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I am a Senior Software Architect specializing in Enterprise Mobile and Enterprise Web Application, SaaS, and API development. I am also the founder of my Upwork Agency, To compile a complete list of all skills I offer is now impractical, but below I highlight my skills which are possibly most relevant in today's market. ============================================= Languages, Frameworks, and Libraries of expertise ============================================= PHP - Symphony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Cake, Zend, Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce JAVASCRIPT - React (Native), Node.js, AngularJS, JQuery PYTHON - Django, Web2P JAVA - Spring, Hibernate, Play, Android SDK HTML5, CSS3 - BOOTSTRAP SASS/SCSS LESS ================= Data Persistance ================= MongoDB SQL - MySQL, PostgreSQL, OracleDB, MSSQL Memcached LDAP File Systems ============================= OS and Deployment Environment ============================= *** OS **************************** Unix - MacOS Linux - Ubuntu, CentOS Windows Server ************************************ *** Deployment Environment ******************************************* Dedicated Servers, VPS Cloud-Based - AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud, Openshift, Docker Web Servers - Apache, Ngix ******************************************************************************* ======================= Testing ======================= BDD: Behat, PHPSpec (PHP), JBehave (Java), behave (Python) TDD: PHPUnit (PHP), JUnit (Java) HTML & CSS Regression Testing: BackStopJS (CasperJS, PhantomJS, ResembleJS) ========================= Additional Workflow Notes ========================= Though this may seem like a lot of computer jargon, it is important to mention a few other details to development that are instrumental in allowing me to guide your project to success. I am more than happy to explain anything that you are uncertain about prior to starting the project and we can determine what is and is not essential. I find that setting up bi-weekly, and sometimes daily 5 minute SCRUMs is very beneficial by keeping everyone on the same page. It is commonplace for us to use project management software on all projects. Currently, I prefer using Jira, Asana or Trello. If you don't have something like this already, I can set this up for you. For SCM, I typically use GIT on GitHub or BitBucket, often in conjunction with Hudson, Jenkins, or Travis CI. If you do not have these things set up, I can instantly get these rolling for you. I am very comfortable with working in your own development environment, if it already exist, whether it is cloud-based like AWS or if it is on a VPS or Dedicated Server(s). I also maintain an internal development server which is ready for use in the case that you do not already have an established development environment. Finally, comprehensive project estimation and consultation on the best approach to completing your project can be done in a separate, fixed-price project at $100 USD. Due to previous experience, It is no longer possible to offer consultation or any deliverables prior to being hired outside of the aforementioned arrangement. I'm looking forward to providing you success, guaranteed!!!

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As a full-service web development company, we can help you create any software solution you desire. Our impressive Upwork history and glowing client reviews are a testament to our dedication and skill level when it comes to custom web development.


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