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A trusted marketplace to find talent, work safely, and pay—all in one place.

Upwork gives you access to reputable talent—including talent that has been identity verified

Find reputable talent

Use feedback from other clients and our Job Success Score rating system to find the right talent for your needs with confidence.

Identity verification

Identity verification confirms that badged independent professionals are who they say they are with an identification document review and video call.

Background checks

With Upwork's Enterprise solution you can request talent background checks for added confidence in who you’re hiring.

Upwork’s secure messaging, dispute assistance, and customer support are here to help your job go smoothly.

Secure messaging

Our secure messaging and video call tools allow you to communicate and collaborate safely with your talent.

Dispute assistance

Most jobs go smoothly, but when they don’t, Upwork provides dispute resolution assistance to address issues.

Help when you need it

24/7 Support. Anytime, anywhere, Upwork’s customer support team is here to answer your questions.

Regulatory compliance
GDPR adherence

Our legal and information security teams have carefully analyzed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have undertaken the necessary steps to ensure compliance. 

CCPA adherence

We are compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the most stringent data privacy law in the United States. 

Anti-money laundering

We have voluntarily implemented a robust Anti-Money Laundering Program and have a highly trained team dedicated to preventing illicit use.

Upwork’s payments system and protections help you safely compensate talent for their work.

Direct payments

Upwork’s payments platform ensures your money gets to your talent securely.

Fixed-price payment protection

Upwork escrow enables you to review finished work before releasing payments on fixed-price contracts.

Hourly payment protection

Upwork enables you to view your independent professional’s Work Diary on hourly contracts to pay only for time worked.