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Benefits of working with us 👾 We are team players who are ready to collaborate with an existing team or create one for you from scratch. 👾 We strictly adhere to the agreed flow. Everything that is on paper is the number one obligation for us. 👾 Smart communication. We speak two languages: human and technical. We are ready to become an accurate interlocutor if you speak technical language, and an incredible translator if you speak only human language. 👾 Really deep technical knowledge. Our service station has 9 years of experience in development. The CEO has 15 years of experience. I think these numbers are quite convincing, so just imagine what your project can become if you develop it with such pros. 👾 Honesty. We do NOT offer solutions that you don't really need. It is important to us that you get exactly what you need. 👾 We are in touch. Write to us and we will answer you. Ignoring and delaying is definitely not about us. Achievements 🦾 100% Job Success and Top Rated+ status (among the top 3% of agencies on Upwork) 🦾 10+ years of experience in Software Development 🦾 30+ engineers and more than 60 projects Solutions ❇️ MVP ❇️ Custom solutions: AWS / SaaS / ERP / CRM & iOS ❇️ Shopify apps ❇️ Full development cycle from scratch ❇️ project architecture ❇️ project management ❇️ full after-launch maintenance ❇️ project refactoring according to modern standards Modes of cooperation 🏆 Team Expansion - strengthen your existing team with several top-notch specialists. 🏆 Dedicated Team - create a team from scratch for your needs with us. Hard Skills 🟧 Front-End: React.js (Next.js) / Vue.js (Nuxt.js, Vuex) / TypeScript / PWA / Angular 🟧 Back-End: Node.js (NestJS, ExpressJS) / Rails / Django / Flask 🟧 SQL & NoSQL databases 🟧 Databases: MySQL / PostgreSQL / Redis / MongoDB / DynamoDB 🟧 Design: Web & Mobile Application Design, Landings, SaaS Design, Dashboards, Wire-framing, Prototyping, User Flow 🟧 DevOps: Cloud solutions using AWS (EC2, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB) and Google Cloud Platform. CI/CD - Jenkins, AWS Codebuild, GitLab 🟧 QA: robust E2E automation tests, CypressIO, Jest.js 🟧 Project management: Agile (Scrum, Kanban) Fields and Industries 🧩 Healthcare 🧩 Real Estate 🧩 Media 🧩 Lifestyle 🧩 Cybersecurity 🧩 E-commerce 🧩 Education 🧩 Logistics 🧩 Energy 🧩 Marketing 🧩 Smart Home Drop us a message now, so we can provide a free consultation where we can discuss all the details & our managers can give professional recommendations for your project! Our website:

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Web Development offers web development services including MVP, SaaS solutions, mobile app backends, and front end development. The experience of our team allows us to solve problems and offer the most effective solutions for your business and products.

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