8 Best GIF Creator Tools

8 Best GIF Creator Tools

GIF stands for graphical interchange format. The GIF was invented in 1987 as a way to animate images using the smallest possible file size. This medium consists of a series of images or soundless videos that loop continuously.

The popularity of GIFs exploded in 2013, and these short image files have continued to be a great way to communicate humor and share relatable emotions. GIFs are incredibly versatile and can be used in social media and email marketing to give your brand more personality and build a connection with your audience.

This guide will introduce you to the top GIF creator tools so you can make your own GIFs. We’ll also highlight their features and pricing plans so you can pick the right one for you. But first, let’s start with understanding the benefits of using GIFs.

Advantages of using GIFs

Even though GIFs were introduced over thirty years ago, it wasn’t until the social media and smartphone boom that they became widespread. Since users can share them on the go, GIFs are now a part of many people’s everyday communication, and brands can capitalize on their impact too.

Regardless of your industry, GIFs can help your communication strategy in the following ways:

  • Engage your audience. GIFs are short and play repetitively, making them perfect for grabbing users' attention as they scroll on their smartphones. Visual content in the form of GIFs is appealing and makes information easy for people to consume quickly. Because of this characteristic, GIFs can help you engage your audience to great success.
  • Promote your products or events. GIFs are an effective tool to market a new product or service you’re offering. They can even help you promote an upcoming event. GIFs are easily shareable, helping you reach a large audience quickly while building up hype for your launch.
  • Showcase your brand personality. Displaying your brand’s personality encourages your customers to purchase from you and positions your brand as more authentic and memorable. Conveying such values through traditional marketing methods can be hard—that’s where GIFs can help. Show your audience you’re keeping up with trends, have a fun side, and want to establish genuine relationships.
  • Tell a story. Modern consumers want to be told a story that connects them to the brand. Effective marketing is built on powerful storytelling, and GIFS can help you communicate your values in a few seconds through emotive visuals that strike a chord.
  • Get your audience involved. GIFs encourage user-generated content (UGC) and help you create a community where people can share their creativity. By setting GIF challenges, you can get your audience to create content for you while promoting your brand’s name.

Best tools to create GIFs

There are dozens of GIF maker apps to choose from. With these tools, you can convert images, videos, and graphics into attractive GIFs that capture the viewer’s attention.

Not all GIF creator tools are created equal, so trying to pick the right one can be overwhelming. When you’re searching for the right app, we suggest looking for some of the following characteristics:

  • Ease of use. Beginners should opt for simple software with a clean interface, whereas experienced GIF makers might prefer a more advanced and versatile tool with a wide selection of features.
  • Compatibility. Some GIF makers are downloadable on computers, smartphones, or tablets, while others can only be accessed online. Be sure to look up compatible operating systems and web browsers when choosing a GIF creator tool.
  • Formats supported. Some GIF makers allow you to convert only videos into GIFs—while others accept images and graphics too. Various GIF makers also accept different file formats, such as MOV, JPG, MP4, and WebM.
  • Features. This is perhaps one of the most important things that GIF designers look for in software. Necessary features include the ability to upload various files, edit and crop GIFs, and export them easily. If you want to create unique and engaging GIFs, look for a GIF maker that lets you add transitions, filters, stickers, and text.
  • Price. While more advanced photo and GIF editors have a high subscription fee, many free GIF creation tools are available. However, these tend to have ads and don’t let you export your creations without the platform’s watermark.

Make A GIF

Make a GIF

Makeagif is an easy-to-use tool that helps you create animated GIF files online using photos or videos. You can customize the animation speed and title of the GIF, add tags for better visibility, and design an animated flipbook. Makeagif also allows you to upload a GIF to their library and browse others' creations for inspiration.

While creating a GIF animation on the platform is easy, Makeagif has limited photo and video editing tools. GIFs designed on Makeagif have the platform’s watermark unless you pay for the premium version. Another drawback is that you can’t preview the custom text before adding it to your GIF.


  • Create GIFs in three easy steps using pictures or videos
  • Upload videos directly from YouTube, Facebook, or your Webcam
  • Create a free account to store all your GIFs in one place
  • Get access to high-definition GIFs, customized watermarks, and ultrafast editing with the premium version
  • Three-day free trial for premium membership

Pricing: You can create a regular account for free or purchase the premium membership, which costs $11.95 per month.

Best For: This app is perfect for creating simple GIFs. While it lacks advanced features, it has all the basic elements you need to create an effective GIF.

Make a GIF 1

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing software programs in the world. It’s an incredibly versatile tool, useful for editing photos, designing graphics, and creating GIFs. Photoshop allows you to create GIFs in several ways. You can use a series of photos or videos and convert the frames into layers, or you can sketch a custom design using the drawing tools and animate them into a GIF. Its multifaceted features make Photoshop a great investment for professional digital artists.

One of the major cons of the software is its short free trial and high price. Moreover, Photoshop comes with a steep learning curve; understanding all its features can take a lot of effort and patience.


  • Several advanced GIF editing options
  • Object remover and content-aware fill features
  • Create GIFs from scratch with Photoshop’s drawing tools
  • Software works online and offline
  • Seven-day free trial

Pricing: You can get a free 7-day trial of Adobe Photoshop. After that, you decide if it’s the right tool for you. You can subscribe for $31.49 per month or $239.88 when paid annually. Photoshop is also part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud All Apps package of 20+ tools, available for $54.99 monthly.

Best For: This option is best for professionals. Photoshop is a powerful photo editing and graphic design software well suited for experts in the field. However, it may be more than what is needed for those looking to create simple GIFs quickly.



Gifs.com is used by over a million people to create and edit GIFs and short videos. This easy-to-use tool comes in premium and free versions and has many features, such as cropping, padding, and converting GIFs to black and white. You can create GIFs using URLs from YouTube videos and Instagram or upload your own video files. You can also add stickers and text to make your animations unique and interesting.

A drawback of Gifs.com is that all GIFs created using the free version will have the platform’s watermark on them. Moreover, the website only lets you convert videos to GIFs and doesn’t support images.


  • User-friendly interface, suited for beginners
  • Create longer GIFs up to 15 seconds
  • Watermark-free GIFs with the paid version
  • Works on any web browser with no downloads required

Pricing: Premium subscription costs $1.99 per month for two GIFs, $5.99 per month for 11 GIFs, $10.99 per month for 28 GIFs, $19.99 per month for 58 GIFs, $39.99 per month for 108 GIFs, and $59.99 per month for unlimited GIFs.

Best For: This program is best suited for businesses. Compared to other free video editors, the Gifs.com pricing model makes the most sense if you’re creating hundreds of GIFs per month for your brand’s marketing activities.

Gifs 2

Source: Gifs.com

Alternative tools

You might find what you’re looking for in our top three picks for the best online GIF creator tools. But if you’re eager to keep exploring programs that could be right for you, read on.



GIPHY, originally a search engine for GIFs, can also be used for creating custom GIFs. You can upload URLs from various social sharing sites and make GIFs using your own videos and photos. With GIPHY, you can also create GIF slideshows and presentations and personalize them with effects and filters.

While GIPHY is great for browsing GIFs, it lacks some basic editing features. There’s no crop tool on the platform, which is often necessary when creating custom GIFs.


  • Customize duration, speed, and text of GIFs
  • Large library of GIFs to browse through for inspiration
  • Create GIF mashups, presentations, or slideshows
  • Supports GIF, MP4, MOV, and WebM video formats
  • Decorate your GIFs with filters, effects, and stickers

Pricing: GIPHY is free to use.

Best For: GIPHY is best for creating GIF slideshows. It offers the unique feature of creating slideshows, presentations, and mashups, giving you plenty of ways to showcase your creativity.

Gify 2

Source: GIPHY


Photo Director

PhotoDirector offers an extensive library of 4,000,000+ royalty-free photos and music tracks. However, you can only access these if you pay for the subscription.


  • Access a library of more than four million royalty-free images
  • Can be used online and offline
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac systems
  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • Decorate your GIFs with filters, overlays, and stickers

Pricing: PhotoDirector’s subscription is available for $3.33 per month.

Best For: PhotoDirector is perfect for those looking for the right value for their money. It offers several features, such as photo editing, graphic design tools, and a slideshow maker, along with a large library of stock resources, so you can get the most for your money.



Canva’s free online GIF maker lets you create high-quality animated GIFs from images and videos. You can make a GIF from scratch or choose from an extensive library of ready-to-use templates. You can animate all the elements in the GIF individually and create distinct movements for each text box and image.

If you want to create template-based GIFs, Canva is a good option. However, the video and photo editing tools are limited, and creating a custom GIF from scratch can be difficult. Moreover, the free version doesn’t give you access to the majority of the stock library, and you can’t resize templates.


  • Create GIFs from images or videos
  • Choose from a large library of diverse templates and 100+ million images
  • Customize your GIFs with texts in various fonts, stickers, transitions, filters, and frames
  • Use the effortless drag-and-drop tool to add media elements
  • Download and share your design directly from the online editor

Pricing: Canva’s GIF maker is free to use. You can subscribe to Canva Pro for $12.99 per month to get access to the complete library of images and templates.

Best For: This option is best for pre-made templates. Canva’s ready-to-use templates make it easy to create professional GIFs in minutes and don’t require much expertise.



ezGIF.com is a straightforward and reliable tool for creating GIFs from videos. The software has all the basic features you may require, such as resizing, cropping, reversing, and optimizing your GIF. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly and free GIF-making tool, then ezGIF.com is perfect for you.

The ezGIF.com interface is a bit outdated and ad-filled, which can be unappealing to some GIF creators. Moreover, it lacks the ability to create GIFs from images.


  • Compress and optimize GIFs
  • Choose from a selection of effects, filters, and editing tools
  • Background remover and color convertor
  • Supports various formats such as GIF, JPG, PNG, APNG, HEIC, MNG, FLIF, AVIF, and WebP
  • The platform is simple to use with no complicated features

Pricing: ezGIF.com is free to use.

Best: This option is the best free GIF maker. If you can look past the constant ads, ezGIF.com provides you all the tools you need to create GIF images from videos.



Launched in 2009, Imgur is a well-loved online GIF maker. All you need to do is click “new post,” then “video to GIF,” add your URL and trim it, and your GIF is ready. You can also browse the millions of GIFs and memes on the platform for inspiration before creating your own masterpiece.

Imgur’s erratic loading times can be frustrating for those looking to create GIFs quickly. The platform accepts a few file types for uploads and offers limited editing tools.


  • Create GIFs up to 60 seconds long
  • Vast database of community-generated memes and GIFs
  • No need to create an account to get started
  • Share your creation on Imgur and use relevant tags for maximum reach
  • Intuitive interface with an ad-free option on Android, iOS, and web browsers

Pricing: Imgur is free to use. You can subscribe to Imgur Emerald for $5 per month for ad-free usage.

Best For: This option is quite useful for finding inspiration. While this platform may not be the best for creating GIFs, it offers a large community of GIF makers whose works can get your creative juices flowing.

Hire a professional GIF creator to help

GIFs are a powerful tool; when used correctly, they can help you connect with your audience in a memorable way. You can explore our list of GIF creator tools to make your own GIFs and share them with your community.

However, if you don’t have the time, expertise, or creativity to make quality GIFs, why not find an expert to help you?

Upwork’s Talent MarketplaceTM has an extensive database of GIF creators who use the best software to create incredible animations for you or your brand. Our GIF professionals are talented, reliable, and easy to work with and boast an average star rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on more than 600 client reviews.

You can browse through hundreds of profiles and view recent wor, hourly charges, and past client reviews before selecting the right professional for your project. Choose a GIF creation freelancer today.

With GIFs continuing to be a popular form of communication, there’s a steady demand for digital artists who can create professional GIFs quickly. If you possess the right skills, you can sign up to find work as a GIF creator via Upwork. Start by setting up your free profile and include your work history, skills, and photo. Next, bid for projects and find the clients you’d like to work with. There’s no need to worry when it comes to payment; our fixed-price protection releases client payments at project milestones, so you can focus on doing your best work.

Upwork is not affiliated with and does not sponsor or endorse any of the tools or services discussed in this article. These tools and services are provided only as potential options, and each reader and company should take the time needed to adequately analyze and determine the tools or services that would best fit their specific needs and situation. Prices are current at the time of writing and may change over time based on each service’s offerings.

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