New to Freelancing? 11 Easy Projects to Get Started on Upwork

New to Freelancing? 11 Easy Projects to Get Started on Upwork

Congratulations on becoming a freelancer! Whether you just want an occasional project or you’re transitioning to freelancing from a full-time job, your head’s probably buzzing with questions.

During the early days of becoming a freelancer, you may wonder what type of projects to take on. How to manage multiple projects at a time. Or if freelancing is right for you long-term. These are all great questions; a good way to figure it all out is by starting with an easy project.

Easy projects have little risk to you and your client if miscommunication occurs. And they give you opportunities to fine-tune your processes, practice collaborating with remote clients, and decide on the types of projects you like best.

Here are 11 easy jobs on Upwork that cover various skills.

If you’re itching to get started on Upwork with the least amount of effort, you could offer fixed-price projects through Project Catalog™. They’re a great way to jump into doing the work you enjoy and are good at without having to submit proposals.

1.  Polish a PowerPoint presentation

Help clients tell engaging and impactful stories by creating well-designed presentations. You could offer general services or specialize in certain types of presentations, such as investor pitch decks. Or you could leverage your background and work experience by focusing on PowerPoint presentations for a certain industry like aerospace, or function like finance.

PowerPoint jobs

Powerpoint jobs

2. Design custom swag

If you’re a graphic designer, an easy project may be creating custom T-shirts or mugs for a client’s special event and team thank-you gifts. Easy starter projects could also include updating templates and content to match a business’s latest brand design and creating icons for presentations.

Graphic design jobs

Graphic design jobs

3. Translate marketing content

Today’s technology makes it easier for businesses to enter new global markets, so translation services remain in demand. Businesses need help translating everything from internal training materials and legal documents to websites and marketing content. Although most translation projects seem straightforward, you may want to read the article, The Most Common Translation Mistakes, to ensure your first project runs smoothly.

Translation jobs

Translation jobs

4. Transcribe a conversation

As more content is shared digitally and events are held virtually, businesses have a growing mass of content that requires transcribing. Many freelancers consider transcription an easy project because you can focus on the work, at your own time, and with minimal contact with clients. This article gives a brief description of the four types of transcriptions.

Transcription jobs

Transcription jobs

5. Optimize an Excel spreadsheet

Upwork offers a wealth of Excel projects at every level, from data entry to data modeling. If you have intermediate to advanced Excel skills, an easy job for you may include building macro tables and creating interactive dashboards. Or data entry may be more your preference. Whatever your Excel proficiency, you’re sure to find the right small project to start on Upwork.

Excel jobs

Excel jobs

6. Be a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant, or “VA,” performs general administrative tasks. At times, VAs may handle sales and marketing-related work as well. Virtual assistants often support business leaders by handling small jobs including managing calendars and sending emails. This article, How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Land Your First Job answers common questions from what types of work VAs do to how much they get paid.

Virtual assistant jobs

Virtual jobs

7. Optimize online content

Businesses often look to SEO freelancers to identify the best keywords and keyword phrases to attract their target audience and optimize their website, blog posts, and other online content. You can narrow the types of jobs you get by focusing on certain small SEO projects, such as researching backlinks and optimizing YouTube rankings. Learn more about the skills and tools required for the job in How to Become an SEO Freelancer.

SEO jobs

SEO Specialists

8. Be a data entry specialist

Despite automation, some data entry tasks are done best by humans, so you’ll find plenty of easy data entry jobs to do on Upwork. As a data entry specialist, you can focus on numbers, using a 10-key entry pad for efficiency. Or you could extract relevant written information from large data sets, such as pulling and categorizing keywords from customer comments.

Data entry jobs

Data Entry

9. Proofread or edit content

Proofreaders fix grammar, punctuation, spelling, and general formatting issues. Editors do all that plus suggest changes to improve clarity and readability. You don’t need a college degree to proofread or edit. However, you must have a highly proficient understanding of the language you’re editing. This article outlines How to to Become a Freelance Editor.

Editing jobs

Editor jobs

10. Write blog posts

Writers often begin a project by researching the topic they’re writing about. So, while numerous easy writing projects are available, it takes practice to estimate how much time each project may take you to complete. How To Become a Freelance Content Writer provides more detail about what your daily tasks may look like, how much you can expect to earn, and how to build your client base.

Writing jobs

Writer jobs

11. Test and update websites

Easy software development jobs include testing websites, maintaining code, and fixing minor bugs. You’ll be assisting development teams, which exposes you to various aspects of software design and coding. And the practice helps you improve your coding skills. How to Be a Successful Freelance Software Developer gives suggestions on technologies to brush up on and how to begin establishing your career.

Web developer jobs

Web developer jobs

Stand out above others

Remember, you may be the best person for a project, but the only way a client will know that is if you submit a winning proposal. An Upwork proposal is like a cover letter telling a client that you’re interested in their project and why they should pick you.

For tips on how to write standout proposals, check out How to Create a Proposal that Wins Jobs and How to Write Proposals: Proven Advice From Freelancers on Upwork.


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New to Freelancing? 11 Easy Projects to Get Started on Upwork
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