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🎯I'm an experienced Web and Mobile Applications Developer, JavaScript, React Native, React.js, PHP, API, Laravel Developer, and Vue.js developer with 10 years of experience in these areas. I have a long-range of successful projects. I am also leading a web development team, Join.To.IT from Kyiv, Ukraine as co-founder and CEO. We have multiple Laravel (PHP and Custom PHP), Python (Django), JavaScript (React.js, Vue.js, React Native) developers. We are experts in this field. 🎯 🦾We work in different industries such as: ✔️ Finance ✔️ Sport ✔️ ChatGPT Integration ✔️ Sales ✔️ Automotive ✔️ Education ✔️ Healthcare ✔️ Legal ✔️ Manufacturing ✔️ Social media Stack of technologies: ➕ JavaScript (Vue.js, Node.js, ExpressJS, AdonisJS, Nust.js); ➕ React.js (Redux, Saga); ➕ React Native ➕ PHP 7, 8 (Laravel); ➕ MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB; ➕ HTML/CSS (Tailwind, Livewire); ➕ API development (PHP - Laravel, Node.js - Express.js, Firebase, Python - Django, Go - Golang). ➕ API integrations (Stripe, Pay Pаl, Twilio, TextMagic, Xero, DocuSign, Google maps and other maps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagaram, Hellosign etc.); ➕ PWA (Progressive Web App); ➕ Bootstrap; This stack lets you make website development with front-end development alongside with back-end development. This services we provide for FREE: ✔️ FREE Project Consulting ✔️ FREE Quotation We have serious projects that are prosperous startups. First of all, pay attention please at as a web part (Laravel PHP, JavaScript, MySQL). In this project lots of outstanding techniques and integrations were used, like PayPal, Stripe with back-end in Laravel and GPS navigation with position tracking. In my portfolio, you can see other works. We can also do a live session session, to see some of the sites that were not published but developed. Our web application development team consists of experts who have specialized IT ground. One of our clients, vendor of Tesla, GM and Ford says about us and our work in PHP and JavaScript: "Everworks Inc, Anila Hasaj - Product Manager Our approach to the project development is professional. We are following Agile methodology in our work, combining SCRUM and Kanban all together. All of our Laravel applications are managed in Trello and Redmine bug tracker. Web projects become a simple thing, when all stages of work are added to an ice bucket of backlog and planned by sprints. The dedication and professionalism displayed by Join.To.IT was crucial towards our mobile app development. It was valuable having an experienced group walk us through the implementation. Their expert knowledge in web app development was exceptional, as they were open to giving us suggestions and helping us improve our product. They delivered more than I asked for and gave me confidence throughout the project. I am thrilled with the end product that Join.To.IT has delivered to help us create our vision." Our team counts 65 experienced cross platform developers skilled in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Python, Go, Node.js to deliver you best market practices. You will be involved deeply in our project development process. Our skilled and absolutely fluent in English project managers will lead the work. You will have direct contact with your mobile application developer. Our QA team will check the app before deploying it to you. We have all kinds of mobile app devices to test the correct work of the software, mobile apps as well. For example React Native, Flutter and native as well. Advantages that you get from Laravel website or web applications, is one team, that works on both front-end and back-end, faster result, native application as outcome of the work. We are also providing post deployment maintenance and support to your project. Ready to work hard providing an effort of 40-60 hrs a week per one developer. Ready to work as outsourcing and out-staffing. Dedicated managers and developers, who are in house employees. Honest, fair and transparent. Work with us, and we will prove how good Laravel and React.js and Vue.js products can be. Buzz words: React Native Developer, Website development, Website developer, JavaScript, PHP, Amazon Web Services, API, Database Architecture, API Integration, Custom PHP, Hybrid Mobile Application Developer, PostgreSQL, Web Programming, Web Application, CRM, Web Design, Laravel developer, PHP developer, Web developer, Web dev, PHP development, React.js dev. Please contact me for further details and fruitful work. Best regards, Oleksandr Khomych CEO, JoinToIT - Best | Web Applications | React Native | Laravel | Vue.js | React.js |

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We develop web applications like CRM/ERP solutions in Laravel, Django, Vue.js, React.js for medium to enterprise customers.


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Best Laravel Web Development team On Hackthon in Kyiv in 2019 our team took a prize of "Best Laravel Development Team"