Working Remotely

Findings from a survey released today — “Digital Nomads: A Revolution in Work Freedom” — show a surge in the Digital Nomad lifestyle. Digital Nomads are people who are living life as an adventure, empowered by technology to break free of the constraints of the physical workplace. Watch this video to meet some Digital Nomads and hear their inspiring stories. 

The survey, conducted among oDesk customers, revealed:

  • Decreasing ties to actual offices: Of the almost three quarters (74%) who made a change to be less tied to a physical workplace, 67% became a freelancer and 34% created a virtual business or team.

  • Increasing happiness: Since becoming less tied to a physical workplace, 92% said they’re happier (vs. 6% no change and 2% slightly less happy).

  • A surge of Digital Nomads: 39% said they now consider themselves a Digital Nomad, and of these almost half (45%) became nomads in just the past year.

  • A sustainable new lifestyle: Digital Nomads saw an increase in income (59%, vs. 17% with no income change after “going nomad” and 24% with a decrease). 79% said they expect to be a Digital Nomad for the rest of their life.

To read about the survey’s results, see the press release here.

Shoshana Deutschkron

Senior Director of Communications

As senior director of communications, Shoshana Deutschkron brings to Upwork extensive experience in strategic communications for the technology industry. Her unique data-driven background helps uncover insights from Upwork's online workplace data. Prior to Upwork, Shoshana was a vice president at market research firm Penn Schoen Berland, where she provided research-based communications counsel for companies including Ernst & Young, HP, EA and eBay. Throughout her career,… read more