What Is AIPRM? How To Use the ChatGPT Chrome Extension

What Is AIPRM? How To Use the ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can perform a variety of tasks, such as answering questions, retrieving information, and providing explanations in a conversational way. But for these AI-powered platforms to produce desired outputs, they need clear and concise prompts.

However, creating good prompts that return relevant AI results can be challenging. Sometimes, you can be hit by a creative block, making it hard to compose prompts that truly address your needs. Other times, you may use overly technical language or fill your prompt with so much fluff that AI struggles to interpret your request, leading to results that are less than optimal.

AIPRM simplifies the prompt creation process by providing different prompts you can customize and tailor for your needs. Whether you specialize in SEO, copywriting, social media marketing, or other fields, you can access prompts and edit them to fit your use case.

Keep reading to discover what AIPRM is and how to use it to enhance your ChatGPT workflow.

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What is AIPRM?

AIPRM is a prompt management library that helps users improve the output from AI-powered platforms like ChatGPT. It features hundreds of curated prompts, from fields like customer support and sales and marketing, that users can personalize for their needs.

With different style and tone options supported, users can experiment with different voices and find those that match their brand. You can also create your prompts and store them on AIPRM for future use.

ChatGPT is powered by GPT (generative pretrained transformer) models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. These large language models have been trained on vast amounts of data, allowing them to analyze user inputs and generate relevant responses.

AIPRM’s connection to ChatGPT is evident when it comes to prompt engineering. AIPRM optimizes prompts, helping ChatGPT process them effectively and produce relevant and meaningful content.

Additionally, AIPRM has a live crawling feature, which searches for updated information online. And since ChatGPT doesn’t use real-time data for training, AIPRM’s live crawling functionality can yield more relevant responses.

How to use AIPRM

AIPRM serves as a digital store, allowing you to access different prompts directly in ChatGPT. The available prompts are in categories like search engine optimization, software development, and product design. As a result, you can easily search, filter results, and find the right prompts that suit your needs.

AI chatbots like ChatGPT are built on complex technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning models. But despite these advanced underlying technologies, the user must submit detailed prompt descriptions to get desirable outputs. AIPRM improves the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated responses by providing premade customizable templates.

Without further ado, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the AIPRM browser extension in ChatGPT.

Setting up AIPRM

1. AIPRM comes as an extension that you can install on your Chrome web browser. To get started, navigate to the Chrome web store to find the AIPRM plugin. You should see the following home page.

Setting up AIPRM

2. Press the blue Add to Chrome button to install the extension on your browser.

Setting up AIPRM 2

3. Once you click the Add to Chrome button, you should see the following popup on your screen. Press Add extension to proceed.

Setting up AIPRM 3

4. You’ll be automatically directed to the ChatGPT homepage.. You should see the following popup requesting you connect OpenAI and AIPRM accounts. Press Continue to proceed.

Setting up AIPRM 4

5. Next, you’ll be directed to the AIPRM website to sign up or log in (if you already have an account).

Setting up AIPRM 5

6. If you don’t have an AIPRM account, you can easily create one using your Google account. If you already have an account, you should be logged in automatically, as shown below.

Setting up AIPRM 6

7. Next, scroll down the page and press Connect with OpenAI account at the bottom.

Setting up AIPRM 7

AIPRM will attempt to connect to ChatGPT. The above web page should update as follows if the connection is successful.

Setting up AIPRM 8

With that, you’ve successfully linked your AIPRM account to an OpenAI.

Using AIPRM in ChatGPT

Now that we’ve set up AIPRM let’s look at how to access different prompts and use them in ChatGPT.

1. When you navigate to ChatGPT, your home page should appear as follows—if AIPRM was successfully linked.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT

2. To proceed, press the thumbs up or thumbs down button to dismiss the green popup. You now have a much cleaner UI to work with.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 2

3. AIPRM’s verified prompts are found in the AIPRM tab (shown below). There are also publicly available prompts you can use or add your own. However, to use AIPRM’s verified prompts, you need a paid subscription plan. In this example, we will use community-generated prompts.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 3

4. Click the Public tab shown above to access different prompts contributed by other users.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 4

5. You can filter the prompts by topic, activity, votes, and model. In the illustration below, we are filtering other prompts and remaining with those relating to software development.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 5

Alternatively, you can search directly for your desired prompt, as demonstrated. But keep an open mind and be ready to use multiple search phrases, as AIPRM may miss out on certain prompts.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 6

6. If you find a suitable prompt, double-click on it to add it to ChatGPT. To generate beginner-friendly web content, chose a prompt with this description: “Discover the fundamentals of a specific technology or concept in web development through a simple and accessible explanation. Ideal for beginners, students, professionals, and anyone interested in coding, programming languages, software development, web design, front-end development, back-end development, full-stack development, and more.”

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 7

We added the prompt to ChatGPT by double-clicking on it, as shown below.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 8

For more information, click the highlighted link icon to access a details page.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 9

Below is a glimpse of the details page.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 8

7. Now that we’ve added our prompt to ChatGPT, let’s specify what we want. You must fill in specific bits of information to each prompt template to tailor it to your needs.

In this case, the prompt requires you to “Insert the technology or concept you want to understand in the [technology or concept] field. Suitable for inquiries about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks, libraries, databases, APIs, DevOps, and more.”

In our case, we will simply input “Docker.”

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 9

8. Go ahead and submit the prompt.

Using AIRPM in ChatGPT 10

ChatGPT will merge your input and the AIPRM prompt to generate a meaningful response.

Get inspired: AIPRM use cases

From helping small businesses to prompt management and customer support, AIPRM has diverse use cases due to its large collection of prompts. Here are some popular ways AIPRM is being used.


Effective search engine optimization (SEO) increases a website’s online visibility, which can translate to more traffic, sales, and leads. AIPRM contains different prompts to help you generate SEO-optimized articles and web content.

With these prompts, you can identify high-ranking keywords in your niche.

And if you’re a YouTuber, you can also find prompts for creating engaging YouTube titles, descriptions, and tags.

To illustrate, here are examples of prompts for creating SEO-optimized articles.


While AIPRM’s prompts are quite useful, you still need to perform more SEO research with specialized tools like Ahrefs or Surfer SEO to ensure the generated content, keywords, and overall SEO strategy will truly work.

Product descriptions

Well-written product descriptions highlight an item's value and help customers make purchasing decisions. Moreover, good product descriptions can increase your site’s visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs), allowing you to meet more potential clients.

With AIPRM, small businesses and e-commerce firms can save time and effort by leveraging premade prompts to produce detailed product descriptions. Business owners can then review and edit these product descriptions quickly to ensure they reflect their offerings.

Below are some community-generated prompts you can use to generate product descriptions on ChatGPT.

Product descriptions

Customer support

Effective customer support promotes brand loyalty and drives customer engagement and satisfaction. Providing timely and helpful responses to clients is always a nice starting point when engaging in customer service.

AIPRM provides numerous prompts you can use to enhance your customer experience. For instance, you can use premade prompts to quickly draft answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) using a consistent brand voice. Whether you’re in manufacturing, e-commerce, supply and distribution, or nearly any other industry, AIPRM’s prompts can be customized to fit your needs.

AIPRM has built-in multilingual support, allowing you to generate responses in English and other supported languages and share them with customers.

For example, this AIPRM prompt enables ChatGPT to respond, in a polite and friendly manner, to customers who are seeking refunds.

Customer support

Content creation

From creating article outlines to generating long-form posts, AIPRM provides prompts to help you with content creation. You can use these premade prompts to create drafts for blog posts and website copy that match your brand voice and writing styles.

AIPRM also provides prompts to assist you with content planning. For example, the following prompt allows you to generate a four-week content calendar that features long-tail keywords and appealing blog post titles.

Content creation 1

The prompt below allows you to rewrite an article in a different voice and style. All you have to do is to paste the original article alongside the prompt.

Content creation 2

Email marketing

Email marketing lets you communicate directly with your target audience and update clients about your products and services. You can also use emails to deliver personalized and tailored content, drive conversion and sales, and build strong client relationships.

By providing premade prompts, AIPRM can enhance your email marketing processes, enabling you to generate engaging subject lines and content.

For example, the following prompt allows ChatGPT to generate 35 email subject line ideas from the perspective of a marketing expert.

Email marketing

AIPRM prompts can also help you create effective email marketing campaigns and write persuasive sales emails to win clients.

Social media marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have hundreds of millions of active users, making them good avenues for marketing. The AIPRM prompt library lists the best prompts for generating engaging social media posts. Here are some that can enhance your social media marketing experience.

Social media marketing

Software development

AIPRM features a variety of prompts that can enhance your software development process. For example, the following prompt lets you generate project code by describing your idea. It supports programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, C++, Java, Kotlin, and TypeScript.

Software development

Some prompts allow ChatGPT to play the role of a coding tutor. In this position, it can answer different questions and explain complex concepts in simple and easy-to-understand language.

Software development 2

And if you’re having trouble with your database, AIPRM has community-generated prompts that can help. To illustrate, the following prompt allows ChatGPT to generate queries and necessary code to set up and manage different databases.

Software development 3

Custom prompts

Apart from the different community-generated ChatGPT prompts, AIPRM allows you to create and save your own. These private prompts help you maintain consistency in your messaging and overall communication. Such prompts enable ChatGPT to generate desired information quickly for reference purposes.

To add a private prompt, click the Own tab and the Add Private Prompt button.

Custom prompts

You should see the following popup window, where you can enter your prompt details and save them.

Custom prompts 2

Find expert prompt engineers

The AIPRM ChatGPT extension enables you to write detailed and descriptive prompts to get high-quality and relevant responses from ChatGPT. Such prompts also serve as a source of inspiration, allowing you to draft your own commands.

You can easily install the AIPRM extension on your Chrome web browser and directly access AIPRM inside ChatGPT. This prevents you from having to switch between different applications to access prompts.

As generative AI tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney become more and more useful, AIPRM will play an increasingly valuable role, helping users interact more easily with the underlying models and generate relevant responses. AIPRM’s intuitive and user-friendly interface enables experts and beginners to easily find the prompts they need in their workflow.

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