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If you are reading this, it probably means you are one of the two frequents who keep running across the profiles maintained at this site. 1) the person who wants to know what a killer profile looks like. 2) the seeker of an equal, if not a better, to tackle that pile of responsibility towering ahead of him/her, so s/he could, let me guess, watch that new video of a cat in action or catch 'em pokemons? Congratulations, if you are one of the two! You have just uncovered the real deal and by suffering this far along, shown a great deal of endurance to our cocky sense of humour. The future employers would, by now, be wondering if we are actually that good and not wasting their time. If good highlights the fact that we have a command over English language, then we're better. If good demands prior experience in writing, we can present to you a pyramid of jobs well received from our past employers. It includes an array of responsibility, however, revolving around writing and editing. It also includes a panel of platforms ranging from blog writing to creative writing and everything in between such as article writing, technical writing, travel writing, and business writing. If good requires us to be a trusted partner, we can deliver. Professionally, we are a group of technical writers and we know that business needs more than words to foster. It needs ideas. Not overdone or dull. But simple and electrifying. If you choose us, we will make sure that your business grows beyond par with our sorcery. If you are asking can all this magic actually be affordable, you bet, it can. We have consulted for the SaaS industry for 4 years, working in a wide variety of technical areas and writing numerous reports. We have been active in industry standards activities, and our research and consulting have become specialized in software portability and interoperability. We have worked with Microsoft TFS, Azure, and other enterprise tools. We are familiar with UML and similar modeling systems. Our current tools of trade are Zendesk, Madcap Flare, Postman, Swagger, LaTex, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Visio, Balsamiq and more. And now, before we lose you, allow us to end this rendezvous with a question so that we have something more to our relationship if we get the wheels turning. Who would win - the Dead or the Zeppelin?

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Technical Writing

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