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Inmost is a promising Ukrainian IT company which aspires to develop itself and encourage mutual cooperation through EU and US. Since the foundation of Inmost company in 2015, we have determined the quality as a main feature of our services. For more than 6 years of successful performance, we have delivered 50+ Mobile and Web applications for customers. The key concept of our approach is taking the advantage of ready well-tested, high-quality solutions. The services provided by Amazon (AWS) fully meet all these requirements, significantly speeding up the development process and giving our engineers all the opportunities to design reliable and scalable applications. Our expetise: Reliable and scalable web & mobile solutions Our company is able to measure and evaluate the scalability and reliability of the application. We know how to achieve the minimum loading speed of each page, but in addition, we have the basis to guarantee our clients that with any number of users of the site or application, they will not only remain functional, but the load time won’t be changed. CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) To have more instruments for operating, our solutions in this area are based on CPaaS from Amazon - Chime. Chime supports all the functionality required for CPaaS: messaging, audio and video conferencing, integration with conventional telephony, desktop sharing. What is more valid is that Chime allows you to do customization according to the client needs and can be easily integrated into any other application. IoT We carry out a full cycle of work in development services: starting with the buildout of an electronic circuit of IoT devices, continuing with developing the firmware of the device, ending with an application that is hosted in the cloud. We also make device firmware that uses the operating system from Amazon - GreenGrass, work with AWS IoT Core Services, including the Rules Engine. IoT devices are connected to the cloud via HTTPS and MQQT protocols as well as WebSockets - depending on the client's needs. Blockchain We provide services for the development of decentralized applications such as: NFT market places, applications with smart contracts based on Solidity, DeFi applications, as well as various registries for storing information about various kinds of assets, such as real estate ownership. Furthermore, we have already succeeded in building both decentralized systems with public access based on Ethereum and corporate systems with private access based on Hyperledger Fabric. Also, we own other technologies, for example as IPFS. Chat and Voice bots Our choice for bot development is Amazon Lex service. We consider that chatbots and voice bots integrate perfectly with the Chime communication platform in e-commerce and call center applications. To evolve learning systems efficiently, we also had to use services such as Amazon Transcribe. If you do have a challenging idea - Inmost is here to fulfill it.

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Web Development

Our company is able to measure and evaluate the scalability and reliability of the application. Also we achieve the minimum loading speed of each page, that with any number of users of the site or application, they will not only remain functional, but the loading speed of each page won’t be changed.

Mobile Development

Other - Software Development

Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency

AI & Machine Learning


  1. Chatbot
  2. Swift
  3. Python
  4. Ethereum
  5. Blockchain
  6. Mobile App Development
  7. AWS IoT Core
  8. Amazon DynamoDB
  9. NFT Marketplace
  10. Internet of Things
  11. Kotlin
  12. Amazon Lex
  13. Web Application
  14. Java
  15. React
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