How To Get More Jobs on Upwork in 2023

How To Get More Jobs on Upwork in 2023

Are you looking to grow your freelancing business in 2021? Upwork can help you do that. Check out these eleven success tips to help you get more jobs on Upwork in 2021.

1. Great work is rewarded on Upwork

When you’re working on a project for a client, make it your best work. The higher the quality of work that you do for your clients, the more jobs you’ll get in the future.

You’ll have clients coming to you as you build a reputation for excellent work. Rather than seeking out job listings, you’ll receive notifications from clients who ask you to interview with them. At that point, you can consider raising your rates and earn even more on each new project.

2. Be active

The goal is to have clients seeking you out, but you need to be active until that point. You should be routinely reviewing the newly posted opportunities on Upwork. When you find a posting that fits your skill set, use your Connects to submit a proposal. By regularly submitting proposals and being active on the site, you increase your chances of being included on Upwork search results.

3. Perfect your profile

Improving your profile is one of the best things you can do to get more jobs on Upwork. Your profile is your opportunity to advertise your freelance business to potential clients by emphasizing your skills and expertise. Successful profiles are 100% complete, detailed, and describe your services and accomplishments in a compelling way.

To be eligible for Upwork’s badges, such as Top Rated or Rising Talent, you need to have a fully complete profile.

[Learn how to create a compelling freelancer profile]

4. Find your niche

The more you focus on specific skill sets, the easier it will be for you to grow your business. It may seem like backward advice to not go after any and every job. But, it’s essential to be strategic about the services you offer as you grow your freelancing business in 2021.

Specializing presents you as an expert in that specific field, and you can build a portfolio that showcases your talent. When clients look at your past work history, they’ll see how you can help them with their problem because you’ve already done it many times for other clients.

5. Focus on the client

Clients are looking to hire freelancers who can help them solve a problem that they can’t solve themselves, and they want to know how you can do it. Make sure to focus on the client and their situation. Explain how you’ll provide value to the client. Instead of making your profile, proposals, and communication all about you, make it about them.

6. Improve your proposal

Writing proposals for jobs you find on Upwork is a skill that takes practice. Avoid using templates, and don’t copy and paste the same thing for each submission. Project proposals should be unique and specifically focused on how you can help the client. Tell the client why they should pick you by highlighting how your experience matches their project goals. Keep your pitch short and direct; 100-300 words will typically tell the client everything they need to know.

It’s crucial to respond within 24 hours if you get a reply from a potential client. Many clients will message you with follow-up questions as they evaluate candidates for the project. By responding promptly and answering the client’s questions in detail, you can set yourself apart from the other candidates.

7. Look professional

Your first impression should be polished and professional. There are three things that a client sees when they view your profile in Upwork’s search feature: your profile picture, title, and brief overview.

  • Your profile picture should be a high-quality headshot that features you dressed professionally, centered, and with your smiling face visible.
  • The title section may seem simple, but these few words can significantly impact whether a client considers you for the job. Use a title that accurately represents the services you offer and your level of expertise. Be creative to make yourself stand out.
  • Only the first two or three sentences of your overview are visible in search results. You need to use those first few sentences to grab the reader’s attention, highlight your expertise, and draw them into your profile to read more.

8. The proof is in the portfolio

Use your portfolio as a showcase for your skills and expertise. You can include samples of past projects, case studies, screenshots, testimonials, or anything that demonstrates your work quality. Use the portfolio descriptions to provide background and tell a story about how each piece in your portfolio helped solve a client’s problem. Don’t forget to pick portfolio pieces that reflect your niche and the jobs you want to get more of in 2021.

9. Build relationships with clients

If you start a project with a client, don’t think of it as a one-and-done deal. Try to build a long-term partnership with your existing and past clients to get repeat business. You could do more of the same work for the client or recommend an additional service that provides value to the client. For example, if you’re a freelance writer that creates blog posts for clients, you could offer to write press releases, develop whitepapers and case studies, or refresh website content.

Another benefit of creating a relationship with your clients is that they can help you find more opportunities. Once you complete a project, you can ask for a testimonial or referral to other businesses that could use your services.

10. Be patient and don’t give up

Your first client was likely the hardest to get; it’s just a matter of replicating that success to get more jobs. It takes time to grow a successful freelance business. Be patient, stay optimistic, and put in the work to get more clients.

11. Bonus tip: Get more jobs with Upwork’s Project Catalog™ and Talent Scout™

Upwork’s ever-expanding platform aims to give freelancers the tools they need to succeed and grow their careers. They’ve recently added two great additions to this toolbox to help freelancers grow their businesses: Project Catalog and Talent Scout.  

Upwork’s Project Catalog helps freelancers turn their services into an ecommerce-style experience using pre-packaged projects with upfront prices and specific service deliverables, such as logo design, translation, web development, and more. Freelancers can create up to 20 projects for clients looking to begin working right away. As a result, freelancers can create a new income stream from their existing skills and quickly connect with potential clients without going through the bidding and proposal process.

Talent Scout also helps established freelancers find new clients and grow their businesses. To participate in the Talent Scout program, freelancers must submit an application and interview with a specialized recruiter. Then, if you’re selected, Upwork’s internal recruiters will match your profile to projects and present you to clients. Talent Scout also grants you exclusive access to top-tier opportunities and shares your Upwork profile with a pool of top-paying clients. Freelancers enrolled in the Talent Scout program can spend less time looking for jobs and more time earning money doing the work they love.  

Apply to Upwork’s Talent Scout Program

Upwork is the perfect place to take the next step in your career. There are millions of freelance opportunities available. Put these eleven tips to work for your freelance business to increase your chance of getting more jobs on Upwork in 2021.

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How To Get More Jobs on Upwork in 2023
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