Work Unlocked Podcast: Why You Should Listen to Episodes 1 and 2

Work Unlocked Podcast: Why You Should Listen to Episodes 1 and 2

Season one of the new Work Unlocked podcast is starting off with info-packed and enlightening episodes that will help you discover how you fit into the new world of work—and how you can leverage current trends to create a fulfilling lifestyle and business. Here’s what you will gain from the first two episodes in the series.

Episode 1: How to 10x Your Business With the Freelancer Economy

This episode is for business builders on both sides of the table: An independent professional who wants to grow your freelance business, and businesses of any size that want to produce high-quality work at a faster pace—and within budget.

In the first half of this episode, you’ll hear how Courtney Allen, a freelance PowerPoint expert on Upwork, made close to a half a million dollars this year and is on track to reach $1 million in annual income within the next two years.

Although her business grew quickly, Courtney didn’t start at the top. She began a few years ago, as an unknown freelancer charging $35 an hour. As her reputation grew, her rates rose to her current $125 an hour, and she maintains an impressive client list that includes Adobe, Cisco, and Microsoft.

Hear Courtney’s incredible journey and you can apply her tips to your freelance business. You’ll get insights including:

  • How she attracts large clients eager to offer one project after another.
  • Her system for responding to a daily flow of 10 to 12 project requests from new clients.
  • Why reducing your market can increase your earnings.
  • Her secret for getting nearly half a million dollars’ worth of work done—without working longer hours.

Listen to Courtney’s full story now

In the second half of this episode, hear how Matthew Motolla believes any organization can 10x their business or achieve moonshot-level goals by tapping into what he calls “the human cloud.”

Matthew is considered one of the 50 top experts to follow on remote work and co-authored the book, “The Human Cloud: How Today's Changemakers Use Artificial Intelligence and the Freelance Economy to Transform Work.”

Matthew shares his thoughts on:

  • How the Great Resignation isn’t about a simple decision between being a freelancer or full time employee, but a blend of the two.
  • The biggest productivity and budget mistake organizations make when engaging independent professionals.
  • Why freelancers today must focus on winning big contracts and operate at scale.
  • His advice for how to work with freelancers so that employees can deliver their best work.

Listen to How to 10x Your Business With the Freelancer Economy.

Episode 2: Living Your Best Life Working From Anywhere

You’ve probably heard the stories about freelancers working from exotic places, setting their own hours, and making more money than they dreamed. But is it just for a few lucky ones? Or is it really attainable for anyone?

This second episode of Work Unlocked begins with a candid conversation with Hugo Roger, a Brazilian freelance translator and market researcher. He talks about why he gave up a promising job at Nestlé to work as a freelancer and how he built his portfolio and client list from scratch.

Within five years, he built a freelance team to handle larger workloads and now makes enough money to support his wife and two children as they all spend several months at a time in other countries to fulfill his other passion: missionary work helping the less fortunate.

Discover how Hugo went from living with his parents without any income to living his best life as he shares:

  • What it takes to start building a freelance business, whether as a side hustle or as a full-time career.
  • How to communicate with clients to develop lasting relationships and repeat business.
  • Why it’s important to just start freelancing, even if you’re not sure what to focus on yet or you don’t yet feel passionate about any one thing.

Listen to Hugo Rogers’ story now

This Work Unlocked episode continues with Larry English, a specialist in remote work and hybrid workplace design. He’s the co-founder and president of Centric Consulting, a business and technology consulting firm.

More than 20 years ago, Larry began the firm as a remote-first company because he wanted employees to enjoy a better work-life balance. But he was ahead of its time. Larry talks about the challenges and lessons learned. He shares:

  • How they developed an award-winning culture with 1,100 employees distributed worldwide.
  • Why businesses benefit when employees travel for fun while they’re working.
  • What not to do with collaboration technology (and what to do).
  • Tips for building trusting relationships between managers, employees, and freelancers.
  • Why he believes the future of work is freelancing and how companies should adapt to thrive.

Hear all of Larry’s tips now

Browse other episodes from the Work Unlocked podcast to learn more about the new world of work from freelancers, the businesses that rely on them, and the experts who help everyone succeed.


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Work Unlocked Podcast: Why You Should Listen to Episodes 1 and 2
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