Why Trust Is the Secret Ingredient to Scaling a Successful Talent Solution

Sam Bright
Sam Bright
March 30, 2022
March 30, 2022
Why Trust Is the Secret Ingredient to Scaling a Successful Talent Solution

The ability to get things done defines leaders today. And this is where many organizations are hitting a wall. They have vision but lack the capacity to achieve it. 

But how do you scale your team, especially when the labor market has never seemed tighter, and workers are increasingly pursuing career paths that fall outside traditional models? You need a solution you can trust―something you can set and forget.

The answer is Upwork’s Enterprise Suite.

With our platform, you can source, engage, and manage a global pool of independent talent, including Expert-Vetted talent, and professional agencies ready to close critical skills gaps. And we offer systems and processes that blend seamlessly with your own. Upwork is the path to reliable results, again and again as your business grows and evolves.

I’m excited to share our newest product enhancements with you so you can see why so many organizations already trust us to help scale their talent transformation.

At Upwork, we know first-hand what it takes to build a highly skilled team that drives performance. Three-fourths of our workforce is composed of independent freelancers, top-tier talent sourced through our own platform from 90 countries and across all disciplines, including Product, Engineering, Operations, Marketing, and Customer Support. We rely on many of the same pre-screening, compliance, and security features we make available to our Enterprise customers to scale our own teams.

30% of Fortune 100 companies have partnered with Upwork to get the same talent advantage—and we’re constantly evolving to help make the experience better. Here’s a look at how some of our clients leverage Upwork’s global pool of talent:

  • The IT department at PGA of America trusts on-demand talent to test new ideas to expand the organization's capabilities. By changing their approach to development, the team is able to complete projects 3x faster at an average of half the cost.
  • By collaborating with Upwork, GE tripled the size of its internal on-demand talent ecosystem to help employees solve customer challenges. With faster, scalable access to specialized talent, the company completes projects 50% faster while maintaining a high project quality rating.
  • The in-house social media team at Nasdaq uses a wide variety of talent on Upwork, including photographers, videographers, motion graphics specialists, graphic designers, editors, audio engineers, and project managers. This collaboration led to an Emmy-award winning Facebook Watch program and 80-100 Facebook Live shows per month.

We believe extraordinary independent talent like that on Upwork and among our Enterprise Suite clients belongs at the heart of every business, including yours. We can help you create a talent strategy that’s built on a platform you can trust and tailored to fit your organization’s unique needs.

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Sam Bright
Former Chief Product and Experience Officer

Sam Bright is Upwork’s former Chief Product and Experience Officer, and oversaw everything on the Upwork platform that touches customers. In that role, he led a globally distributed team focused on product management, design, user experience and research, talent success, customer experience, community management, trust and safety, new businesses, and business development.

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