How to Hire a Freelancer in 5 Simple Steps

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Would you like help on your projects, but you’re not sure how to start? Follow this quick-start guide and you’ll be getting more work done with skilled freelancers in no time.

Step 1—Sign Up

If you haven’t already, sign up to be a client on Upwork.

Remember, your profile’s as much of an ad to attract freelancers as their profiles are designed to attract you. So create a good profile—and don’t be afraid to toss some humor into it if that’s your personality.


Do you know what work you need done?

If yes, then post your job. For tips, check out

If no, then get a jump start with these quick reads

How to write a job post

How to price a project

Step 3—Review Proposals

Once you post a job, Upwork’s system often gives you a head start by sending a shortlist of possible freelancers. We use data science to highlight talent based on their skills and your job post. You can invite these freelancers to submit a proposal and search for other freelancers too.

Watch: Client tips on finding excellent freelancers on Upwork

After reviewing all your submissions, invite the finalists to interview.

Step 4—Interview

For sample interview questions, and answers to look for, be sure to check out the hiring guides. You’ll also get tips on how to identify—and hire—the ideal freelancer.

See a list of interview questions by job description here.

Many companies use video interviews in their hiring process to gain a better sense of the freelancer. Especially since it may be the only time you’ll ever “meet” the remote worker. For tips, check out these 9 tips for conducting video interviews like a pro. During the interview, keep in mind the 4 traits to look for when hiring remote workers.


After you select the winning freelancer, simply click “hire” on their proposal and create the contract offer. That’s it! They’re ready to start working.

For ultimate ease, you can share documents and communicate via Upwork. And securely pay the freelancer with one click of your mouse.

If working with freelancers is new, you may want to check out: The Right Way to Delegate and Get Awesome Results.

Remember, we’ve always got your back. You can find detailed answers to any questions via our support center. And check out the Hiring Headquarters for more tips on growing your business with freelance help.

Upwork is a freelancing website where businesses of all sizes can find talented professionals across multiple disciplines and categories. If you are a business and are looking to get projects done, consider signing up!

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