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AI, BlockChain, MultiChain, IoT + Blockchain, SmartContract, Cryptocurrency, ICO, Corda R3, Hyperledger, Fabric, Exchange, Web3 and MetaMask, ERC20, Exonum


FOUNDED in 2015: For many years the company provides a range of services for the creation, development and promotion of projects. We successfully develop and design business projects, online stores, catalogs, portals and all sorts of web and mobile applications. OUR PARTNERS: Partners of the company are successful businessmen, heads of companies of different industries. Most of them are regular customers who appreciate the benefits of working with us and regularly come with new projects. Among our clients there are banks, insurance companies, state companies, commercial companies, individuals, funds and others. OUR SKILLS TECHNOLOGIES- Blockchain, Private Blockchain, Public Blochain, Finance Technology, APIs, Microservices Architecture, REST, OOP, MVC, ORM,  From scratch, ICO, Token, Docker, Git, BitBucket, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple PHP- Yii2, Kohana, Symphony, Laravel, Slim, Silex, Modern design patterns, Magento, Open Cart, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Zend Framework, Sphinx, ElasticSearch, queues, unit-tests, acceptance tests, JavaScript-frameworks, VueJS, Angular, PHP-backend, JS-based frontend, NodeJS, web-sockets, Centrifugo, Laravel Echo, JAVA- Java SE, Java EE, Java Desktop Application, Java Springboot, Spring React, Java Web Application, Kafka, Sockets, WebSockets, JSON RPC, RESTful API, Cryptography RSA & ED, Microservices, Reactive Programing, Functional Programing,  Solidity, Exonum, Corda, SmartContracts, Create Cryptocurency PYTHON- Python 2+, Python 3+, Data Mining, Web development, Django, Django REST framework, Flask, Scrapy, DjangoChannels, Selenium, Cython, Django ORM, asyncio, aiohttp, websockets, Elasticsearch, Celery, RabbitMQ, daphne, Ansible ANOTHER SKILLS- C#, Clojure, Kotlin, Rust Lang, Go SERVER- Linux, Unix, Windows SERVER, AWS, Supervisor, NGINX, Apache, uWSGI DATABASE- MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, PosgresQL, RocksDB, MySQL, NoSQL, Redis, Memcached, SQLAlchemy

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  1. Swift
  2. Python
  3. iOS Development
  4. Ecommerce Website Development
  5. PHP
  6. HTML5
  7. Solidity
  8. CSS
  9. FinTech Consulting
  10. Node.js
  11. Front-End Development
  12. Android App Development
  13. JavaScript
  14. Blockchain Development

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