Dan Andrews of the Tropical MBA blog has been there and done that; he’s been traveling since 2008 (and recently crossed paths with oDesk blog contributors Sondra and Jeremy in Bali).

Partnering with Elance-oDesk, he and the editor of Tropical MBA, Alex McQuade, wrote the “Digital Nomad Playbook: Launch Your Business from Anywhere in 30 Short Days.”

Becoming a Digital Nomad is life changing, and the playbook is loaded with resources and recommendations that can help you move from cubicle to cabana. It’s a four-week plan to untether your life by learning about yourself and turning your skills into a sustainable business.

In the Digital Nomad Playbook, Dan and Alex explain:

  • how to find your lifestyle baseline, from getting your finances organized to choosing a place to start your new journey
  • what to pack and where to start
  • how to build a team to support your business — and why you need one
  • how to connect with other experienced Digital Nomads

Becoming a Digital Nomad can help you achieve both your personal and professional goals. You don’t need a traditional job to succeed — you just need to identify the things that matter to you, then lead your life in that direction. Click here to start your journey!

How has being a Digital Nomad changed your life? If you have a story to share, or a question to ask, share it in the comments section below. Happy travels!

Amy Sept

Managing Editor

As the managing editor of the Upwork blog, Amy Sept works with regular and guest writers to share information that helps freelancers and businesses navigate the future of work. A writer and social media pro, she owns Nimbyist Communications and often works remotely with non-profits, tech companies, and small business owners.