Introducing Upwork CoLab: A New Brand Partnership Program Launching Today With Budweiser

Radhika Basuthakur
Radhika Basuthakur
May 20, 2021
Introducing Upwork CoLab: A New Brand Partnership Program Launching Today With Budweiser

Today we’re announcing Upwork CoLab—an exciting new brand partnership program that will provide remote independent professionals unique opportunities to collaborate on special projects with visionary organizations.

To kick off the program, we are joining forces with Budweiser to launch a fun and creative contest that will help the brand reimagine and create a limited-edition version of their iconic beer can packaging.

Beyond the Budweiser contest, CoLab will feature a series of unique projects with companies big and small in varied industries requiring an assortment of skills. The goal of the CoLab program is to connect highly-skilled independent professionals with exciting brands to collaborate on high-value, relevant, and innovative projects.

As the world’s work marketplace, Upwork is where businesses connect with independent talent. Through this program, we aim to open new doors for Upwork’s diverse network of independent professionals to do meaningful work, create powerful relationships with leading companies, and reach new heights in their careers. It will also enable brands to tap into a global workforce of independent talent who provide unique and diverse perspectives, ideas, and solutions.

Your chance to lead a creative brand campaign with Budweiser. Apply now.

For our inaugural Upwork CoLab project, we are very excited to partner with Budweiser. We’re inviting talented independent creative directors to enter the contest to lead Budweiser’s Labor Day can design and marketing campaign. This is a unique chance for an independent professional to work hand-in-hand with an iconic brand on a national campaign that celebrates America’s diverse workforce.

Innovative, experienced, and skilled creative directors can apply via by June 1, 2021.    

Shortlisted finalists will be invited to pitch their creative strategy to the Budweiser team. The winner of the creative director search will build and lead a creative team of independent professionals on Upwork, to design the custom can—from concept to completion—all in collaboration with the Budweiser brand team.

Keep an eye out for more unique projects

This is just the beginning. Budweiser is the first of several organizations Upwork will be partnering with as part of CoLab. If you’re not a creative director—don’t worry, other exciting projects will follow.

Keep an eye on the Upwork blog for announcements regarding upcoming CoLab partnerships.

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks on the progress of the Budweiser Labor Day limited-edition beer can design.

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Radhika Basuthakur

Radhika is a self-confessed word nerd and content expert with over 15 years of experience writing content for businesses around the world. She is a cheerleader for flexible work, a passionate world traveler, and spends her free time alternating between a good book and a good hike.

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