Best of Tip Tuesday: Interviews and Skills

Best of Tip Tuesday: Interviews and Skills

Every other Tuesday, we pose a question about freelancing to the Upwork Facebook community. These questions allow the community to share their knowledge about working and hiring on Upwork, as well as other tips on how to become better freelancers.

Here is part one of our favorite Tip Tuesday answers, featuring advice for getting interviews and keeping skills sharp.

Job interview strategies

Q: What are your strategies for turning a job invitation into an interview?

“Reply with promptness, personality and professionalism. I like looking at the original job posting to see its visibility. Invite-only jobs give me warm fuzzies: This client has probably applied filters and then filtered through the resulting contractors. I always begin my reply with thanks. And then I respond to the job posting and any requirements the client has specified. I answer and ask questions. I confirm that I am indeed qualified for the skill set required. These not only show interest, but my understanding of the job posting. And I keep the letter short. We’re all busy bees. Concise and catchy, that’s my motto.”
Joanna Paula Cailas
“Read the job instructions carefully, and comply to their requests (samples, links, etc.) Create a personalized cover letter highlighting your experience and skills needed. Ask 1-2 appropriate questions — it lets your potential client know that you are very interested. DON’TS: 1. Lie, for the sake of winning a contract. Your work output will surely speak for itself. 2. Make promises and sound desperate. 3. Accept an invitation that you obviously do not fit into.”
Daryl Serrano
Tips for reskilling

Q: What are your tips for keeping tour skills up-to-date?

“Subscribe to industry blogs for the latest trends and news in your field. There are also online webinars that provide more in-depth information and training opportunities. Keeping on top of industry news can be a good way to avoid being caught flat-footed in an interview when asked about an emerging trend.”
Roland Anjo Syfu
“1. Join forums and other community websites related to your field.
2. Try to help others. It’s a great way to learn new things as well!
3. Try to grow a reading habit. Read something everyday…blog, magazine or other reports.
4. Subscribe to the newsletter and RSS services of established websites.
5. Finally, practice what you have just learned.
6. Start a new portfolio project that you update whenever you learn new things.”
Saidur Rahman


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